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    Audio CD (20 November, 2001)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $10.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Building on the success of the more pop-oriented Permanent Vacation, this 1989 release banished any doubts that Aerosmith's unlikely late-'80s comeback was a fluke of nature--or merely the product of shrewd record company calculations. That Aerosmith could produce a pair of albums to rival Toys in the Attic and Rocks after a decade-and-change of decay and despair seemed all but unnatural. While Vacation's other key players (producer Bruce Fairbairn, outside songwriters Jim Vallance and Desmond Child) are still part of the mix, it's the band's familiar, tough swagger that powers this collection from the get-go. And while the Vallance-Child collaborations ("The Other Side" and the power ballad "What It Takes," respectively) were successful, it's telling that the album's twin pop-rock evergreens, "Love in an Elevator" and "Janie's Got a Gun," originated entirely within the band; the old dogs had not only learned a few new tricks, they seemed bent on tutoring their would-be trainers in the bargain. Pump is the high point of Aerosmith's improbable second chapter--and one of their best albums, period. --Jerry McCulley ... Read more


    • Original recording remastered

    Asin: B00005QEO1
    Subjects:  1. Album Rock    2. Arena Rock    3. Hair Metal    4. Hard Rock    5. Pop    6. Pop-Metal    7. Pop/Rock    8. Rock   


    Audio CD (04 September, 2001)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $11.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    System of a Down's sophomore effort is a musically and lyrically ambitious 14-song collection that's even more left-of-center and powerful than their 1998 self-titled debut. Here the Los Angeles-bred foursome tackle everything from government ("Prison Song") to cocaine-crazed groupies ("Psycho") in a more pointed and aggressive manner than Rage Against the Machine. Serj Tankian's hardcore vocals and occasional Middle Eastern flourishes ("Science") contribute to the unique, ultra-intense, and quirky qualities of System circa 2001. Unexpected time changes and death-metal-like intensity give way to mellower moments, all of which make for demanding but irresistible listening. Toxicity is a masterful, unusual, and forceful opus. This release includes a bonus CD-ROM that includes behind-the-scenes footage, band commentary, and concert clips. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

    Asin: B000021YQV
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    Perfect Self
    Audio CD (22 May, 2001)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $11.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Asin: B00005JA2H
    Sales Rank: 53088
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock   


    Images & Words
    Audio CD (07 July, 1992)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $13.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Proof positive that one can be a virtuoso musician and also have heart, Dream Theater are in impressive form on this album, arguably their best. They do it by never allowing technical flash to overwhelm their songs; there's substance under the style, in the form of ear-catching riffs and aggressive rhythms. The opening "Pull Me Under" is, quite simply, a great song, from its sparse introduction to its heavy-duty main riff to its memorable lyrics. Dream Theater, as its name implies, is an introspective band, exploring the complexities of the human heart and bringing them to life with songs like "Learning to Live," "Take the Time," and "Wait for Sleep". Unlike many metal bands, they favor an optimistic outlook, as with "Another Day" and "Surrounded," and even the dazzlingly complex "Metropolis, Pt. 1" is an entertaining listen. -- Genevieve Williams ... Read more

    Asin: B000002JPA
    Subjects:  1. Hard Rock    2. Heavy Metal    3. Neo-Prog    4. Pop    5. Prog-Rock/Art Rock    6. Progressive Metal    7. Rock   


    Audio CD (29 September, 1992)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $7.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Alice in Chains were initially tagged with the "grunge" moniker, when in fact their haunting, ponderous sound was far closer to the progressive rock of Queensryche. Their second album, Dirt, is a moody, portentous affair, filled with occasionally inspired riffing from guitarist Jerry Cantrell and hair-tossed wailing from singer Layne Staley. Perhaps the band got lumped in with Generation X because their lyrics focused upon depression, death, and drugs. Certainly, titles such as "Down in a Hole," "Junkhead," and "Hate to Feel" didn't leave much room for doubt as to Cantrell's perspective. The quartet did have a slightly lighter, almost poppy side to them, though, as "God Smack" and "Hate to Feel" indicate. Ultimately, Dirt is classic angst rock. --Everett True ... Read more

    Asin: B0000028M7
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Alternative Pop/Rock    3. Grunge    4. Hard Rock    5. Heavy Metal    6. Pop    7. Rock   


    Book of Shadows
    Audio CD (20 July, 1999)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Original recording remastered

    Asin: B00000JCDD
    Sales Rank: 7989
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    Sound of White Noise
    Audio CD (25 May, 1993)
    list price: $11.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Asin: B000002HC3
    Sales Rank: 59729
    Subjects:  1. Heavy Metal    2. Pop    3. Rap-Metal    4. Rock    5. Speed Metal    6. Thrash   

    Appetite for Destruction
    Audio CD (25 October, 1990)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    A glimpse of the future, and not because of its huge influence and umpteen million sales. The poor-little-rich-boy protest "Out ta Get Me" intimates that Axl Rose's egotism and martyr complex were soon to grow bigger than his head; still, Appetite's night-train wreck of punk and metal sounds and sensibilities make it more than just an emblem of its time. Whether GN'R are dancing with Mr. Brownstone, penning a callow kiss-off letter to some chick named Michelle, or passing out on somebody else's sofa, this was and remains a savage journey to the heart of the American--or at least the Hollywood--dream. --Rickey Wright ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics

    Asin: B000000OQF
    Subjects:  1. Album Rock    2. Hard Rock    3. Heavy Metal    4. Pop    5. Rock    6. United States of America   


    1000 Yard Stare
    Audio CD (17 August, 1999)
    list price: $18.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Asin: B00000JWQD
    Sales Rank: 23905
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   

    Vulgar Display of Power
    Audio CD (25 February, 1992)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Probably the heaviest album ever to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power proved that, even in an era of alternative rock supremacy, heavy metal fans were still a force to contend with. Blending eerie, surging grooves influenced by Black Sabbath with thrashy speed metal riffs, Pantera created a bleak, oppressive disc that captured both ends of the speed spectrum without resorting to cliché, abrupt tempo shifts. Guitarist Diamond Darrell plays with as much crunch as the best Metallica, while vocalist Phil Anselmo screams loud enough to satisfy any GBH fan. Coupled with Vinnie Paul's insistent, double bass-drum onslaught, you're left with a record that's a dentist's wet dream--an album that'll shake the fillings out of even the strongest teeth. --Jon Wiederhorn ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics

    Asin: B000002JOH
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock    5. Thrash   


    Master of Puppets
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (25 October, 1990)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $13.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    One of the defining albums of thrash metal, Master of Puppets is arguably Metallica's best album (as well as their last with bassist Cliff Burton). Focusing on the concept of power and abuses thereof, this is a collection of complex, intelligent music, played at about a hundred miles an hour. Not that these are short songs; this eight-song album clocks in at over an hour, which makes it all the more impressive that not one moment on this recording is boring. In tackling various approaches to their subject, Metallica is insightful lyrically as well as musically: "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is from the point of view of an institutionalized inmate and "Disposable Heroes" is the perspective of a soldier. If all you've heard of Metallica is what's been on the radio recently, check this one out. You're in for a surprise. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

    Reviews (985)

    5-0 out of 5 stars My review for .... Master of Puppets
    I'm not so sure that this is Metallica's best album, but it sure is a classic.Its hard to tell which metallica album is the best because all of their 80s' stuff is awesome.The album stays pretty heavy.Although I don't like instrumentals that much, Orion is an exception.I noticed this other dude that posted areview said that The Call of Ktulu is better.I really couldn't say anything like that.Orion has more going on than The Call of Ktulu.Orion is much better.I think the only thing wrong with this album is the fact the some of the lyrics just dont fit the music, that's only true for one song.The lyrics to Dispoable Heroes should of been for a slow song like Fade To Black.I think anyone should get this because of the music and the inspiration from it.Anyone would like this album.No one couldn't dis-like it.

    Battery- slow opener that turns into raw madness.
    Master Of Puppets- Starts off fast and ends fast and heavy. Pure madness
    The Thing That Should Not Be- Starts off slow and all of a sudden.. a big guitar comes in and blows it up. Another madness track.
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium)- The best song on the album.Starts of soft and builds up.Great lyrics.
    Disposable Heroes- Music and lyrics dont match but other then that, great song.
    Leper Messiah- Has a cool opener... If you heard the part afterDave Mustaine says "I wonder will she find out.. about the other, other lover.. Diana" off of Wake Up Dead, It sounds like that music wise.Totally different other then that. Great song.
    Orion- Great instrumental even though I don't like them.It has a lot of harmony.
    Damage, Inc- An o.k. closer.pretty heavy.

    So what are you waiting for.. BUY THIS!
    would highly appreciate a 'helpful or not' responce.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A Epic album of great talent
    Truly a masterpiece.Please give this a go, even if your not a big fan of 80's metal.To all those other hundreds of fellow reviews who gave this a 5 star rating, let me just say you all have great taste, and are not blinded by some of todays pathetic excuses for music.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Master of Puppets
    1. Battery- a Real Thrash Metal song with a short but very good solo much like Fuel's, great way to start off the album.(9/10)

    2. Master of Puppets- Best Song on the album. Good lyrics and vocals it is about an addiction to Heroin and Cocaine. Clocks in at about 9 minutes with tons of tempo schanges, riffs, sweet and catchy choruses,and great solos by both james and kirk.(10/10)

    3. The Thing That Should Not Be- Every album has that song you dont want to listen to because you want to hear the ones after it.Kind of Boring this song seperates Master of Puppetd from reign in Blood as best Metal album of not only 1986 but Ever, Reign In Blood by Slayer has no weak or boring songs. Even though Metallica is the best band ever and Slayer is a close second. (5/10)

    4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)- Metallica's best Power Ballad in my opinion but you can make an argument for One or Fade to Black.Great Solo, and you would think by reading the lyrics that they were off of Load.They do everything perfectly in this song...riffs, solos, Vocals, Lyrics, chorus. (10/10)

    5. Disposible Heroes- Real fast and long song is only about 10-20 seconds shorter than Master of Puppets. Awesome Chorus but no real tempo changes and no real good solos, though it has great lyrics and riffs. (8/10)

    6. Leper Messiah- Oh man this is a good song, it is a bit simplistic but i love that part close to the end(You'll Know what I mean when you listen to it).Song has good lyrics and vocals.It is about filthy-rich so called messiahs that make a profit off of Religion and God.(10/10)

    7. Orion (Instrumental)- A long Instrumental and a good answer to Ride the Lightning's "Call of Ktulu", as Call may have been a guitarists song, Anesthesia was a bassist's song, this was a probably a drummers song and though Lars isnt a great drummer this is his best effort along with Dyers Eve from the Justice album.There is also a great bass solo by the late Ciff Burton(R.I.P.) and now then new bassist Rob Trujillo has made a new bass solo which is very good too. (9/10)

    8. Damage Inc.- A real fast brutal song with a lot of bloody and violent lyrics.theme song for the "Real pro Wrestling" show. Has a good guitar solo by Kirk and Cliff does a great bass intro.(7/10)

    This is the second best Metal Album of alltime(behind Slayer's reign In Blood) by the greatest band of all time. If you like "Ride the Lightning", "...And Justice for All", "Kill 'Em All", "St. Anger", and "Black Album" chances are you will love this album. I also Recommend Reign In Blood by Slayer. Reign In Blood and Master of Puppets were both released in 1986, many Metal fans call them the best albums of all time and still there is a big argument over which is better.

    Pick Up Master of Puppets, you wont be dissapointed!!! ... Read more

    Asin: B000002H33
    Subjects:  1. Hard Rock    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock    5. Speed Metal    6. Thrash    7. United States of America   


    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (17 November, 1992)
    list price: $16.98 -- our price: $16.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (20)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Not a guitar album, just plain great music
    Of all Marty's solo albums, this is my favorite. It's also the one most different from Marty's head-ripping image from Megadeth. Although there are some overdrive solos here that can decapitate as well.

    A lot of the ideas in 'Scenes,' Marty has said, were written when he was a teenager, and the album served as a 'cleaning out' of his old ideas. They were however arranged and played by a musically mature Friedman, so the old ideas could hold up to anything else in his other CDs.

    The synth simulations in this album are more 'fake' here than in Marty's follow-up 'Introduction,' but I like this fakeness. And if they passed co-producer Kitaro's standards, then there couldn't really be a problem with them.

    That's another thing. I was introduced to Kitaro through this album. I heard a lot more of Kitaro afterwards, and he's a cool musician himself.

    Anyway, 'Tibet' and 'Angel' are basically one piece, and a great opener to this heavily Oriental album. 'Valley of Eternity' is my favorite piece of Marty in any album. It's epic, and has such beautiful, perfect melodies. 'Night' is a cool track, and has great passionate solos towards the end. I'm so proud to be a Marty fan.

    'Realm of the Senses' is my second favorite track. I love the exotic vibrato here. His style of shredding on a clean tone is so powerful. This is just a wonderful track.

    'West,' influenced by the 'Marlboro' commercials I'm guessing, has some really awesome background guitar arpeggios. Another perfect moment in the album.

    'Trance' is basically a jam tune, I never cared for it actually. It's a good contrast though, I guess, to 'Triumph,' which is a 'peaceful thunder march.' A good serene ending for this album.

    Marty Friedman, in this and all of his albums, shows that being a good guitarist and musician has nothing to do with genre.

    A truly unique phenomenon in guitar-oriented music.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Magical, pure elegance and grace
    Musically this album has virtually nothing to do with Megadeth. There's no heavy riffing, double bass drumming or angry choruses that make speed/thrash metal what it is. Rather "Scenes" is an instrumental album that is very different for Marty Friedman. It has an almost ambient/new age type of vibe, although many of these compositions could easily be featured on a soundtrack. There is also a distinct eastern/oriental feel in most of these songs. There are almost no distorted guitar riffs, but rather many beautifully structured solos, ambient keyboard textures and clean tone guitar playing. "Scenes" showcases Friedman @ his best. Not only would I consider this the best piece of work Friedman has done, but also one of the best albums ever done! It is magical and is almost like a journey through a fantastical, exotic land where there is no evil, no ugliness, no malice, just beauty, innocence and purity. In other words: these are the sounds of Heaven.

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best guitar albums ever!
    Throughout the 80s I was always buying guitar albums from the latest "shredder". While these guys had chops most of their albums only contained a couple decent songs with good melodies or catchy riffs. Most of the album was just pointless wanking. Why? Because they spent too much time practicing technique and not enough time on writing good melodies and riffs (i.e. composition!). This album contains great playing and great melodies! Some of the solos bring tears to my eyes. It is a very solid album. Much of it has an oriental flavor due to Japanese composer Kitaro's influence and Marty's "koto" technique. Other great guitar albums are High Tension Wires (Steve Morse), and Son Of Man (James Byrd). ... Read more

    Asin: B00000107K
    Sales Rank: 93118
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    Mötley Crüe
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (29 June, 1999)
    list price: $17.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (57)

    4-0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars - Their most underrated album
    Motley Crue (1994.) Motley Crue's sixth album.

    The nineties had come. Hair metal was dead. Nineties alternative/grunge rock now ruled the musical scene. And with Vince Neil having recently been fired from Motley Crue, it was clear that we weren't likely to ever hear anything from that ailing metal band again... or were we? Just as alternative rock was at its all-time peak over the musical masses, Motley Crue fans got a surprise. John Corabi had been recruited to fill Vince Neil's void. And in 1994, the group released its self-titled sixth album. Would the group recapture its former glory? Read on for my review.

    This is, by far, Motley Crue's most underrated album. It's also one of the group's most controversial. This is the band's "love it or hate it" album. Many of the purists of the classic Vince Neil era despise John Corabi's contributions to the Crue. However, hard rock fans with an open mind are likely to discover just how good this album really is. Despite being more similar to nineties alternative rock than to the eighties metal that made the group famous, this is a killer album. Unfortunately, the sound shift and progression that made this album so good wasn't well-received by those classic Neil-era purists. Likewise, by this point in time, the mainstream had forgotten Motley Crue (it had been five years since their last album), and thus this album was overlooked by all but a small audience. The group really was caught between a rock and a hard place here, and releasing an album that followed the formula laid down by groups like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots really was a better thing to do than release another hair metal album, or to quit making music completely and evaporate the way so many other groups did when the grunge movement killed out classic metal. From start to finish, this album serves up non-stop killer nineties-style rock. By far, it is the band's most underrated and misunderstood record. Don't overlook it the way so many other people have - it's definitely worth hearing.

    Most of Motley Crue's albums got remastered and reissued in the Crucial Crue series of remasters. These remasters are great - you get expanded liner notes and rare bonus tracks! Essentially, these remasters take great albums, and make them even better. To all of you record companies out there - THIS IS HOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO REMASTERS! Too bad other record labels (I'm looking at YOU, Mercury) probably won't take the hint.

    Why has this album become a forgotten relic in the Motley Crue catalogue? The John Corabi era was one of the Crue's finest hours, and it's such a shame to see it never got the proper credit it deserved. Once Vince Neil came back to the group late in the nineties, their sound actually DOWNGRADED. If Corabi had stayed in the group longer, he could have taken them to new heights. If you're a Motley Crue fan, you must give this album a listen. Love it or hate it, it's worth listening to at least once.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Almost as good as "Me Against The World"!!!
    This album just plain rocks! Having said that. I have to note that the band was not the same after 2Pac left the group to go with Dre. But even without Pac's sociopathic vocals at the helm, the Crue Showed that they relly had what it took to survive in the 90's. THEN, after this album, they went and got some shmuck named Vince Neil for their "Generation Swine" album. That album SUCKED!!!! Even Tommy Lee's burdgeoning career as an unwilling adult film star wasn't enough to boost album sales. And let's face it: that Vince guy was really no match for 2Pac. I mean, how could they hope to top such killer anthems such as "Smokin blunts in the boyz room" and "Shoutin at the Devil with California Love" Oh well. I hear the new 2Pac-less Crue is on the road with that Vince guy. And Tommy's back on Drums!!! That should give the tour five stars alone!!!!!!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars The most underrated Crue album
    When it was 1994, grunge and alternative rock were still becoming more popular, Kurt Cobain had killed himself, and even though the hair band era was dead, Motley Crue had managed to be one of the few hair bands that survived, along with Bon Jovi and Poison (Guns 'n Roses survived for a while but they would also eventually lose their popularity).Several bands had feared that they would lose their popularity to grunge and alternative rock, and some did.Since Vince Neil had left Motley Crue and John Corabi had been hired as Neil's replacement, with this being a hard trap in the Crue's career that they were going to have to get themselves out of, they did what some other hair bands were doing: They released an album comprised of all grunge material. Since I am not a huge grunge rock fan, considering the fact that I only usually like grunge if it is done by a band that was just experimenting with it (in this instance, Motley Crue), if this album would have been released by Nirvana or Soundgarden, I probably would not have bought it, and if I did, I probably would not have liked it.But for Motley Crue, they did a good job for their first experiment with grunge rock. For example, "Power To The Music" is a brilliant way to open an album, and it remains one of the Crue's best songs.Any music critic who has bashed Motley Crue needs to listen to this song- because they will be in for a decent surprise. Union, the late 90's band that John Corabi formed with ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick (this was after he had left Motley Crue) did a version of this song live on their live album "Live In The Galaxy", and it was not as good as the original version, but it was still a pretty good cover song.I won't go track by track, but other songs such as "Uncle Jack", the pretty, catchy, grungy ballad "Til' Death Do Us Part", "Hooligan's Holiday", among others, are also standouts on this CD. The closing track for this album, "Driftaway" is a successful way to close an album, and three previously unreleased demos have also been included here:"Hypnotized", "Babykills", and "Livin' in The Know".Once you hear some of the songs on this album, they will be hard to get out of your head.As for the performances on this album, John Corabi was an excellent choice as a replacement lead singer, and he did the best work out of anybody else involved with this album (in my opinion).Corabi has nasal vocals which are similiar to the vocals of David Lee Roth, and I think his talent with the guitar, singing, and songwrting helped make this album as good as it was. Nikki Sixx did a good job with his bass work, and Mick Mars' guitar work is very crunchy, but the Crue member who comes in second for the best work out of the performances on this album is Tommy Lee.Lee is not Peter Criss or Alex Van Halen, but he rocks out hard, solid, and with no apologies when he plays the drums. And like John Corabi and every other member of Motley Crue who performed on this album, he can also write songs.If you're new to Motley Crue, then I would recommend you start with either one of the Crue albums that came out before this, the "Music To Crash Your Car To" box sets (two volumes of this were released), or the new greatest hits album from the Crue, "Red, White, and Crue".But anyone who likes Motley Cruestill needs to pick up this album- it is the most underrated album the Crue has released, and even though Motley Crue's original stuff ("Girls, Girls, Girls", "Dr. Feelgood", "Looks That Kill", etc)is better than their grunge material,this album proved that the guys in Motley Crue were talented and could play other kinds of music, besides the stuff that is commonly referred to as "cheesy hair metal". ... Read more

    Asin: B00000JG4O
    Sales Rank: 48189
    Subjects:  1. Hard Rock    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Pop-Metal    5. Rock   

    Mer de Noms
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (23 May, 2000)
    list price: $17.98 -- our price: $13.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    "A Perfect Circle is not a side project," proclaim the members of Perfect Circle. It's a caution worth heeding, since the most identifiable name in the band is that of vocalist Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool. On the other hand, one wouldn't be much inclined to file this one under "side project" anyway. The musicians involved go to great lengths to create something distinctive, and if the uniformity of sound can be attributed to the fact that guitarist Billy Howerdel (whose previous songwriting credits include Tool, the Smashing Pumpkins, and David Bowie) is responsible for the lion's share of the music, well, the others aren't exactly marching in lockstep. Keenan's vocals here are quite different from anything heard from him before. Subtle, thoughtful, sober, they're a far cry from Keenan's work with Tool, which is what makes this album more than a side-project curiosity. Mer de Noms has a life all its own. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more


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    Reviews (608)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Is Judith that only good song?
    I have to say...I hate this band...they are even worse than Saxon but better than Tool or System of a Down...oh...what sh**! I hate this kind of music!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Another 5 star review for an amazing album
    When this first came out, I wasn't really old enough to appreciate it.I heard Judith on the radio and it rocked, but I was fairly unfamiliar with the rest of the CD.Now that I'm a little older, I can't say enough good about it.The CD has everything from the rocking Judith to 3 Libras, which is probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life.Orestes is right up there with it, even though it's not quite as popular.Overall, I can't say enough great things about this album, and if you don't have it yet, you are truly missing out on one of my favorite CDs ever.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good. but not better than Tool
    I am a die hard Tool fan. The only reason I was ever interested in a Perfect Circle is because Maynard is a great lyricist and vocalist. It's a good album. I especially love "Orestes". the opening riffs and Maynard's emotional singing will have you listening to that song on repeat. But my favorite song is "Magdalena" because it gives me this 80's rock type feeling whenever I listen to it and Maynard's passion in his singing about how he would sell his soul for one kiss from this woman is so deep. A perfect circle is a great band. They are definitely a lot softer than Tool but they still have emotional and creative lyrics and music just as Tool does (because of Maynard of course). The only reason I give this album 4 stars and not 5 is because I love Tool and I can't wait until Maynard reuinites with them for a new album. Tool is more hard rock/metal and artistic. The drummer in a Perfect Circle is no match for the drummer of Tool. MAYNARD! OKAY. YOU HAVE AN EMOTIONAL AND SOFT SIDE! US TOOL FANS GET THE IDEA! BUT GO BACK TO TOOL ASAP!!!!!!!!!! ... Read more

    Asin: B00004T99Z
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    Promised Land
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (18 October, 1994)
    list price: $16.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Queensryche's follow-up to the double-platinum Empire is something of an acquired taste, but it's well worth the effort. There's considerable variety here; the heavy progressive-rock of "I Am I" and the ballad "Bridge" were hit singles, but there's also the funk-inflected "Disconnected", the edgy, spooky "Lady Jane", and the piano-and-vocals "Someone Else?". The title track is probably the strongest and least accessible song on the album; instead of rocking out, it's a slow, heavy song in the vein of "Anybody Listening?" from Empire. Listen to it at least five times before forming an opinion; each time, you'll hear something you didn't before. --Genevieve Williams ... Read more

    Reviews (72)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Whispers Too Quietly
    I bought this album for I Am I.While this is still one of the better songs on the album, I was blown away by Lady Jane.This is one of the most hauntingly eerie rock songs I've ever chanced upon.Probably a decade ago I figured out what the kids were chanting in the background, and you can hear Chris DeGarmo whispering one line with them...

    The mixing of these songs is brilliant.The drums really thud, the 12-strings with off-beat up-strokes strumming in the background, and heavy electric guitars rolling like thunder.Voices in the background, electric sounds and effects, and a superb jam in the finale of the title track, morphing into a party that someone leaves, as "we" follow him or her.The idea for this album is wonderful.

    This is where Queensrÿche fans are going to slay me: the music just isn't up to par.I feel like there was so much potential that I was sorely let down.After a year of not listening to this album, I've given it another shot and I appreciate it a little more.Still...half the album has good songs, the other half just don't cut it for me for some reason.

    The two piano tracks, Lady Jane, and Someone Else? save this record.Chris's voice is wonderful.This band has immense potential, I just can't get over that fact.I gave "Tribe" a try as well, and there was one song that I liked.One.

    Someone Else? is beautiful...I relate to the lyrics somewhat (I'm not *that* out of touch with reality), but I can somehow make a connection between it, and Queensrÿche.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The last Queensryche album and one of their best
    First things first. Promised Land was the last Queensryche album that I liked and they have released nothing that I enjoyed much since 1994. As a matter of fact, whatever they did post-PL sounds nothing like the Queensryche we all discovered in the 80's and grew to love so much over the years. Unfortunately they took a completely different direction after this record obviously going for a more commercial sound alienating some of their die-hard fans along the way, myself included. Well, so be it. To me Promised Land was the last nail in the coffin of Queensryche and they will never be the same band again.

    I'm all for change and progression. I do not expect my favourite bands to carry on walking on the same musical path for ever. The self-titled debut was great as was The Warning. With Rage for Order they were onto new soundscapes and Mindcrime was the pinnacle of their success. With Empire they also managed to sell their albums. And all of this happened in a space of eight years always pushing their limits a bit broader and developing their mindset. As years passed by, the brilliance of Mindcrime and Empire was even more evident, so the guys took a long time -- 4 years -- to write their ultimate follow-up to these magnificent records. And Promised Land proved to be a completely different, more mature in a way and unexpected Queensryche album. While it surprised some fans, it eventually began to grow on those who were open-minded, particularly with "I Am I" getting a lot of airplay and MTV support.

    This is not a concept album or as unified a release as Mindcrime was; however it has its own unique traits to it and is possibly the most balanced album in their entire catalog. Everything runs so smoothly satisfying both the old metalheads and the ones who lean towards Ryche's proggy roots. The Pink Floyd influence was never so prevalent before. There are spots on this disc that are very reminiscent of Floyd's A Momentary Lapse in Reason for all I know. The opening tracks "I Am I" and "Damaged" both penned by DeGarmo and Tate are the heavier sides of the album with nice hooks and remarkable vocal harmonies. They are followed by "Out of Mind" and "Bridge" which are both stamped by Chris DeGarmo's trademark sound and feature the more laid-back and their softermoments. DeGarmo's solo in "Out of Mind" is perhaps the LAST guitar solo I liked on a Queensryche album. Its slow progression and minimal writing charged with tons of emotion make this solo a masterpiece all on its own standards. Too bad this guy got all the unfair crap from his very own fanbase and was always overlooked one way or another among prog metal listeners. Too bad because Chris DeGarmo, whether his musical style nowadays appeals to me or not, is one of the most prolific songwriters ever. He was always regarded the 'second' man of the band because of Tate, but it showed hideously how important his role in the band is when he left the band. And as for the albums that he played on, they weren't bad albums because of DeGarmo, they were bad because DeGarmo played on them without having his heart in it. That's my take at least. If Ryche was so good on their own, they wouldn't have asked him to co-write on their last album Tribe, would they?

    The title track, also the longest song on the album, is neatly placed right in the middle of the record and is my favourite song on the album. It was composed by all members in the band together and there is room for everyone to show how great they function together. "Promised Land" is an integral part of the way they all express themselves so well. The Floydan atmosphere is there, Tate does his lower register vocals flawlessly as well as he lets out his killer screams. I think this album was when his voice was its best. A perfect smooth tone with a lot expression. The rhythm work is top notch with solos played in random all over it. "Disconnected" is one of those songs I would despise if I heard it on their post-PL records but it sounds okay on this CD as it's the only one following the album's most complex track. It is very alternative sounding as it's the only tune that DeGarmo had no hand in writing. Still there's a nice solo towards the finale which makes it listenable. It is however sad that Ryche decided to ground their 'new' work on this song taking the easy way out instead of the title track with its layered melodies and intricate musicianship.

    "Lady Jane" is another personal favourite of mine and while I have always enjoyed listening to "My Global Mind" as it's the next heavy tune to keep things in order I always believed it fell a little short in the lyrical department. As for the last two songs here, "One More Time" and "Someone Else?", the latter of which became another radio single, I have to point out that no Queensryche album has had such amazing album closers, that includes their masterpiece Mindcrime. I can't stop listening to this disc without hearing these two songs. Only then do I feel complete, hence the "perfectly balanced album" thing I mentioned previously. This album is so successfully produced and recorded it almost brings me to tears when I think of all the CDs they released after it. Why did all their brilliant ideas go down the drain all of a sudden?

    Promised Land is one of my top 3 Queensryche albums always changing places with Empire. Mindcrime is unquestionably their best moment, but I also highly recommend their earlier stuff if you like good heavy metal with progressive overtones. If you don't like metal and prog, but just simple alternative pop-rock, then maybe their newer material would be more up your alley.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Their best and last true album
    I got the album when it first came out, as Bridge turned out to be a bomb. Since then I let it collect dust, until 2001, when I dug it out and actually listened to it.

    Well, needless to say, I now have The Warning, RfO, Empire and Mindcrime. However, this is definitely their peak effort.
    They starting using sound bits in Empire, and did a good job...but the album is fundamentally ruined by the likes of Hand on Heart and Best I Can. It's no wonder it was their greatest commercial success--it's half fluff.

    Promised Land starts with the heart monitor, and goes into a heavy emotional ride. It doesn't have the distinct, clean tings and twangs you'd be used to from their previous albums, but rather, has POWER.

    The worst the album is by far my Global Mind, and One More Time. If they were the only good songs on the album, it would STILL be worth buying.

    Promised Land should give anybody chills. Lady Jane should haunt you in a dark room (if not as much as Karn Evil 9), and Someone Else (the only recording I've heard where Geoff Tate actually has to strain to hit a few notes) practically leaves you wondering what they were doing, going from near-over-produced music to a guy and a piano...but it works, and wonderfully.

    If you want Empire or Rage for Order revisited, this isn't it, and you'll be sorely dissappointed. If you just want an amazing metal album, maybe with a dark overtone, this is it. ... Read more

    Asin: B000002TTH
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    Slave to the Grind
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (11 June, 1991)
    list price: $9.98 -- our price: $9.98
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    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (45)

    5-0 out of 5 stars classic early 90s album
    When Nirvana became huge and forever changed the face of rock, bands that had been huge were instantly killed overnight. A lot of these bands were awful (Slaughter, Trixter) and the world was better off without them. But some bands were unfairly thrown to the wolves. Any hint of being a pop-metal band was the kiss of death in '92. Unfortunately for Skid Row, many lumped the band in with the hair-metal crowd, and they were one of grunge's causalities.This was a real shame, because Skid Row was a great band, and their sophomore album "Slave to the Grind" remains great record.

    I would argue that Skid Row was second only to Guns N' Roses, as the best hard rock/metal band of the late 80s, early 90s. Skid Row was one of the last few bands, before the rise of the popularity of Grunge, to have some originality and creativity. Their self titled debut album was a little generic, but it still rocked harder than most of their peers (Warrant, Poison) and is a classic 80s rock debut. But it was their second album "Slave to the Grind" that Skid Row really took off.

    "Slave to the Grind" is far heavier and meaner than the debut album. It sounds like "Appetite For Destruction" era Guns N' Roses meets Pantera. The songs are heavy, and in-your-face, yet also highly melodic, and filled with killer solos. Singer Sebastian Bach has a very distinct set of pipes that make him unique and set him apart from all the generic David Lee Roth wannabe singers from the late 80s. Snake Sabo may not be the most gifted guitar player ever, but he sure came up with terrific, catchy riffs and solos.

    It's hard to choose any standouts, because really the whole CD rocks, top to bottom. This is easily one of the best metal albums of all-time. Unlike the debut album, this album doesn't sound dated. It sounds as good today as it did in '91. I would highly recommend this CD to hard rock/metal fans.

    5-0 out of 5 stars skid row rulz
    this is a cd that was made when everyone else was making soft cds but not the skid they got more heavy and they had really nailed it unfortunatly that they stayed away for many years and they just lost what they had once.
    anyway this cd a most have for any metal head wanna have great time and not waste his money on cds that he will regret and feel the shame of having.
    this cd starts with a killer song and runs till the end with a killer song after another killer song.
    iv got the explicit and the edited version i bought the 2nd just because i wanted to have the beggars day song its a shame that on this cd that song aint available i own the cassette of both versions and only the cd of the explicit version, i cant find the edit version nowdays its a most have ):

    5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing album... definitely SKID ROW's best!
    In listening to Skid Row at their "peak" on "Slave To The Grind", I came to the conclusion that at all of their respective "peaks" in their careers, nobody could touch the vocal power and range of Sebastian Bach.Not even Axl Rose.The first time I listened to this album, I was absolutely blown away!To this day, everytime I hear the song "Wasted Time", I get chills.It is such an amazingly powerful song.To further illustrate how powerful Bach's voice was on this album, I don't think there is any lead singer (past OR present) that could wail the way he did at the end of "Livin On A Chain Gang".The sheer magnitude and power of his voice on that song blew my mind.To any heavy metal fan or fan of "80s music" (whatever term you want to call it - to me it's heavy metal!), this album is an absolute must!Don't believe me... listen to the sound clips on here and decide for yourself.Skid Row could have been much more, but the same can be said about a lot of bands.Just sit back and listen to an album from a time when they were at their best!A+ ... Read more

    Asin: B000002IQW
    Sales Rank: 4105
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    Dog Eat Dog
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (25 August, 1992)
    list price: $11.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (27)

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Successful Experiment With Grunge Rock
    We all know what happened in the early 90's: grunge rock made it's succesful debut.So, while most artists from the 60's, 70's, and 80's that were still popular in theearly 90's were sticking with their original roots, Warrant, who had had two hit records and three hit songs, released "Dog Eat Dog" which, for the most part, is a successful experiment with grunge rock.Here is a rundown of every song:

    "Machine Gun"- A good and catchy way to open an album.A bit heavier and a bit grungier than Warrant's biggest hit, "Cherry Pie" but it sounds a bit like it.

    "The Hole In My Wall"- The dark, funny, grunge rock version of Clay Aiken's "Fly On Your Wall" song.

    "April 2031"- You may have to give this song a few listens to decide whether or not you like it, but this is a good song and you will either like it or hate it.

    "Andy Warhol Was Right"- Like "April 2031", this song might require a few listens before you decide whether or not you like it(it took me a few listens to get into this song),it holds the good message of "Don't Ignore Someone, Because It Could Really Screw Them Up". It documents the sad childhood of Andy Warhol and how his mother's lack of attention forced him into an adulthood of constantly craving everyone's attention.I won't give away too much of this song, but it is a very good song, and when Jani Lane sings this song, he does a really good job at letting listeners know the pain of the character who this song is about-and he does an even better job at it then the lyrics do.

    "Bonfire"- A very fun song that proves how good Warrant is when it comes to writing songs about girls, whether it's a ballad or not(this is not a ballad).

    "The Bitter Pill"- A pretty song, not one of Warrant's best ballads but still very good.

    "Hollywood(So Far, So Good)"- A song about the life of celebrities in Hollywood.A cool song.

    "All My Bridges Are Burning"- This song is about a guy named Jimmy, who I guess you could say has made some of the wrong decisions (you'll know what I mean if you listen closely to the lyrics of this song) and now some of his wrong decisons and maybe even some of his selfishness (example, this song contains the lyrics "Jimmy Goes Through Money Like A Millionaire") have caught up to him.(For the person who voted on my review, I'm sorry, I was surfing Warrant websites one night, found the lyrics to this song, and then saw that I thought it had said Phil when it really said bills).

    "Quicksand"- A very pretty grunge rock ballad.

    "Let It Rain"- The sequel to the song "Mr. Rainmaker" off of Warrant's sophomore album, "Cherry Pie".

    "Inside Out"- A funny song that is the one song on this album that comes the closest to sounding like the original Warrant, and it reminds me of "Cold Sweat", a song that appeared on "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich", the album that introduced Warrant.

    "Sad Theresa"- This is a great way to end an album, especialy if you want to end your album with a ballad.The music to this song is very pretty, and the lyrics flow not only like a song, but it also flows like a poem.

    If you take a look at all the grunge rock albums there are out there, "Dog Eat Dog" is definitely one of the most underrated.It also gives Warrant the honor of being the only band (or, hair band) to have experimented with hard rock, grunge rock, glam rock, and maybe a little bit of blues, if you remember the bluesy, dark "Uncle Tom's Cabin" off of the group's "Cherry Pie" album.I also must say, if you take a look at all the hair bands there are out there, Jani Lane is one of the most talented singers and songwriters (examples, Mark Slaughter, Vince Neil, Axl Rose, etc) of the hair band era.It was probably grunge rock that killed Warrant's popularity, but at least they were willing to try a new style of music. Also, the piano and a few female back up singers make a few appearances on this album, and that is part of what makes this album so different and so good.So, sit back, relax, and enjoy "Dog Eat Dog".But be warned: The music on this album is heavier, grungier, and even a little bit darker than the material that appeared on both "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" and "Cherry Pie".

    5-0 out of 5 stars Underrated!
    The first time I ever heard Warrant, was on MTV in 87 with "Down Boys".The tune got my attention, then I saw the video and thought, "oh no, not another big hair wannabe metal band!"But damn, these guys proved to have some songwriting talent.They quickly became one of my favorite rock bands.I think they have matured, and this is an example.If you like this, you will love "Ultraphobic"."Belly to Belly" is also great, shows they do change a bit.I'm just bummed they split.Check out Jani Lane's solo release "Back Down to One".Saw them a few times, wild shows, great energy!Man, I miss those days...

    4-0 out of 5 stars Solid Melodic Rock Album
    When this album flopped in 92 it was like the death knell for the hairbands.Funny thing though, Warrant sorta got the last laugh cause they made a timeless record. It's just a good old solid melodic rock album(remember those?).Excellent songs like Machine Gun, Hole in My Wall, All My Bridges Are Burning, and Let it Rain.This record Sounds really good- very clear and well produced.Joey Allen plays smokin guitar solos throughout, especially on Quicksand.Metal Sludge punching bag Jani Lane really was(and probably still is) a good songwriter and a fine singer. ... Read more

    Asin: B0000028N7
    Sales Rank: 36126
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    Rage Against the Machine
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (10 November, 1992)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Not since the days of the Clash and the MC5 has rock seen such political force as in the uncompromising debut from this L.A. quartet. Expanding the hip-hop/metal style of bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage tap the spirits of vintage Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, coupled with hardcore punk intensity and Public Enemy-style grooves. "Bombtrack" opens the LP with a shot of adrenaline and singer Zack de la Rocha's infuriated chorus of "Burn, burn, yes, you're gonna burn!" The intensity doesn't let up an inch on the militant "Killing in the Name" (with the inspiring chant, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!"), the ultrafunky "Bullet in the Head," and the engrossing "Fistful of Steel." Tom Morello combines time-honored metal guitar riffs with sounds that suggest a hip-hop scratcher over a rhythm section that simply takes no prisoners. Intelligent and aggressive, this is unimpeachably one of the best hard-rock records ever made. --James Rotondi ... Read more


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    Reviews (494)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Definitive Rock Album of the 1990s
    Rage Against the Machine's self-titled, debut album was the definitive rock album of the 1990s and, more than any other album from its time, has influenced the mainstream rock genre as it flows through the airwaves today. Although Rage's influence on the evolution of rock music has generally been overlooked and understated by critics, if one were to analyze the current state of rock music, he/she would be hard pressed to argue that it could still be what it is today without Rage.

    Rage spawned the rap/rock revolution (for better or worse), infused rock music with intelligent social and political commentary at a time when the genre was severely lacking it, and helped rock music evolve to its current state. Listen to the entire album once, all the way through, and you will see why. An amazing band, with amazing musicianship, lyricism, and insight, Rage should go down in history as one of the most influential rock bands of its generation, although it seems as though the scope of its influence may always be overshadowed by other deserving bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Regardless, what's most important is that the music will always be there for us to enjoy, and the music can never lie.

    Trust me and the others who have taken the time to express their opinions on this album -- if you are a true fan of rock music, you owe it to yourself to own this album.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Liberal Propaganda
    This has got to be the worst type of music ever created. I am appalled at the amount of liberal garbage spewing out of the singer's mouth. Or should I say "Liberal Loonie". As a good conservative American, I go to church and abide by the law. I read a review by the "God Fearin Conservative Bill", and I agreed with every word he said. He did act a bit "exaggerative" though.

    Liberals will destroy this world that we conservatives worked so hard to build. With their crazy idea of "Social Programs" and "More Government", they will pollute the minds of the young ones.

    Also as a devout Mormon, I believe that men are superior to women. Women should serve their husband at all costs and be faithful, or else they will get a slap with my leather belt.

    Considering my side of the story, you can see how I view this album. Horrid and toxic to the ears. DO NOT BELIEVE ONE WORD THIS MAN SAYS!!! He is a demon and will not get to the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven.


    The album should be torched by all who own this album. Burn it and go to your local Mormon Ward for the real truth in this world.

    5-0 out of 5 stars a must have.
    Ok first of all, I'm very cautious on throwing 5 stars out. But this album, Rage's first album from 1992, deserves each bit of these 5 shiney stars for their debut album.

    First off, this is the best Rage album out there. It's obvious everything by Rage is good (even "Renegades" and they didn't even write those songs) but the self-titled debut stands out as the funkiest, most aggressive and most meaningful Rage album out of their catalogue. The songs are complex and well timed, each song is brilliant, each song is just as angry as the next(especially the closer, "Freedom" where Zach is absolutely screaming "freedom" from the bottom of his heart) and Tom's guitar playing is superb. This album probably shows Tom at his best, crazy unique solo's, great riffs, he's all over the place on this album. Tim's bass playing is excellent as well, funky, and aggressive, sticking tight with the drums (as the way it should be). The cover of this album means serious business as well, remember, this was Rage Against the Machine's first album, and looking at this cover added drama and suspense to who these guys were. You take a look at the cover and your first impression of this masterpiece is anger and (obviously) politics. What you hear, is what you get, violent, pissed off, meaningful, and straight from the heart. Especially with some lyrics, like Zach's veiw on "Fistful of Steel", "Silence, something about silence makes me sick, 'cause silence can bring violence sorta like a slit wrist."

    This is an excellent album, one of the best in alternative rock music. If you settle for this album now, you'll settle for it later. ... Read more

    Asin: B0000028RR
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    Cross Road
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (18 October, 1994)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
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    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    This best-of is loaded with the usual smash suspects plus three new cuts--the sub-Mellancamp "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night," the Bed of Roses-style ballad single "Always," and a low-key remake of "Living On A Prayer" titled "Prayer '94." Love 'em or not, there's no denying the loyalty of the fans. --Jeff Bateman ... Read more

    Reviews (111)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not Bad
    This is a pretty good collection of Bon Jovi's best tunes up to this point in their career.The only problem with it is it is missing the tune She Don't Know Me from the first record, which I feel is the best song off that record, even better than Runaway.From what I've heard the only reason the song does not appear hear is that Jon did not write it, and didn't really want to include it because it was written by someone outside of the band.Other than that ommission this is a strong collection of their best worthy of your time and money.

    3-0 out of 5 stars 3 big hits omitted..won't make diehards happy either
    What you're hoping to take away with this package will affect how good you think it is:

    1) An overview of the band's 'best' material from "Bon Jovi" forward...


    2) A collection of the chart hits that were blared out of radios and on MTV throughout most of the late 80s.

    If you're in the #2 group, this will be pretty good. Bon Jovi is at his best with huge sounding arena anthems, not sensitive singer-songwriter tunes. 3 big ones are missing ("Living in Sin","Born to Be my Baby","Never Say Goodbye") and you don't get "It's my Life" or "Thank You for Loving Me" since they weren't released until 2000's "Crush" (this collection came out in 1994) but those are the biggest nitpicks with the collection.

    There is a Japanese import version that adds on "Never Say Goodbye" and "Tokyo Road" from early album "7800 Fahrenheit" (no crappy "Livin' on a Prayer" remake either)(ASIN:B0000677K0) but it'll cost you nearly 3 times what you're paying here.

    #1 category fans who insist the two most "metal" albums are the best stuff won't be happy: 1 track each from "Bon Jovi" and "7800 Fahrenheit". There's nothing from the "These Days" album at all.

    The liners are nonexistent. No lyrics...no context for the songs..just a pic of the band moping in a diner.

    Their most indelible material remains what came out on the mega-hit albums "New Jersey" and "Slippery When Wet": "Livin' on a Prayer" still sounds great played loud on your car stereo, macho fantasies "Blaze of Glory" and "Wanted:Dead or Alive" get my testosterone flowing, and "You Give Love a Bad Name" is a fist pumper everytime. Outside of those, "Keep the Faith" is a surprisingly strong later period effort that rides its chorus on shattered tremolo guitars and "I'll Be There for You" was one of their best power ballads, "sensitive" without being mawkish. "Runaway" was the breakthrough tune for the group and holds up pretty well even with the 80s-ish keyboard on the intro.

    "Always" takes the worst excesses of power ballads and amplifies them. All awash in strings and syrupy sentiment, it's a pile of goo. "Bed of Roses" wastes what could have been a good song by not bothering to write a good hook and letting it run WAY too long (6 1/2 minutes of this dreck? Please...) His lyric about being on the road away from his woman ("Well I'm so far away/That each step that I take is on my way home/A king's ransom in dimes I'd given each night/Just to see through this payphone") is one of his better ones but it's wasted here. "Prayer '94", an unplugged remake of "Livin' on a Prayer", was probably an attempt to place the focus on the lyric (which to be fair is a good one) but it saps all the power out of the song. The song just NEEDS to be pumped up with Sambora's guitar chords.

    Bon Jovi is a singles band. Buy this and you've got most of their best. You'll probably want to get "New Jersey" and "Slippery..." used cheap to have the missing 3. You can always burn them onto your own anthology.

    3 stars (lost a star because of liners/missing hits)

    5-0 out of 5 stars bon jovi is brill
    i know youmight think im stupid but id just like to say bon jovi is the best band ever im not intoall the knew bands bon jovis music is ultrra cooll ... Read more

    Asin: B000001EC1
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    The Sickness
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (07 March, 2000)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


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    Reviews (447)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome cd.
    Disturbed has come out with a great first cd.Down with the Sickness, The Game, and Violence Fetish are my personal favorites. These are songs not for the faint of heart, that will make you want to start your own personal mosh pit. If your ever in the mood to rock out and just go crazy, then you need this cd.

    4-0 out of 5 stars The Sickness is Rising
    One word about Disturbed's album: WOW! This Cd is just so good that it is addicting. There was one really dumb song (Dropping Plates) but the rest was the best. I love Down with the Sickness (best song they ever made-except for David ranting at the end about his mom-didn't fit in with the rest of the song)and Stupify (lyrics are addicting). I did hear the album when I was about 11 (15 now) while I was in my aunts van. My cousin popped in the Cd saying it was the greatest in the world. I listened to Down with the Sickness and it instantly got stuck in my head (even if I didn't really know what the song meant) I forgot what it sounded like but I stumbled across it while I was on the web one day and kept on listening to it, and thus buying Disturbed's cd. I can say this album is just pure gold.

    4-0 out of 5 stars "Surprisingly" Good!
    Well, I'm not a nu-metal fan, but I used to be, and I have to say Disturbed is about the only band I can listen to and perhaps Sevendust (their singer rocks). What lacks metal is often melody both in the singer and guitars are very lame, and no real talent..but this album is actually good. "Voices", has ome great singing by David Draiman (who's the strongest link of the band) and nice lyrics, it just, you know sound like really good! "Stupify" was a hit too, and again for the great vocals/lyrics and a pretty good even melodic lead riff. "Down With The Sickness", is heavier than the most other tracks here and it's simply awesome! It's so aggressive and hard and nihilistic, just so awesome, and again David doesn't have to scream all the words, only scream once a while, and that's okay, see, you can actually hear what he's saying! "Meaning of Life", has a dorky techno intro, and a pretty generic lead riff but it's awesomly powerfull, and the lyrics are really sick, this is a very aggressive song, just awesome! The rest of the album is okay, but these are the best tracks! so, if you're into nu-metal, but like a singer with a little more range, melody and talent, compared to the other deathmetal-vocalists, and dig guitars that actually flow and have some melody, then this is for you...this ain't nothing near alternative, but it's nu-metal at its best, I think! And as I said, me, personally being a hater of numetal, I still dig this one! ... Read more

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