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De-Loused in the Comatorium
Average Customer Review: 4.58 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (24 June, 2003)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
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Reviews (333)

4-0 out of 5 stars best albu mof the year
This album is amazing yet slightly tedious. Showing an entire scpectrum of music and dynamics- rhythm driven madness to powerful beauty.

1. Son et lumiere- vocals almost sound john lennonish though this track leads perfectly up to the fierce and one of most voilent songs on the album "Intertiatic esp" (8/20)

2. Inertiatic esp- The vocals and guitar on this track are amazing, if you were wondering what esp means it means, it means feeling or intuition. The vocals almost sounds like Robert plant on this track. (9/10)

3. Roulette dares- my favourite track, maybe because the vocals are robert plant vs. freddy murcury in the chorus which really works well. The chorus is amazing and extremely catchy. The syncopation on this track and rhythm shifts are interestiung to follow... or loose yourself in (10/10)

4. Tire me a las aranas (throw me to the spiders)- an interesting work of the guitar sounding brooding yet atmospheric. (6/10) (because its only an instrumental)

5. Drunkship of lanters- a definite anthem, displaying vocal range and showing an amazingly tight yet complicated song structure. (9/10)

6. Eriararka- this song is a bit droney but has some great melodies on all instruments played. The band doesnt seem to get as involved in this song, but nonetheless it is an epic. (7/10)

7. Cicatriz esp- (scar feeling)- if this song wasnt filled with 6 minutes of atmosperic noise, it would be great but its one of those songs you listen to the peak and then skip when the machines take over the instruments... or do the instruments turn into machines? (7/10)

8. This apparatus must be unearthed- this song is more int he vein of at the drive in- where the vocals run into odd harmonies and agressive madness. A definite stand out on the album- short and to the point. This song keeps you on the edge of your seat.

9. Televators- the ballad of the album, a great song where all the instruments compliment each other well. (8.5/10)

10. Take the viel carpin taxt- probably my worst song on the album, its good in its own right but it just doesnt seem to follow the vibe of the album nor conclude it- its too jumpy. (6/10)

This is a must-have album... but the album isnt for those who want music they can hear on MTV or listen to on the radio station. Although possessing qualities of a wide range of 70's rock acts, the band turns left of mainstream with its complacent structures and rhythms (which is a good thing). On the down side... id quite happily trade the album's atmospheric wierd noises (which make up about a third of all the music on the album) for more songs. Though its something no one has ever done to this extent and shows the ruthless extremes in experimentation that the mars volta explore.

The music is a mixture of post hardcore, at the drive in, led zepplin, santana, early genesis, queen, and tool- haha is that possible... yeah mars volta did it!

5-0 out of 5 stars A Breath Of Fresh Air
Finally, a cd I don't mind spending my hard earned money on! I can't stop listening to this disc. I have been so bored with all of the "wanna be / sound like that band" crap that I kind of gave up on the music biz. Mars Volta really doesn't bring anything new to the music arena. They've done a great job reinventing prog-rock. They've taken Yes' "Close To The Edge" album and added a harder edge, some latin rhythm flavoring, and a live feel I have not heard on any recording in a while. When I listen to this record, I get the feeling that I'm at their live show. I can't wait to see them tonight (they will be in town tonight). At The Drive In was good. Mars Volta, to me, is better. With the addition of Red Hot Chili Pepper's Flea on bass, this collection of songs is something not to be missed. Flea is excellent on this one. If you're a drummer, like me, you owe it to yourself to check the drummer out. BUY THIS CD!!!!!!

4-0 out of 5 stars Well...I'm De-Loused
Let me Preface this review by saying this is my favorite CD I own. That being said, It still gets 4 stars, not 5. While the band is enormously talented, the production is over the top. This really shows through in "Cicatriz ESP". The song starts and ends strong, but whats with the 3 or 4 minutes of ambient noise in the middle? I also am a strong believer that, while the lyrics have a cool sound, they are absolutely there as a formality; and no one, including the writer, really understands what phrases like "Exoskeletal junction at raliroad delay" really means. The Vocals are absolutely fantastic. That man has an amazing range. Theres some amazing fast pitched tempo changes such as on "Drunkship of Lanterns". All in all its a fantastic cd if you don't mind a little over-indulgence on the writer and producers part. ... Read more

Asin: B00009V7T2
Sales Rank: 1127
Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (12 July, 1994)
list price: $17.98 -- our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


  • Explicit Lyrics
Reviews (97)

5-0 out of 5 stars Underated and Misunderstood Musical Geniuses
Despite the financial limitations placed on the production sharpness, Grassroots is 311's most ecletic and in my opionion the best album the band has ever done. Here 311 has mastered and perfected their quick yet smooth rapping. Songs like "Silver" and "Salsa" showcase Nick Hexum and SA Martinez's slickest and quickest lyrical rampages. However, the album has plenty upbeat and trippy melodies as well in songs like "Homebrew", and "Omaha Stylee". The songs are lyrically powerfull, touching on the importance of optimism, self-respect, and making the most of life. While this may seem like silly feel-good bubblegum content, 311 is able to deliver their neo-hippy idealism through a sonic storm of hip-hop, rock, reggae, latin beats, and revolutionary rhythm. No other band out there has the fast and dynamic rhythm that 311 has. Tim Mahoney's guitar work on this album is more free and jamming than on any other 311 album. If you like intelligent and positive songs that rock hard and get you groovin, 311's Grassroots is the cd for you. Even though this cd came out 1994, it still holds up with 311's newer stuff and with the rest of today's music. This album and 311 in general are often forgotten as being the best and most creative representation of hybrid music.

5-0 out of 5 stars 311 has grassroots
This is in my opinion the best album to start with if you're new to 311. So if you're reading reviews trying to decide if you should buy this CD then YES, BUY IT! 311 is my favorite music artist. I could listen to only 311 and be perfectly content. Here is an attempt at describing the songs on this fantastic album:
(1) Homebrew - This song has a great intro riff and has a section with Nick rapping at his best, then a chorus, then SA rapping at his best, and then another chorus. I've seen them play this song live several times and it is amazing live.
(2) Lucky - This song rocks really hard and was written by Chad (drummer). Great guitaring by Tim too.
(3) Nutsymptom - This song comes in hard and fierce with rapping by SA and then Nick, and then P-Nut plays a funky slap bass line and Chad does who-knows-what on the drums while Tim plays a beautiful solo. One of the best 311 songs ever.
(4) 8:16 AM - A nice jazzy chill song.
(5) Omaha Stylee - This song rocks really hard, a definite headbanger and a great song to see live. Great instrument playing by all.
(6) Applied Science - Another standard of their live show, they always expand the drum solo live and bring out more drums so that the whole band is doing these crazy beats that make you want to jump and thrash around.
(7) Taiyed - The only song other than several on Transistor in which SA sings the whole song. Nick plays second guitar while Tim plays the guitar solo parts.
(8) Silver - Another song that rocks hard with great creative guitar riffs and rapping by Nick and SA. The opening verse by Nick may be his best rapping in any song and has a great anti-racism message.
(9) Grassroots - A fun song with wise lyrics 'the roots underground are as big as the tree, can't you see, if not it will fall down'.
(10) Salsa - This album is the most difficult of their albums for me to choose a favorite song, but Salsa may be it. More awesome creative guitar riffs and great rapping by Nick and SA. I love how the guitar riff sounds like it is rising and then falls like a monster opening its mouth and chomping down.
(11) Lose - A nice slow jazzy/bluesy song unlike any others 311 has done. I really like this song, especially the guitar soloing by Tim.
(12) Six - The beginning of this song sounds like it is creeping up on you. This song has a great chorus sung by Nick, and great creative instrumentation in the middle of the song. Yet another fantastic song.
(13) Offbeat Bare Ass - Another contender for favorite song on the album, this song has verses by Nick and SA that are totally unrelated in their content. SA's lyrics are funny about gross pranks, and Nick sings more wisdom such as 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law until you violate the right of another, respect the space of your sister and your brother, the war on drugs may be well intentioned but it falls f***ing flat when you stop to mention an overcrowded prison where a rapist get parolled, to make room for a dude who was sold a pound of weed, to me that's a crime, here's to good people doing time'.
(14) 1,2,3 - The closer to this album is a nice chill song with interesting guitar effects. This is the only song on this album I didn't like right away but it has grown on me and now I really like it.
Grassroots is one of my favorite CDs ever but I must admit that my favorite 311 CDs are Transistor and Evolver. I love all of their albums though.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Lord, Yes...
Listening to GRASSROOTS today, I'm still overwhelmed by the variety of styles on this record. When it came out in 1994, it sounded like nothing else on the pop music radar. Here was a hard rock band that was equally comfortable playing reggae, latin-tinged ballads, "jam band" rock, rap and even a little jazz. Unlike many other versatile groups of the time (Phish, Dave Matthews) 311 rocked harder and very often melded these various styles into one seamless track. It's this type of musical alchemy that propelled 311 to their status as one of the top live bands in the U.S., while at the same time confusing lame critics (Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly) who were incapable of accepting a sound so utterly original.

The laugh is squarely on the critics now. 311 have been together for almost 15 years now, and they're as big as they've ever been. Yet GRASSROOTS remains their masterpiece; 45 minutes of essential 311 music.

01. Homebrew 10/10 - The perfect opening salvo with a killer Led Zep guitar riff and lyrics inspired by an acid trip.

02. Lucky 7/10 - Weakest track on the CD. Still salvaged by its percussive groove and funny lyrics.

03. Nutsymtom 9/10 - Heavy intro groove, breaks into a Santana-like jam for the second half with a killer Tim Mahoney guitar solo.

04. 8:16 am 9/10 - Very pretty mellow rocker. Exactly the type of song you wouldn't expect from this sort of band and a great example of their genre-smashing greatness.

05. Omaha Stylee 9/10 - Awesome rap-flavored track is a shoutout to their home town.

06. Applied Science 8/10 - Nice groove, killer Chad Sexton drum solo.

07. Taiyed 8/10 - Another good change-of-pace track. SA handles all the lyrics himself while Nick Hexum sits in on second guitar. Another wicked Tim Mahoney solo (the CD in general is totally loaded with his genius lead guitar work.)

08. Silver 8/10 - One of the heaviest cuts on the disc. Yet another killer groove and more astute lyrics from Hexum.

09. Grassroots 9.5/10 - Title track does a fantastic job of combining 311's many styles into a whole greater than the some of its parts. Total 311 synergy.

10. Salsa 8/10 - Another propulsive headbanger with some great lyrics from SA; "the girl who gave you her sex I heard was homeless..." Priceless!

11. Lose 9/10 - Out of nowhere, a great Caribbean flavored jazz ballad with Hexum coming across like a male Billie Holiday. Guarenteed to impress even the biggest 311 hata.

12. Six 9/10 - Sinewy riff establishes a menacing groove that relents on the ska-infected chorus. The ending on this one is incredible.

13. Offbeat Bare-Ass 9.5/10 - This album is loaded with bad-ass guitar riffs, but this one may take the cake. Lyrics here about being horrassed by the cops for having a Dead sticker on your tour bus are insightful and have a keen sensitivity beyond the grasp of most "alternative rockers".

14. 1-2-3 10/10 - This beautiful slow jam seals the deal for GRASSROOTS as the best 311 album of all time.

Overall, this is an album that-- despite limited commercial success upon its release-- has grown in reputation to be one of the bona-fide classics of the genre. Highly recommended to all fans of great rock music. ... Read more

Asin: B00005ABHN
Sales Rank: 14965


Rage Against the Machine
Average Customer Review: 4.67 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (10 November, 1992)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Not since the days of the Clash and the MC5 has rock seen such political force as in the uncompromising debut from this L.A. quartet. Expanding the hip-hop/metal style of bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage tap the spirits of vintage Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, coupled with hardcore punk intensity and Public Enemy-style grooves. "Bombtrack" opens the LP with a shot of adrenaline and singer Zack de la Rocha's infuriated chorus of "Burn, burn, yes, you're gonna burn!" The intensity doesn't let up an inch on the militant "Killing in the Name" (with the inspiring chant, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!"), the ultrafunky "Bullet in the Head," and the engrossing "Fistful of Steel." Tom Morello combines time-honored metal guitar riffs with sounds that suggest a hip-hop scratcher over a rhythm section that simply takes no prisoners. Intelligent and aggressive, this is unimpeachably one of the best hard-rock records ever made. --James Rotondi ... Read more


  • Explicit Lyrics
Reviews (442)

5-0 out of 5 stars finally, real rap/metal
I have to say, listening to Linkin Park, P.O.D, etc, RATM is by far the best rap/metal band out there. Alot of rap/metal bands just talk about sex drugs and stuff cough*, cough*, Limp Bizket, cough*. But Rage is differnt they talk about right and wrong. Zack De la Rocha is one of the most respected people out there for his political opinions on our US Government, his lyrics are expreesed in various amounts of anger in hardcore rap. Tom morello, 1 word, AMAZING, his guitar playing is crazy. And would you believe that most of these cool sounds are made by guitar, thats awesome. Timmy C with the bass, very good, the bass blends perfect with the guitar. And Brad wilk, another jaw dropper, his drumming is also amzing, when you listen to all the tracks, the drum pattern is perfect. There Self titled debut is filled with lots of great rap, guitar solos, and plenty of screaming.

1)Bombtrack (4:05) - great opener to the album, also a nice intro too. 8/10
2)Killing in the Name (5:14) - After listening to this track I was amazed, great song to listen to when you're pissed off, my third fav. track. 10/10
3)Take the Power Back (5:37) - a very political song with some great lyrics. 8/10
4)Settle for Nothing (4:48) - not my favorite but still good. Has a cool guitar solo. 7/10
5)Bullet in the Head (5:09)- cool guitar, another great track one of my favorite. 8/10
6)Know Your Enemy (4:55)- cool lyrics, and great guitar riffs. 9/10
7)Wake Up (6:04)- first heard it in the matrix, another great guitar, best lyrics. 10/10
8)Fistful of Steel (5:31)- meh, ok. 6/10
9)Township Rebellion (5:24)- meh, ok. 6/10
10)Freedom (6:05) - An excellent way to finish the album, my favorite track. 12/10

In all, out of all the best RATM albums pick this up first then move up to there other ones, Evil Empire, Battle of L.A, Renegades, and Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium.

4-0 out of 5 stars rage is the bomb!
Rage Against the Machine has bombastic, fiercly political music that goes against our society. The high energy lyrics of Zach de LaRocha preach his sincere feelings toward conforming by the govrnment and our schools. Backed with technically impressive guitar riffs by Tom Morello & Timmy C., aggressive rhythm from Brad Wilk, this frontman raps a multi-cultural alternative to what you learn in school and see on TV. Rage introduced a new genre to the music scene with thier first record that is a combonation of rock, rap and thrash, The style of this album is very loud with Zach often yelling to get his point across. These are sometimes violent and also adress serious issues like suicide and being your own person. This and all Rage albums are made to express the views of the band members and to inform the audince about what the government is doing in our society. All of the songs on this album have a rich tapestry of lyrics that express their views and tell what's happening to our society. This album as a whole is excaellent. If you like direct lyrics, pounding rhythm and unique bass lines; this one's a must. Zach has a lot of anger that he uses to slam our government thruogh his music.

5-0 out of 5 stars "When ignorance reigns, life is lost..."
I first got into Rage Against The Machine in 7th grade, when I was into crap like Limp Bizkit and purchased Evil Empire because people said I would like it if I liked Limp Bizkit. In retrospect, that comparison is a big insult to Rage. That's like comparing "Goodfellas" to "You Got Served".

Anyway, I really liked (and still like) Evil Empire (especially "Vietnow"). However, I didn't get this album until this past January. Before then, I had a few of the songs on mixes, but that's it. I listened to samples in the store and really liked what I heard, so I purchased it. Forget Wimp Bizkit; this is rock-rap done RIGHT!

First of all, the musicians here; Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (now of Audioslave); are all very talented. Check out the slap bass, the riffs, the drumming. Add Zack De La Rocha's politically-charged rhymes over top of them, and you get what might be the only band in history influenced by both Led Zeppelin and Public Enemy, which may sound like mixing pizza and ice cream but comes out sounding damn good. Most of the songs on here are favorites.

The angry, anti-authority/government diatribes are what made this album a classic twelve years ago. Before 1992, there weren't too many albums with "[...] you, I won't do what you tell me!" as a lyric. And I think "When ignorance reigns, life is lost" is very relatable to the Iraq war going on today.

Overall, if you want a REAL rap-rock record, check this one out first, then get the others.(...) ... Read more

Asin: B0000028RR


In Search of
Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (22 October, 2002)
list price: $17.98 -- our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

The electro-powered grooves of the writing-production team the Neptunes have abetted fine-to-great tracks by everyone from Jay-Z and Ol' Dirty Bastard to Britney Spears. On their debut as performers, they display an irresistible knack for hooky tracks rooted in the eclectic listening habits they developed while growing up in the multiracial Virginia Beach, Virginia, neighborhoods they still call home. Fusing album rock and rap more forcefully and convincingly than Kid Rock or Durst-style aggro bands (the latter of whom they seem to lampoon on "Rock Star"), N.E.R.D. whip up a creamy yet slammin' mix. Main men Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo coax apropos guest shots from Kelis (the get-your-freak-on "Truth or Dare," the sexiest thing here aside from the ménage-a-wow plea "Tape You") and a handful of up-and-coming members. The live instrumentation that replaces the machine-tooled tracks of an earlier import version of In Search Of retains the tunes' syncopation while rendering it palatable for less eclectic rock fans. While not a commercial blockbuster on the order of many of their clients' discs, this venture is nonetheless one of 2002's standout releases. --Rickey Wright ... Read more


  • Enhanced
  • Explicit Lyrics
Reviews (40)

5-0 out of 5 stars WOW!
This is probaly my all time favorite cd the neptunes are a great producing group but there group n*e*r*d is even better than the hooky and delicous singles they pop out though major acts in the debut album in search of... (who knows what there searching for) but the cd is great here are the songs and short review of them

1. lapdance- there first single is a great song very catchy and they even through in a political statement (*****) 5 stars

2. intro- not important

3.things are getting better- my favorite song very catchy and upbeat (*****) 5 stars

4.brain- funkadelic and werid song with great lyrics and music
(*****) 5 stars

5.provider- also a great song a little more serious just a good though (*****) 5 stars

6.truth or dare- kelis is featured in theis song and it gose back and forth between them a bit rough (****-) 4 stars

7. run to the sun- a chilled song with a positive tune not really stand out material (****_) 4 stars

8. stay together- great song no more no less
(*****) 5 stars

9. baby doll- love song but totally original
(*****) 5 stars

10. tape you- this song is creepy but thats why i like it the lyrics don't alway fit together but i think it's intintional
(****-) 4 stars

11. am i high- good song features malice kinda like run to the sun but still stands on it's own (*****) 5 stars

12. rock star (poser)- also one of my favorite songs hard rock music and rap lyrics done how it should be done (*****) 5 stars

13. bobby james- this song works well as the last song it leaves you with a n*e*r*d feel in your ears and brain

basicly in search of is a excellent cd id say its probaly the only legal high in america and it remains as the greastest cd i'ver ever heard

4-0 out of 5 stars I Found What I Was 'In Search Of...'
By the time N*E*R*D's debut album 'In Search Of...' in 2002, Pharrel Williams & Chad Hugo (know in the production world as The Neptunes) were already famous for cutting hits for the likes of Mystikal, Jay-Z and others, as well as those on their Star Trak imprint.

N*E*R*D could easily have been another side hustle for Pharell & Chad, just mixing rock and hip hop with no big deal being made - but their beats turning the world onto their brilliance did just the opposite. At this point, enter 'In Search Of...', easily onw 2002's hottest albums.

The most amazing thing about N*E*R*D is their ability go through a 12 twelve track album, managing to turn rap to rock to funk to hip hop to R&B, with pure listining pleasure - all incorporating the staccato drumbeats, warped but funky keyboard parts and crunchy guitars that helped them get where they are today.

The Neptunes & N*E*R*D have never been known for clean or classy lyrics, so the whole album doesn't deliver the same radio-friendly songs that 'Lapdance - f/Lee Harvery & Vita' & 'Rock Star'. This doesn't mean that the other 10 tracks are lyrical rubbish - Pharrel drops some amazing wordplay on the amazing cuts such as 'Provider', 'Stay Toghether' & 'Run To The Sun'.

N*E*R*D also give the listener some great features - such as Murder Inc.'s Vita, and a whole collection of Star Track artists, that include Lee Harvey, Kelis, Clipse's Pusha T & Malice, Spymob and Tammy Lucas, who really help to round off N*E*R*D's sound. - Check, 'Am I High f/Malice' & 'Truth Or Dare f/Kelis & Pusha T'.

I only rated the album four stars, because it takes a few listens to get into. The tracks 'Lapdance' & 'Rock Star' inspired me to cop their debut effort, but when I tried to listen to it straight through when I got home, it just didn't work for me. 'Lapdance' was a got opening track, but as you push through to about track 6 or 7, you've already lost interest. After I'd half listened to it a few times and played the singles til they bored me, 'In Search Of...' took it's place back on the shelf. Until, in a drout where I couldn't find anything to listen to, 'In Search Of...' was my rebound album. I played it through a few times and fell in love with it - it's a worthy buy in the end.

I would suggest you get this, but don't expect what you get from The Neptunes when they lace other people's hits - this a majority rock album. If you're looking for other Neptune's albums, 'Fly Or Die', N*E*R*D's 2004 follow up album or 'The Neptunes Presents ... Clones'.

This album now gets regular play in my room, so it's a worthy listen - a must for any Neptune's fan.

4 stars - solid album.

4-0 out of 5 stars You Can Keep The Truth, Keep The Dare
If you've been alive in the last few years, you will have undoubtedly have heard of The Neptunes, the production duo formed of Pharrel Williams and Chad Hugo. The pair have produced for the likes of Jay-Z, Fabolous, Mystikal, Britney Spears and many, many others. However, if you're considering purchasing N*E*R*D's debut album - "In Search Of" - don't expect an album of what you usually hear from these guys. I found this quite an entertaining listen, mainly because the live instruments and crisp Neptunes beats do each song justice. It gives the beats an extra edge which give the album a different flavour to what I thought I'd get.

Another good point about this CD is it's not just straight rock as many have claimed; N*E*R*D offer a mix between rock, rap, country, funk and the blues, all with amazing listening ease. I've never been a major fan of what The Neptunes songwriting has been like - known for being sleazy - but I was pleasently surprised. The lyrics do have meaning and, at times, are quite thought provoking. Pharrel Williams singing is very strong and works well over the stunning beats.

The stand out songs are "Provider", "Run To The Sun", the funky "Things Are Getting Better", "Truth Or Dare", "Am I High", heck, every song on here is really tight. The reason I only gave this album 4 stars is because it takes a bit of peserverance. On the first couple of spins it's not much of an album, with only a couple of good cuts - those being the singles. My advice would be to get it, but keep it in the changer. Once you've caught the vibe of this CD and get into the groove, you're bound to like it.

This is a different Neptunes release to the style we're used to, but that's a good thing as it's well worth the money you spend on it. 4 stars. ... Read more

Asin: B000078JM3
Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rap & Hip-Hop   


Average Customer Review: 4.78 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (20 November, 2001)
list price: $11.98 -- our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


  • Original recording remastered
Reviews (73)

4-0 out of 5 stars Before the Pop Set In
Before Incubus were made MTV darlings with poppy tunes from Make Yourself, there was SCIENCE. This is about as far from pop as you'll get these days. I don't get the people who call this album some kind of holy grail, but I do like it. It grows on you. At first, I would have rated this maybe 2 and a half stars rather than four (which is actually a bit generous.) But it has alot of really interesting lyrics and good DJing. Too bad you can't make out a damn word of the lyrics, though. So unless you read the song book, you won't understand why I think Brandon Boyd is a pretty good lyricist. But he suffers from really poor USE of those lyrics. His voice is good, but he's not so hot at making a tune. Alot of the time it feels like the words are just crammed in there. But there are moments of good melodic use. This is my only real criticism, but I'd say melody and tune are pretty important aspects of music. This is why it takes some getting used to, unlike Morning View and Make Yourself that were instant gratification. The Dj is used HEAVILY, Brandon's voice is was better and Mike's guitar work is way more "punky" than it is now. Fewer effects, more raw. But the songs, since they lack tune, tend to blend in together. Overall, this is an excellent CD that takes a few days to adjust to. Really quite an acomplishment for...what, their second time around? This is for all those nu-metal folks that wish they'd stop playing "Stellar" on the radio and kick it into gear. You won't find ANYTHING this hard on Morning View and Make Yourself. Here comes the breakdown.....
1. Redefine- one of the best songs on the cd. more tuneful that 90% of the album. killer DJ work.
2. Vitamin- eeh, not bad. now you see what i mean about "lack of melody". still, a fairly respectable song with more good guitar.
3. New Skin- more good work. tuneful, good sampling, good lyrics.
4. Idiot box- a good use of guitar, and brandon's singing is impressive.
5. Glass- very catchy, very cool in all respects. one of the best songs. more good sampling. (like i said, the Dj is prominent)
6. Magic Medicine- trippy. the title is a good indication of what's in store. this track says "light up, sit back, enjoy." all the other members step back and let the DJ have the floor.
7. A Certain Shade of Green- catchy. this one sounds like it would be the closest thing to Make Yourself on the album. it bridges the gap a bit. great all-around song with a kicker of a chorus.
8. Favorite Things- lacking. a track i usually skip.
9. Summer Romance- this one will get stuck in your head. odd, jazzy trumpets and this very old-lounge-singer vibe to it. the most calm and collected song on the album. play it for mom.
10. Nebula- pretty hard. not very interesting though.
11. Deep Inside- a good song. especially when it feels like the album is going downhill.
12. Calgone- funny, indecipherable lyrics. part of me says "...", part of me says "interesting". what saves it is the audio clip at the end where the whole band is swearing at some guy with a video camera for almost erasing the whole track.

5-0 out of 5 stars Diverse , excellent stuff
I've never listened to an Incubus CD before.I found SCIENCE lying around in my bro's room so I played it in my car.
I thought Redefined (1) was great, and by the time Vitamin (2) has ended, I was practically kicking myself in the balls for not listening to this CD earlier.

Every song is totally unique. With some crazy rappin to harsh screaming vocals, intresting and heavy guitars, and pounding and melodic bass,crazy tunrtables... this album IS A MUST for anyone remotely into metal. Id compare it to Fantomas, 40 Below Summer, and even early RHCP...
I geuss thats why I see other reviewer's saying its heavy, and Inc's later stuff is what they prefer.

Anyway unfortunately the same cannot be said for all the other Incubus albums Ive now listened to. I like Fungus Amungus because of its raw sound, but most of their later stuff doesnt do it for me.

5-0 out of 5 stars Slick Aggro-metal that is all over the map
It is almost unimaginable that a band can, within the course of a few short years, go from the amateur funk rock of 'Fungus Amongus' to the uncanny and unmatched aggro-funk-jazz-metal of 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E'.

No past albums that I can think of posess a more fitting title, as this band, still very young at the time, masters the SCIENCE of genre-mixing and experimentation.

Brandon Boyd receives much credit on this album for dodging the rap-rocker schtick and keeping to a more funky yet nonetheless heavy vocal style. Think of him of the middle of the road between Anthony Keadis and Mike Patton. He is able to belt out energetic screams, but does so in moderation. The drums are the best of any Incubus album and they fit like a glove with the turntable beats. The turntables add the scientific feeling to this album and they are not abused or cliched (there is no overabundance of 'wicka-wicka' type scratching or sampled 'yo's').

This album features Incubus's heaviest material ("Vitamin", "Certain Shade of Green") but it is metallic in a slick manner. The funk element mixed with the metallic element have been mixed before, but this album seems to be the apex of that specific genre-mixture. It is not simply a tug of war between funkiness and heaviness, rather the two are molded together and sound as though they were meant to be. There is also some very jazzy material on the album such as
"Deep Inside" which always reminds me of Steely Dan, and "Anti Gravity Love Song", which just might be the best song Incubus has ever offered. The album ends on a high note with "Cologne" a song which seems more frantic and chaotic then any of those that came before it, but it ends with a 15 minute experimental turntable jam which is a great way to end such an unpredicatable alum as this. With the possible exception of 'Make Yourself', Incubus have yet to serve up anything this good in years. ... Read more

Asin: B00005RGO5
Sales Rank: 4261


Quality Control
Average Customer Review: 4.64 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (20 June, 2000)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

The thrill of invention never stops on this first full-lengthalbum from Jurassic 5. Coming out of L.A.'s kinetic hip-hopunderground, the multitalented combo whips up an irresistible flow ofcharisma and keeps the fun at a high-voltage level. J5 can pivot on adime from one style to the next--street-corner barbershop, turntablefriction, or kick-ass swing. But the constant focus is on theessentials of the art: Quality Control fuses fantastic wordplayand MC skills with a killer grab bag of beats. It's the achievement ofJ5 to look back in a way so fresh it shines a light ahead. --ThomasMay ... Read more


  • Explicit Lyrics
Reviews (196)

5-0 out of 5 stars The best pure hip hop album of 2000
Jurassic 5 comes correct with their first full length album. Quality Control continues the string of top notch releases from J5, following the Unified Rebelution 12-inch and the J5 EP. J5 combines old school style harmonies of four emcees with the beats of DJs Cut Chemist and Nu Mark. Reccommended to anyone who likes Hip Hop, especially Blackalicious, De La Soul, Mos Def, Freestyle Fellowship, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beastie Boys, or Common. It's fresh hip hop.

5-0 out of 5 stars J5 are Quality!!
This is an excellent album by 4 talented MCs and 2 teriffic DJs. My first exposure to J5 was when my mate played me "Quality Control", which had me hooked to their great sound and lyrical ability.

J5 are brilliant because they use a wide variety of instruments and influences in their music, from keyboards, guitars, piano and drums to strings, sax, clarinet and a whole range of percussion instruments. When the DJs mix the sounds, add scratching and samples the result is funky jazzy. Then you get the pleasure of hearing some of the most unique and meaningful raps and lyrics on top of that great sound.

All the tracks on this album are excellent and the album is without a weak song. They are true hip hop artists in it for the fun and freedom of making expressive music. This can be heard in "LAUSD" with "...for those that appreciate those with skills..." pointing out their reasons for producing such good music. "LAUSD" and "WOE Is Me" are two standout tracks with great lyrics. Two other tracks that I enjoy and that should be pointed out are "Contribution" and the 30's swing influence "Swing Set", which is close to my favourite piece on the album. It really shows the vast array of talent this group has. Also check out "Great Expectations" and the short but potent "Contact". All the songs are worthwhile.

These guys obviously have a good thing going. They mesh well together and their combined sound will make this a hip hop classic for the ages. If you want really funky sound and great, authentic hip hop, then this should be in your collection right next to The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. All I want to know is whens the next album coming out? As J5 say "...the more drums in our kit, the more jobs we can handle..." Pick this album up today!

3-0 out of 5 stars Pretty good but not mind boggling.
I brought Power in Numbers first, and was absolutely in love with it, I purchased this one and it was alright.

Te End.

Buy it if you have nuttin better to listen to.... ... Read more

Asin: B00004THKW


Vaya Ep
Average Customer Review: 4.72 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (13 July, 1999)
list price: $9.99 -- our price: $9.99
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
Reviews (32)

5-0 out of 5 stars Perfect
Well i'm a huge atdi fan, been one for awhile and i can say that this is one of the best cd's they put out. It might only have 7 songs but who cares, these songs are sick!!

01 . Rascuache--One of my favorite songs by this band, just an awesome song, the way its put together everything flows perfectly. On a scale of 1-10 i'd give this song a 15, its sweet!!

02 . Proxima Centauri--This song kinda starts out alittle weird, kinda gives you that "What the hell?" type feel, but trust me it gets into a good song. Its just another perfectly put together song. 9/10

03 . Ursa Minor--A mellow song, some nice breakdowns towards the middle, the drumming is awesome towards the middle too. All in all a good song 9/10

04 . Heliotrope--This song is awesome, its pretty fast to start out with then breaks down to a slower pace but picks right back up. Awesome awesome song. 10/10

05 . Metronome Arthritis--This is such a sick song!! Its perfect, i really enjoi this song a lot. Kinda mellow, but at the same time its intense. 10/10

06 . 300 Mhz--This song really reminds me of The Mars Volta(another badass band you need to check out), just the way its played, its another winner 10/10

07 . 198d--A slow song, but a perfect way to end. This is a slow song but i tell you it gets intense further into it. 10/10

Well i don't know if this helped or not but just check this cd out, i know its only seven songs but they are awesome everyone of em. A lot of people think this is the best CD atdi put out, and i won't disagree, it is an awesome cd, but i like all they're cd's and can't really pick one over the other they are all just incredible. If your new to atdi then pick this cd up as soon as you can and every other album they have!! You will not be disappointed, i swear.

5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome little disc
Of all of ATDI's albums, I'd have to say this one is my favorite. It's short, yes, but each of the songs is of such a high quality you feel like you're getting more than just 24 minutes of music. Some of the songs, like Metronome Arthritis, 198d, and Rascuache, just totally knocked me out. Metronome Arthritis, in particular, is one of the best songs I've ever heard. The breakdown:
1) Rascuache- one of the best songs, it's a really good way to start off the album. It's pretty fast paced and very catchy. As always, Cedric's vocals shine, even if the lyrics to this song make even less sense than they normally do.
2) Proxima Centauri- a very interesting song, in the way is speeds up and slows down. The lyrics have something to do with ancient Romans in space and mention things like "spacesuit togas"- wierd, but cool.
3) Ursa Minor- I had heard this song before I bought the album and I loved it- it's another pretty catchy song. It might take some getting used to, since it's kind of offbeat, but it's another great song.
4) Heliotrope- I love the way this song starts off- the guitars ath the beginning are extremely cool. It stays pretty fast the whole way through and it's got some interesting lyrics- "Inseminating motives of a lukewarm persistence/Let the thieves in through the front door/Let them take what they've been missing."
5) Metronome Arthritis- my favorite. It starts off slow and bass-heavy, very ominous, and slowly builds to a stunning climax- "What if forensics find the answer?/What if they stole my fingerprints?/Where did I leave my book of matches?/We'll find you." It's got a great solo near the end and the lyrics are the best on the whole album.
6) 300mhz- Probably my least favorite on the whole album, it's a pretty good song nonetheless, especially near the end.
7) 198d- probably my second favorite song. It's very quiet and emotional and builds up to a brilliant end- "Tremors that hold us/Tremors that warn us/Nothing bleeds like..." A great finale to a great album- BUY IT!

5-0 out of 5 stars Short but sweet
They say that EP's are always good because it takes 4-7 of the band's best songs at the time and puts them out. That is very true for this EP. Released before their hit "Relationship of Command," this EP captures 7 of At The Drive-In's best songs. Every song is has it's own character it seems. They don't sound too alike as other songs may. If you are a first time ATDI buyer, this would be a definite good start. It isn't as edgy and hard as "Relationship," but not as "emo" as "in/casino/out." A definite way to be sure that you will like all of their music. Surely, the best of thier material ... Read more

Asin: B00000JKH2
Sales Rank: 24000


Worship & Tribute
Average Customer Review: 4.46 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (09 July, 2002)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

At the vanguard of hardcore’s evolution stand five Long Island-born straight-edgers who sport a progressive approach to punk rock on this fantastic second album. Frontman Daryl Palumbo's lyrically adventurous songs ("The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports," "Trailer Park Jesus") wage war on cultural orthodoxy, his rocky, undulating vocals morphing between a raw-nerve croon and a tortured shriek that's sharp enough to cut glass. The band differ from their nu-metal and conventional hardcore peers in the arrangements: tracks like "Mu Empire" and "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss" combine Faith No More-style sweep with a complex, post-hardcore structure that puts Fugazi to shame. "Ape Dos Mil" reins in the pure noise as guitarists Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock turn down and wring shimmering walls of ambience out of their instruments and Palumbo weaves a tale of obsessive love. Glassjaw are a thoroughly uncompromising band, as fearlessly individualistic as At the Drive-In and every bit as good. Worship and Tribute presents the new hardcore heroes-in-waiting. --Louis Pattison ... Read more


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Reviews (89)

3-0 out of 5 stars A Real Shame
2 years ago Glassjaw released the breathtaking "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence": an emotional,chaotic and oh so exciting mother of a record.
When I heard that the band were about to release their follow-up I knew immediatly nothing was going to stop me from bying this album.
After I bought it and listened to it several times I couldn't help it but I felt a bit disapointed.
Not That "Tribute And Worship" is a bad album, but it isn't a great one either.
Maybe it's because a band has all the time in the world to write a debut album and only 1 or 2 years for their second one.
The album starts with the energetic "Tip Your Bartender" and the following "Mu Empire" and "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss" are "ok".
"Ape Dos Mil" on the other hand is a real letdown; The structures of this song are really predictable, and Daryl Palumbo's vocals sound aimless. This is most certainly the weakest song of this album.
The rest of the album sounds a lot like "Everything You Ever..." but doesn't reach the quality of that album.
The last song "Two Tabs Of Mescaline" proves that Glassjaw can do much, much better than they do on this albums

A real shame, better luck next time.

5-0 out of 5 stars the best of post-hardcore
This is one of the best cds ive ever heard. Glassjaw is an extremly talented band and it shows on this cd. They're grown up alot lyrically and musicaly since EYEWTKAS. This has been in my cd player since i got it and i love it. Now im gonna rate the songs:

1. Tip Your Bartender: 9/10 Excellent song, great way to start a cd. Lots and lots of energy.

2. Mu Empire: 7/10 Alright. Everyone else seems to like it except for me. Its not bad, it just kinda blends with the rest of the stuff.

3. Cosmopolitan Blood Loss: 10/10 Wow, everything about this song is awesome. Love the guitar. Very well structured.

4. Ape Dos Mil: 9/10 Beautiful song. Lots of emotion. Very interesting guitar work. Daryl's singing is excellent in this song.

5. Pink Roses: 10/10 The verse to this song isnt the best but theres something about the chorus that i just cant get over. Its just like...wow. It took me awhile to realize that hes just saying "Pink roses" over and over agian though. The rest of the lyrics are good though.

6. Must Have Run All Day: 8/10: Nice chill song. Once again with the interesting guitar work. Their talent never ceases to amaze me. Kinda strage lyrics but i still like the song.

7. Stuck Pig: 5/10 My least favorite song on the cd. Its still not bad. Its just plain. It blends together and isnt paced well. I dont like his singing in it either.

8. Radio Cambodia: 8/10: Great song. Really fast. I like all the guitar work and in the chours he sings great. Overall good song.

9. Cavalcade: 7/10: Weird song. I like it though. The bridge is priceless, when he starts talking really fast about his heart, mind, soul and body like a radio anoucer. "Heh, That was a good one Bob..." lol, great stuff.

10. Trailer Park Jesus: 8/10: Once more, a chill song. Relaxing. The chorus is great. Really good lyrics. The drummer also shows his skills in this song with 6/8 rythms.

11. Two Tabs Of Mesculine: 7/10 Another weird song. Bass distortion. The weirdest lyrics of all. "K-Q-E" ???? and the whole feeding time thing. Yeah, its still a cool song though.

12. Convectuoso: 9/10: Great song. I love the tune and the lyrics to the chorus. Thats what wins me over. Now go and buy this cd...NOW!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars new music that is actually good
I've been a fan for a while and I was definitely not disappointed by worship and tribute. Sure it's not nearly as hard as the first album but it does have it's heavier parts (stuck pig, the beginning of mu empire) but the album is so much more melodic than the first that I feel it is a much stronger effort. I see nothing but good things in the future for glassjaw and head automatica looks promising. By the way for all you people you dig the gilette cavalcade of sports, the part in the middle/end part where there is the play by play announcer type stuff, that was taken from a frank zappa song off of joe's garage called "fembot in a wet t shirt" you should check it out. Zappa was a huge influence on daryl and is an amazing musician. ... Read more

Asin: B000068VSV
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Whatever & Ever Amen
Average Customer Review: 4.66 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (18 March, 1997)
list price: $11.98 -- our price: $10.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Think of Ben Folds as Billy Joel minus the Tin Pan Alley heritage and armed with a sweet, wry, slacker ethos. In a guitar-free trio setting, the Chapel Hill smart guy pounds the ivories with gusto while singing a tremendous batch of funny ("Kate"), poignant ("Brick," "Evaporated"), pissed-off ("Song for the Dumped"), and hugely refreshing (all 12 tunes here) songs. --Jeff Bateman ... Read more

Reviews (223)

5-0 out of 5 stars Damn, damn, damn rockin' original!
I am proud to say that I introduced all of my friends to this album and all of them now own it! It truely rocks!

I heard my first bit of BBF on MTV early one morning when I was about to leave for work, and lets just say I ended up being a little late! These guys sound fresh every time I listen to the CD. They are so very original. They sound nothing like some of the commercial rubbish that streams through the top 40 these days.

With very catchy tunes, unreal music and instrument playing, fun vocals where the message of the song still gets through quite strongly....an unbelievable album (yup...'I like that one!'...quote from the end of 'Fair').

You have your 'I'm gonna cry' songs (What's an album without them?), Brick, Smoke and Evaporated, and your rockin' in true BBF stylers, One Angry Dwarf, Song for the Dumped, and Stevens Last night in town. The other songs in between are no less special! each has it's own individuality so it doesn't seem like you're listening to the same .... over and over...Only new rock!

I didn't want to write it on my review, but it's true, BBF have broken up. it's so sad for us fans! Therefore, never let go! Buy your Whatever and Ever Amen CD now, so we can still live and Breathe BBF! It's a CD that I don't think any person could really dislike! With Ben's amazing Piano (I play Piano...and trust me, these tunes aint easy to play), and Darren and Robert on the Bass and Drums (also.... good!), this is a CD that will never leave the immediate 'next to your CD player' collection! BBF forever!

5-0 out of 5 stars Ben Folds Five are Gods among mortals
Think of the most perfect, amazing, awe-inspiring band ever and you have Ben Folds Five. This guitar-less trio maked the most wonderful, heart-felt music I have ever heard. Ben Folds' mastery of the piano is enough to make your head spin, and Robert Sledge, bass, and Darren Jesse, drums, add in to form the equation of bliss. Folds manages to write the perfect lyrics that anyone with a soul can love and identify with, while also putting in amazing musical harmonies that can make you cry, or make you jump to the beat. Every single song on this CD is a gift from God, but look for "Missing the War" and "Evaporated" if you want to hear perfection. I can't reccomend this CD enough, Ben Folds Five is the best ever, and look for the new CD in spring, I can't wait for it...!

4-0 out of 5 stars whatever and ever forever and ever
i actually burned myself a copy of this album because i'd heard it so many times through the years it didn't feel right not to own it. i hope i never have to listen to it again. not to say it isn't good, just, you know... ... Read more

Asin: B000002BOJ


Make Yourself
Average Customer Review: 4.56 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (26 October, 1999)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Young, aggro, and from Los Angeles--it's tempting to put Incubus in the already crowded category populated by Korn, System of a Down, and their other loud and heavy brethren. But that would sell Incubus short, because Make Yourself, the quintet's sophomore album, is a strong progression beyond their 1997 debut, S.C.I.E.N.C.E.. More like Faith No More than Limp Bizkit, Incubus still have that teen-mosh appeal, though the songwriting and instrumentation on Make Yourself is diverse and thoughtful, both lyrically and musically. "Drive" is an easygoing, slightly trippy acoustic-based outing, while oddball scratching (courtesy of DJ Chris Kilmore) and trip-hop funkiness make "Battlestar Scralatchtica" aptly titled. "Nowhere Fast" is vaguely 311-ish with a reggae tinge and lovely melodic interludes, in contrast to the furious intensity of "Out from Under," which gives Make Yourself a surprisingly cohesive diversity that's hard to categorize. Ultimately, singer Brandon Boyd is not a vocal genius, but lyrically and in performance, he's sensitive, charismatic, and unique. Ditto for the 13 cuts that make up Make Yourself. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

Reviews (521)

5-0 out of 5 stars c'mon ppl
oh please yalls- I loved SCIENCE and my favorite band is tool- but just because incubus add sum more melodies and slow down a bit doesnt make them automatic sellouts- its refreshing coz im getting sick of the monotonous heavy 3 chord bands like limp bizkit and such. yu have to listen to this album with an open mind- i think the vocals and lyrics are really well done- ok ya- i miss you is a bit cheesy but it has a good sound- -this is one of those CDs you can listen to all the way through without skipping over stuff- i love all the songs- battlestar is an awesome d&b track that rocks- i love incubus for their unique sound and all the diversity they incorporate in their music- this cd will appeal to incubus fans and attract newer listeners as well- give them a break people- just because theyre trying new stuff doesnt make them sellouts- and if they get some radio play outta this- good for them

4-0 out of 5 stars (4 1/2 Stars) Talk About Your Quantum Leaps...
...Man, where did this come from?!?! The aggro-funk-nu metal of the band's previous efforts barely merit one star between them. S.C.I.E.N.C.E is so bad that I can't believe their record company allowed it to be released.

Why is Make Yourself such a quantum leap over the prior efforts? Well, for one, the boys decided to write actual songs, instilling them with previously lacking components like verses and choruses, harmony and melody. For another, Incubus dramatically, and I mean dramatically, alters their sound into a potent brew of a vaguely alternative, atmospheric, yet piercing rock.

Privilege a hard driving, straight ahead track, effectively announces the arrival of the New Incubus. Nowhere Fast and Consequence keep the momentum going. The pace relents on The Warmth, but the tune is a welcome step back, an introspective piece of work that recalls the late, great Veldt. Stellar is a hypnotic, grooving track that lives up to its name. The title track takes a little time to appease the ear, but it emerges as one of the album's best efforts. Elsewhere, the massive hit Drive, another change of pace track, is well placed on the album, if a bit overplayed on radio and TV. I Miss You, not quite a ballad, but definitely a love song, conveys a wonderful emotion the band seemed entirely incapable of producing before this release. Out From Under closes the album with a potent wallop, providing an emphatic exclamation point on the emergence of the New Model Incubus.

Undoubtedly, Make Yourself immensely benefits from the production hand of alt-rock producer extraordinaire Scott Litt. He is a tremendous step up from Jim Wirt, who is certainly among the worst producers in rock today. Litt cleans up the sound without sanitizing it. And most certainly he inspired and implored the band the come up with some decent tunes before he set foot in the recording studio.

All in all, a wondrous effort. If Incubus can continue the dramatic development witnessed on Make Yourself, they will be a cinch as one of the best mainstream rock groups currently in the game.

4-0 out of 5 stars It's no S.C.I.E.N.C.E
My first taste of Incubus was Morning View. Even though I was not an Incubus fan at the time of listening I didn't think it was anything special. My interest in this band was reignited after a friend lent me S.C.I.E.N.C.E. That album simply blew me away with the way it used turntables and I became an instant fan. Then I bought Make Yourself. I was expecting music in the same vien of S.C.I.E.N.C.E but was slightly disapointed. The turntabling that made S.C.I.E.N.C.E. so great has been toned down in this album and in my opinion it is worse off because of it. Without the turntables I think this album sounds a bit blander and more mainstream. Don't get me wrong, this is still an awesome album, but could have been a lot better if DJ Lyfe had stayed on, or at least given some lessons to DJ Kilmore. But it still gets four stars because it is a very good album. ... Read more

Asin: B0000296JB


Average Customer Review: 4.18 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (19 March, 2002)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
Reviews (17)

4-0 out of 5 stars Whats the Skinnee
The 2 skinnee J's are one of the most original bands out right now. I agree that Volumizer is not as good as supermercado and that Stockholm love should have been kept on the record. However, I think That part of why this record doesn't seem so great is because I've heard all the really good songs before (or the majority) so their were no suprises as to the tracks that I liked. The other thing to remember is that the J's arn't a hip hop band their are, As I like to call them "nerd rap rock" so I can understand tracks like Lemon Drop and others. And while these tracks may seem a little more radio friendly the J's deffinatly didn't sit down and say "I think will right a sugar ray song" If anything these songs show the tallent of the band to be able to preform all sorts of of songs, from the heavy rap of Horns of Destruction to the poppy Lost and Found, they can do it all. While other bands ::cough:: sugar ray ::cough:: can only play those poppy songs. See the J's live and you know that they still are playing all the old favorits so nothings changed. IF your new to the J's buy Supermercado first but Volumizer is still solid.

4-0 out of 5 stars Turning Down the Volume
Unfortunately, as many a Skinnee Soldier is aware, this album has been pushed back and pushed back in its release. To our advantage, all of the ORIGINAL songs on the cd were available online. To our disadvantage, some of those really fun-j'ed out songs have been cut. The songs, "lemon drop", "lost & found" and the ever-radio friendly "grown up" have sadly replaced them. The 2 Skinnee J's seem to have succomb to the record exec's wishes and bubble-gummed up the works of what had the potential to be another dubiously infectious beat laden album. Unfortunately again, with these 3 new tracks, the beats are intermitent and disgracefully hidden and the flow of the cd is not what it could have been. I still highly reccommend this and other 2 Skinnee J cd's, but don't be in a rush to get this one. If you are looking for some great 2SJ material, try "Sing, Earthboy, Sing" or "Supermercado": you know, something before The Man stepped in.

5-0 out of 5 stars friggin amzing
I got this cd as a grab bag present box from the store i work at, and i have to admit i wan't ready for the incredible ryming that was going to occur. The cd blew me away, it was the most amazing surprise of most recent years for me right up next to the new electric company album. I heard my friend say something about the group and i figured i should pick something out that he likes not just because his taste in music is awesome but because if i didn't like it i could give it to him. heh, no way am i giving this to him, maybe i'll burn him a copy until he gets his own, but wow. I don't realy listen to the songs that sound like rock much; not that i'm against rock but the first song of the album doesn't really get me in the mood to listen to the rock songs. Also there is nothing on this album thats inappropriate so ever since i got the cd my little sister barrows it constantly, i'm so glad that my sister has as good of a taste in music as meh. My mom even likes it, everyone that i had listen to the cd likes it. ... Read more

Asin: B0000630ZU
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Power in Numbers (Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD)
Average Customer Review: 4.51 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (08 October, 2002)
list price: $18.98
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Two years after Jurassic 5's debut album, Quality Control, proved that B-boy-oriented retro-rap doesn't have to be corny, the six-member crew (four MCs and two DJs) seems to be gearing up for the revolution. While fans of Quality Control's bright sound will still find much to enjoy here, J5's sophomore offering does a good job at extending their sound. Opening with "Freedom," a quiet yet focused call to action, Power in Numbers presents a slightly darker vision of hip-hop nirvana than the group offered first time around. In keeping with the album's title, J5 has also expanded its crew--Percy P. (of the early-'90s underground group, Double XX Posse) and Big Daddy Kane help wreck the G Rap-esque "A Day at the Races," and the always game alterna-diva, Nelly Furtado, lends a surprisingly effective pop edge to the bouncy "Thin Line." On the production end of things, Juju of the Beatnuts adds his special blend of Colombian madness to the jazzy "If You Only Knew" and the considerably bleaker "One of Them." --Rebecca Levine ... Read more


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Reviews (71)

5-0 out of 5 stars Talent and Substance - thank you J5! We missed you!
Props to Interscope and J5 for giving something back to hip-hop fans. In an era where the major music labels are constantly ripping off buyers with 80% crap on new releases, Jurassic 5 is back with hip-hop's most welcome release this year. While throwing back the clock, J5 has managed to stay fresh and break new ground. Every track on "Power In Numbers" is solid, yet no two songs sound alike. There's plenty of variety in tempos and styles to make even the pickiest rap fans happy. And because each song is so strong, I won't waste your time highlighting individual tracks. There's a reason J5 has a huge underground following: They answer to higher musical standards and as a result, always put out great stuff.

Here's my verdict after running through "Power In Numbers" 4 times:

PROs: As always, J5 delivers. There is astounding substance and talent on this release. Every track is awesome, production is TIGHT! Chali2na steps it up and takes A LOT more lead. That guy is such a standout, it's a wonder he's never gone solo. Superb spinners NuMark and Cut Chemist keep it interesting with breaks and samples. Surprisingly, they also did most of the production on the disc. These guys worked HARD and it shows.

CONs: There's only one. For some reason, J5 has begun liberal use of the "N" word, which disappointed me a little. It's still a great cd, but I thought I would forewarn those of you who might be sensitive to it. I believe in freedom of speech and have never had profanity issues, but this particular aspect of their new, harder sound caught me off guard.

4-0 out of 5 stars Not "Quality Control," but still the BOMBDIGGIT!!
J5's new LP "Power in Numbers" is a bit darker than previous recordings by these Hip-Hop revivalists, but word, it's still a verbal & musical masterpiece. My first impression was confussion. I was like, "Not a single record scratch 'till the fourth track?! What's the deal?" But by the second time I listened to the disc, I couldn't keep my head from bobbin'! Now I'm addicted. "What's Golden" will break your neck and have you beggin for more. The production, while different from previous releases, is top notch.

Peep the limited edition with the bonus DVD, so you get to see Cut Chemist and DJ Numark at work in the studio, AND SLAM AT THE JAM!! The DVD also flips a clip from Bonnaroo Music Fest, as well as stupid-funny personal clips of the J5 crew.

I give this 4.5 stars (almost 5). The guest spots are cool (JuJu of the Beatnuts, Nelly Furtado, Big Daddy Kane & Percy P), but Kane's spit is old; we've heard it all b4. But you can't dis J5's vocab and intellect. It's the best Hip-Hop I've bought in a minute.

5-0 out of 5 stars Throw-back feel with a new-school approach
Jurassic 5 is one of a number of hip-hop groups out right now attempting to rekindle the vibe of the early 90's, and they are probally doing it best. If you are looking for "lyrically lyrical lyrics," this may not be for you; however, all 5 emcees come of with great flows that fit perfectly into what they are trying to do. And you know Cut Chemist and DJ Numark are providing the heat when it comes to beats. This ish is so good, you won't even mind the Nelly Furtado appearance. ... Read more

Asin: B00006L3JL
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Super Mercado
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (14 April, 1998)
list price: $11.98 -- our price: $11.98
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Reviews (4)

4-0 out of 5 stars unique
These guys remind me of when I first started listening to a 311 or an Incubus. Not necessarily the same genre of music what-so-ever, but you know you're listening to something great and something like you've not necessarily heard before. I won't get into the type of music they put out there. I can't even think of anyone to compare them to.
Would not be the least bit surprised if these guys eventually take off. They've already released 2 ep's, so we'll see.
This album is their best in my opinion, not by far, but it just has a longer 'life' to it.

5-0 out of 5 stars 5 stars and then some
Its the best musical release in years. Creative lyrics, "I'm more novel than war and peace" or "I wield my light saber verses vader and invizion the invaders demolition, rebels on a misson" I have seen the J's 4 times and every time I have been blown away by their preformence and this record is a great example of their musical tallent. I know I'm rambling but thats because its so hard to sum up such a wonderful record. Basically the point is buy this record because its the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars 2 Skinnee J's, All hot songs
The 2 Skinnee J's have done it with this groundbreaking release. An intoxicating mix of rock, funk, and rap along with intelligent and creative lyrics, one can only hope for more from this unique band. The music is uplifting and high-energy. The band's performances are nothing but crowd pleasers. If you are looking for something a little different that the ordinary, check this out. At the very least you will have their 2 larger releases, "718" and "Riot Nrrd". Highly recommended. ... Read more

Asin: B00005KJQU
Sales Rank: 50734


Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (19 November, 2002)
list price: $12.98 -- our price: $11.99
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

After collaborations with Mos Def (1998's Black Star) and Hi-Tek (2000's Reflection Eternal), underground journeyman Talib Kweli finally emerges fully solo with Quality. As an MC, Kweli is still as incisive as ever--his distinctive, darting flow stabs its way across every song and, as one of hip-hop's better thinkers, he covers a wide range of moods and ideas. As a verbal ass-whupper, Kweli unloads on songs like "Rush," "Shock Body," and"Guerrilla Monsoon Rap" (featuring the Roots' Black Thought and Pharoahe Monch), but he takes things much further than just the lyricist's lounge. "Get By," produced beautifully by Kayne West, is the conscious hustler's anthem, while "Where Do We Go" muses on death as thoughtfully and introspectively as "Joy" (with Mos Def) delves into the wonders of birth. "The Proud" tackles American jingoism in a time of terror, providing a much needed dose of skepticism when patriotic sentimentalism has free reign. Though Kweli's thoughts are coherent throughout, Quality as a whole lacks a certain cohesion--there's no single guiding vision that glues all the pieces together, and the album's production-by-ensemble doesn't help. This is a solid album no question, but especially compared to ambitious contemporaneous concept albums by peers such as Common and the Roots, Quality feels unexpectedly conventional--a strong collection of songs in need of a unifying force. --Oliver Wang ... Read more


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Reviews (170)

4-0 out of 5 stars Talib Kweli- Quality
Talib Kwelis "Quality" is another banger from one of hiphops most insightful and conscious battle rappers. This album is devoid of Hi-Teks production but still comes out strong. High energy "Rush" brings you right into the album quick. "Get By" come next and the Kayne West produced track uses piano loops, and tap rhythm. Talib hooks up with Cocoa Brovaz on "Gun Music" which has guitar rock background. Mos Def visits for the uplifting track "Joy" and toghtether they drop another memorable collabo. "Guerilla Monsoon Rap" Feat. Black Thought of the roots and Pharoahe Monch. and is hardcore banger. "Put in the Air" has got some west coast flavour and feat. DJ Quik is a party track. On "The Pround" Kweli drops some profound thought provoking lyrics, not necessarily lyrics hes going to be liked for. Next comes "Where do we go" which has got some sad beats, and makes you think about life. "Good to You" and "Wont you Stay" Feat. Kendra Ross close off the album perfectly. Took me awile to get hooked on Talib Kweli, now that I am, have to say its a good addiction. Quality music, from one of hiphops nicest mcs. Dont sleep. 4.5

5-0 out of 5 stars A Lot To Like
First, let me say that Talib Kweli is one of my favorite artists out there today. His previous efforts as a part of Mood, Blackstar and Reflection Eternal (with DJ Hi Tek) have set him apart for the plethora of average or worse MC's out there. Needless to say, I was highly anticipating the release of this album. With that in mind, I will try to keep my review as unbiased as possible.

When I first listened to this CD, I was shocked that I wasn't really feeling it for some reason. In fact, I was a little panicked. I listened to it many more times to try to put my finger exactly on what it was that was keeping this from being a classic CD but it kept eluding me. As I kept replaying each song, my views started to change. I realized that there are a lot of good songs on this album. "Get By," "Joy," "Talk To You," "Where Do We Go," "Stand To The Side" and "Won't You Stay?" are all soulful tracks that take full advantage of Talib's ability to spit thoughtful lyrics. "Guerilla Monsoon Rap" features Black Thought (from the Roots), Pharoahe Monch and Kanye West and is one of the best "crew" cuts of the year. "The Proud" is a scathing commentary on the United States and terrorism, referring to such events as the Oklahoma City Bombings and 9-11. "Rush," "Shock Body" and "Good To You" features Kweli just having fun and showing off his lyrical abilities. In fact, the only track that I didn't really like was "Gun Music," which has Talib rapping about guns, something that just doesn't suit his style.

The amount of good songs on this album is enough to equal the number of good songs on 3 albums from most of the other rappers out there today. A true classic right? Well, not exactly. The reason is that it seems to be missing a lot of continuity. Listening to the songs by themselves, you are amazed. Listening to the songs as part of one album, you feel fragmented. While his lyrics are still insightful, a lot of the beats that Talib Kweli uses on Quality have a distinctly commercial feel. Then again, almost all hip hop albums today suffer from this so it is forgivable. I give this album 4.5 (out of 5) stars.

Favorite Track: Get By
Skipped Track: Gun Music

1-0 out of 5 stars what a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a disgrace this is the biggest dissapointment in Hip-Hop history I thoght this cd was gonna be as tight as reflection eternal but this cd is lamest piece of work ever created the reason being that Hi-Tek didn't produce this there is only one orite track called guerilla moonson rap and that track itself isn't that tight. the only reason I gave it one star is because it takes alot of balls to release such garbage. i am so dissapointed that i'd rather listen to elvis!!!! ... Read more

Asin: B0000719UL
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Average Customer Review: 4.74 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (25 April, 1994)
list price: $17.98 -- our price: $14.99
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Reviews (81)

5-0 out of 5 stars 311, 1993, still doin you right
Okay, I won't lie to you, I didn't listen to 311 until...eh, maybe 8 months ago. I've been a black metal and death metal fan for most of my early years. After that phase music essentially encompassed almost every aspect of my life. When all my friends rushed out to go buy "Evolver" the day it came out, I was confused. What was all this rush about? So I'm thinking, okay, go buy that one, let's see what they got...HOLY S*IT, they got it. Ok, this isn't a single-record deal here. Backtrack to a decade earlier, and this is "Music", 311's major-label debut (Ok, so maybe not real major-label but it wasn't independent). It took me a bit to get into it, but as I keep going through, I see that these are where their most solid melodies and beats come through.

Welcome was a rather interesting album-opener, I think that's what stopped me initially. But afterwards, Freak Out just explodes on and keeps moving with the now solid back and forth groove pattern. This is rap-rock's roots, and this is where all the other bands crowding radio and MTV are. All 311 does is groove, and that's all they need. No one else can touch this combination. Flip between Paradise and Unity and yes, that is still the same band. Although Music still isn't my favorite 311 album (Transistor got me good), I recognize it to be the foundation, and a damn good foundation at that. For these guys to be messin with the same musical revolution they started from high school until their mid 30s is amazing. No one can even claim to stand on the musical world as 311. So just chill out, stay clean (311-stylee) and nod your head to this...

5-0 out of 5 stars If you don't have someone to... (sing along please!)
This one is the bomb, baby, this is the album that hooked me like a fish and hung me out to dry. I first heard "Do You Right" (circa 1993) and that was it. I stole it from my girlfriend so I could hear it all the time.

"Music" is just that. From the reggae hook at the beginning of "Welcome" to the body-slam beats of "Freak Out", "Fat Chance" and "Feels so Good", this album is the all-time party record. I went to see these guys in early 94 at a tiny club in Santa Barbara with Sublime... the show burned my ears off.

Stop criticizing 311s newer albums. Just accept that all good bands want to evolve their sound, try new things, experiment. All bands get bored doing the SAME THING. Even Metallica got bored. Just get down on your knees and thank the Music gods that 311 made this album at all.

4-0 out of 5 stars "Music's" what I need to keep my sanity.
I have enjoyed all of "311's" albums, but I easily like "Music" the most, and that's saying something. Being their debut, this isn't as experimental as later albums, but the combo of rock-rap and funk on here is very solid. And as you will hear, from the start "311" had great and positive lyrics, delivered perfectly from S.A. and Nick Hexum. I also feel, this is the point that "311" became the new "Chili Peppers", for me anyway. They just had that energy. This album is also actually 12 tracks, the last one being one of the best. Overall, if you get anything other than their "Greatest Hits", make it "Music". ... Read more

Asin: B00005ABHV
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Average Customer Review: 4.35 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (31 October, 2000)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Imagine if the ghetto got electrified. That's Stankonia, an album ofstreet smarts doused with gasoline and ready to burn. When a thundering electric guitarcollides with a relentless drumbeat on the molten "Gasoline Dreams," it dominates mindand body, setting the tone for the album. Dre and Big Boi spin a world of freaks, poets,preachers, and pimps, but most importantly, possibilities. This music messes with yourhead. --Lizz Mendez Berry ... Read more


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Reviews (287)

5-0 out of 5 stars nothin' but stanklove for stankonia
even though i'm not a big fan of dirty south hip-hop, i couldn't help but fall into what is stankonia. it was named number one album of the year in the village voice, and after even just one listening it's easy to see why. their brand of funked up beats and somewhat syncopated delivery create a distinct sound that's pure pleasure to my ears. although i haven't followed them since their first album, i've heard that their fourth and latest installment seems a bit more "for the masses." but hey, i'm not complaining. i recently saw them in concert and they know how to keep a crowd entertained.

personal favorites include:

"B.O.B." - fast, energetic, dynamic, sublime.

"so fresh, so clean" - smooth, funny, interesting.

"ms. jackson" - who doesn't like this song? unforgettable hook, dre and big boi at their best.

"humble mumble" - erykah badu vibe mixed with outkast funk...enough said.

5-0 out of 5 stars Outkast Is Pure Talent
I've been listening to Outkast's music since 1998, when the incredible "Aquemini" came out. From then on I look up to them as a truly re invented, trend-setting and no-holds barred rap duo with talent. The duo's chemistry, whether while they are rhyming or just laying down a beat that they seem to ride, is smooth and convincing... Andre 3000 brings forth eclectic, soul-tinged and adrenaline-pumped rapping, while Big Boi has that traditional yet compelling laid back flow. Their incredible hold on Southern style rap is evident in their songs that scream originality and appeal to everybody at once. Power guitars, accordians, industrial-style hardcore beats... you'll find a lot on this album, and a lot to be thankful for. If you pick this up just because you loved "Ms. Jackson" then you're a smart buyer, but you'll also be incredibly pleased to know that there are pure gems on this large CD which outshine their #1 hit. I can't WAIT for their next one! And, yes, I'm white...

4-0 out of 5 stars outkast!!!
this cd is pretty good. very old school and funky. the stand outs are:

B.O.B.- very nice beat and lyrics by andre 10/10
So fresh, so clean- nice lyrics 10/10
Ms. Jackson- killer beat 10/10
Snappin' and Trappin'- awesome verses by killer mike
" box ya in ya mother f@#%&$
mouth" 10/10
We luv dez Hoez- hilarious song by big boi 8/10 ... Read more

Asin: B00002R0MA


In Casino Out
Average Customer Review: 4.47 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (18 August, 1998)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
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Reviews (43)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best At the Drive-In LP
I think when it comes down to it, when comparing to Acrobatic Tenement and Relationship of Command, this album gets a huge boost from the production. (or lack of?) You know, the indie rock aesthetic that you can't figure out why it's so pleasing but it is? This album not only has that at it's best, but it's got easily some of the best At the Drive-In songs. I think you could argue that In Casino Out starts a little slow, but "Hulahoop Wounds" gets things going quite nicely. This being followed by the excellent "Napolean Solo," "Pickpocket," and let's not forget "A Devil Among Tailors." Of course my favorite track is actually the closer, "Transatlantic Foe." Although I mentioned those songs, make no mistakes that the rest of the album is no slouch, (those first two songs included) but each song I listed just really does it for me.

Be sure to check out Vaya Ep if you like this. At the Drive-In continues to grow musically at that point and put out some of their best.

5-0 out of 5 stars A personal favorite and a defining sound
More refined than Acrobatic Tenement and without Ross Robinson's influence on Relationship of Command, In Casino Out is the quintessential release of At the Drive-In. An extremely raw and jagged album, In Casino Out is a true feel for the now-legendary band At the Drive-In, showing their punk rock roots and increadible ability to write driving, akward melodies.

In comparison to their other releases, In Casino Out is one of their best and most honest releases. While Relationship of Command is an excellent release under any standards, Ross Robinson's influence on the band made it more aggressive and smooth than any other release, a sign of a good producer. In Casino out, however, is as powerful, or more powerful, than the latter. Songs like "Chanbara" rely greatly on the proficiency of the two guitarists and their unique styles of playing, while a song like Alpha Centauri deals greatly with their ability to change the tempo of the song in between segments of it. The band's full ability can be seen on this record, not yet polished yet unrestrained and at their cataclysmic best.

This cd is my personal favorite out of all the releases, smoking the competition and providing a great staple of the sound of rock to come. Pick up a copy if you are already familiar with the At the Drive-In sound

5-0 out of 5 stars In the casino
I was introduced to the mars volta lately by a friend of mine. I fell in love with their album, deloused in the comatorium, immediately. I came upon in/casino/out used for eight bucks at FYE and bought it. I have listened to this album again and again, and even though I have not heard another album of theirs, I get the feeling that this is their most honest, greatest release. You can just feel the energy, and passion flooding from this group like a ray of shining light in our currently hip hop obsessed world. In my opinion, rap may be on it's way to a downfall. The more people that hear atdi, and the mars volta, the more they will realize rap is really very silly. Just a bunch of silly people. This is one of the greatest albums I have ever listened to. ... Read more

Asin: B00000BKBR
Sales Rank: 6557


Things Fall Apart
Average Customer Review: 4.71 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (23 February, 1999)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

They've long been hip-hop's best band, for whatever that's worth, and in their amazing live shows they've shown an ability to pay homage to the past and look to the future--all while living firmly in the now. But on Things Fall Apart, the Roots finally pull their promise and ability together, and the world's started to pay attention. --Randy Silver ... Read more


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Reviews (198)

5-0 out of 5 stars Musical artistry at its very best
The Roots are phenomenal, the most musically gifted hip-hop group ever. I mean, they have got it all: live bass and drums, a human rhythm section, dope MCs, and so on. If you've ever seen them live, you know what I'm talking about. These cats are truly artists, not simply musicians. The creativity and skill that each member possesses is mind blowing, especially drummer ?uestlove. This album jives and grooves like very few ever have, especially hip-hop ones. "Things Fall Apart" could be a avant-garde jazz album, if the vocals were removed. But MCs Black Thought and Malik B are like instruments themselves, deftly flowing along with the rest of the group while displaying incredible lyric dexterity. This is a mainstream album, but as conscious and--for lack of a better word--"real" as anything coming out of the underground. There are no weak spots, and plenty of strong ones. Check out "Dynamite", "Double Trouble", and "The Next Movement" especially.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Roots are the Ultimate
I used to be an ignorant hater of rap and hip-hop music. Then I got the magazine Rollingstone I saw the review of the Roots album Things Fall Apart. I didn't understand what a human beatbox like Rahzel was and what was a bassist and pro drummer doing a rap band. What was jazzy music doing with hip-hop? I bought the album, now i've seen the Roots in concert. I'm hooked, Blackthought probably the best M.C. in the rap industry breaks it down free style with lyrics dissing the government, the police, the ghettos, the drugs, and the commericialism that affects other rappers and society as a whole. Brother ?uest is definately the best drummer in the hip hop scene. The Roots don't have a DJ. They have two men named Rahzel and Scratch who make the insane record scratching, beats, and wizz-wizza noises. Malik B. is the back up vocalist his voice is awesome and he can break it down with the best of them, with Kamal a jazzy pianist, and Hub the bassist. This band is the best out there. They have plenty of people who do guest appearances like D'angelo, Common, Dice Dee Raw, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Erykah Badu, and the vocalist group the Jazzy Fat Nasties. This group is the ultimate. Buy Things Fall Apart and much mellower Illadelph Halflife Cd which has fat lyrics about loves lost and children with guns. These Brothers from ?uest Love, to Hub, to Blackthought and Rahzel. Its about time they get the respect they deserve. I recommend Adrenaline, Ain't sayin nothin new, and Double Trouble, oh yeah Step into the Relm is incredible.Peace out.

5-0 out of 5 stars "One Of My Top Five Hip-Hop CD's Of 1998-99!!"
This CD here was the ultimate bomb back in
'98 & '99 when I was still living in NYC!!

That was the year of Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation",
Redman's "Doc's Tha Name 2000", The Black-Eyed Peas debut
"Behind The Front" and Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life"...
a great & original time for hip-hop since of course the
true heyday!! (1979-1995)

The Roots, along with all these other aforementioned
hip-hip acts, along with the then flowering neo-soul
movement(ala Erykah Badu, Maxwell, D'Angelo & Angie Stone)
were breaking new ground in urban music
and becoming a hybrid sound all it's own!

"Things Fall Apart" will be looked at as a classic
as the years go on by this generation!---Buy It! ... Read more

Asin: B00000I5JL


Siamese Dream
Average Customer Review: 4.83 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (27 July, 1993)
list price: $17.98 -- our price: $13.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

An introductory drum roll drops out and is replaced by a single suspended electric guitar, which is then paralleled by a snare, filled in with the bass, and--crash!--"Cherub Rock," the opening track, is enveloped in an explosion of metal guitar. So the journey begins. This album is pre-experimentation vintage Pumpkins. Produced by Butch Vig (Garbage, Sonic Youth, Nirvana's Nevermind), Siamese Dream is first about guitars. Lots and lots of guitars. A very close second is Jimmy Chamberlain's unquestionably excellent power drumming. Throughout each song, Billy Corgan delivers angsty lyrics in his signature breathy whine. "Disarm" is a nice intermission halfway though the album. As the title of the song suggests, it throws the listener into a different mood with its full string arrangements and radiant orchestral chimes. But then it is back to the aural masochism--a pain that rarely sounds so sweet. --Beth Bessmer ... Read more


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Reviews (352)

5-0 out of 5 stars Classic, Pure and Simple
The Pumpkins' follow-up to GISH is right up there with AENIMA and OK COMPUTER as one of the top five albums of the 1990's. From the album's five-star average you can probably surmise that this is an exceptionally good record, so I won't spend any time raving. Even despite Billy's unusual (if at times annoying) vocals, the sheer power and range of this music, which remains very melodic and well-written at all times, shoves NEVERMIND, TEN, and possibly even DIRT out of the way as the best Grunge-era album.

The main singles from this album are "Today" and "Disarm." While both great songs (well, at least the former), they are easily outshined by several other tracks. I'd have to say "Mayonnaise" (Track 9) is by far the best Smashing Pumpkins song ever released; if you're looking for one track to download to sample the album before buying, make sure this is it. "Hummer" is not far behind; that section between about 4:30 and 5:30 ("Ask yourself a question...") somehow sends chills down my spine every time. Other five-star tracks include "Cherub Rock," "Quiet," "Soma" and "Luna."

All in all, this is the high point of the Pumpkins' career, as it manages to expand greatly upon GISH but avoid the tedious experimental sounds found from this point on. The five-star average ought to say something; even classic records like AENIMA cannot pull this off. The bottom line is that this, one of the best rock releases of all time, defined the alt-rock sound of the 1990's and performed it better than any of the copycats, and manages to be both accessible and deep. Don't hesitate to pick up a copy if you're a fan of any type of rock music.

5-0 out of 5 stars Siamese Dream
When SIAMESE DREAM was initially released in the summer of 1993 it was hailed as alternative rock's first great post-NEVERMIND hope. And while it has gone on to become an overwhelming commercial success, it has also helped further re-draw the artistic borders of "alternative" music.

By combining neo-psychedelic AOR guitars (band-members proudly claim Boston as an influence) with Pumpkin auteur Billy Corgan's "outsider" lyrical stance, SIAMESE DREAM creates a rebel image; but one with a wandering eye towards mainstream acceptance as well. Consequently, Smashing Pumpkins are equally successful relating to young lollapaloozers and to classic rock radio.

The album's immediate attraction is plain to see. Corgan and co-producer Butch Vig have sculpted a sonic wall of guitars--in some cases, using up to 32 separate guitar tracks on a single song--that is electrifying in its sheer scope and power. Along with Jimmy Chamberlain's powerhouse drumming, guitarists Corgan and James Iha's thick sound endows SIAMESE DREAM with a fresh feel that holds up even on repeated listens--and how many other "top ten" albums can yousay that about?

5-0 out of 5 stars This is my favorite record of all time.
There aren't enough good things to say about "Siamese Dream". In my opinion, it's flawless; there is no filler and no note is wasted. The Smashing Pumpkins were unique, no other band could have written these songs, with all it's twists and turns. This has Billy Corgan's best lyrics as well.

"Cherub Rock" starts it all. It was the first single released back in 1993. "Cherub Rock" shows that Billy Corgan can sing. It has plenty of guitars of course. 10/10

"Quiet" is a real good rocker. The guitars churn, it's amazing. This is as heavy as it gets on the record (which isn't really heavy by my standards). 8/10

"Today" was the second single, and it is definitely one of the top ten singles of the 90's. Enough said. 10/10

"Hummer" is something only the Smashing Pumpkins could have wrote. It's great. It just twists and turns, goes from quiet to loud to quiet again, and it's almost 7 minutes long. This is probably my favorite song. The lyrics are great too. 10/10

"Rocket" I think was a single, well the Smashing Pumpkins have a video for it at least. I used never care for this song, but after seeing on the internet the Pumpkins playing this live, I became a fan of the song. It's another song that only the Pumpkins could have written, because it meanders and there's no chorus. Once again, I like the lyrics. 10/10

"Disarm" was the third single from this record. It has excellent lyrics to it. I guess the bells and violins in the song might bother people. But it doesn't bother me at all. 10/10

"Soma" starts off slow and dreamy and rocks at the end. I don't like it as much as I used to, but don't get me wrong, this is still an excellent song. 8/10

"Geek U.S.A." rawks. It is my second favorite track. You have to hear a live version of this song, it's just incredible. I don't think that anybody but Billy Corgan could have thought up this rocker. 10/10

"Mayonaise" is many people's favorite SD song. I think it's great. The beginning sort of reminds me of "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynard Skynard. I can't believe this wasn't released as a single for radio play! James Iha co-wrote this one. 10/10

"Spaceboy" is about Billy Corgan's brother. It means a lot to him. But I still think this is probably is the weakest track on "Siamese Dream". 7/10

"Silverf**k" is pretty cool. It has real hard rock moments at the beginning and at the end. In between in is like a dream rock sequence. It's the longest song, clocking in at 8 min. 43 seconds. 8/10

"Sweet Sweet" is a nice little short song. It sounds like something that could have been on "Mellon Collie". 9/10

"Luna" is a quiet lullaby to end a great album. 9/10

I admit, I'm a little biased about "Siamese Dream". It is my favorite album by my favorite band. But I do recommend that you buy "Siamese Dream" because it has little bit for everybody. Plus it's an excellent introduction the Smashing Pumpkins. ... Read more

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Rockin' the Suburbs
Average Customer Review: 4.73 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (11 September, 2001)
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Editorial Review

On the evidence of Rockin' the Suburbs, Ben Folds's decision to jettison the two-piece Five that had backed him on four largely excellent albums has not resulted in any significant shift in trajectory. The Ben Folds Five were only getting better, gradually discovering the confidence not to hide their musical uniqueness (there have been too few piano-led power trios) and lyrical intelligence behind undergrad Barenaked Ladies-style gags. Songs like "Mess" and "Brick" signaled an extraordinary new songwriting talent worthy of comparison to Folds's obvious idols, Elvis Costello and Paul Simon. Only this album's title track harkens back to Folds's fondness for comedy, and it is by far the weakest track here. The rest is mournful, reflective, and, at best, quite magnificent. Folds's hymns to his family, "Still Fighting It" and "The Luckiest" are shot through with an honesty that's rare in alternative rock. The acerbic essence of character sketches such as "Carrying Cathy," "Losing Lisa," and "Zak & Sara" are leavened with a generous compassion. Folds's second solo effort is his best album yet. The remainder of his career must be anticipated with equal parts expectation and impatience. --Andrew Mueller ... Read more

Reviews (237)

5-0 out of 5 stars Ben Folds At His Best
When I first bought this album and listened to the first few tracks, I worried that "Rockin' The Suburbs" would fall into the problem that most albums tend to do...have a magnificent first half and a mediocre second. However, after having listened to the entire CD, I see that this is not the case. "Not The Same," and "Losing Lisa" are not bad tracks, and for some reason, "Carrying Cathy" reminds me of Vince Guaraldi-style piano playing. However, the hilight of the second half is "The Luckiest," perhaps the first love song I've ever known Ben Folds to write ("Magic" from Ben Folds Five's "Messner" album was penned by the drummer, Darren Jesse). It also ties up the general theme of life in the suburbs. The title track is probably the "weakest" song in the album, but it's still a fun song to listen to.

The first half of the album is not to be overlooked either; "The Ascent Of Stan" is a unique mix of classical piano playing and modern pop, the opening track, "Annie Waits" has the catchiest piano hook I've heard in a long time, "Still Fighting It" is a pick-me-up song that Ben wrote for his son and "Gone" is classic Ben Folds angst, but it sounds much more "grown-up" than any other "angry song" on his previous albums.

All in all, the album is by far the best work I've heard from him, and I'm looking forward to watching his solo career take off.

5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent album!
I only bought this disc recently, even though I have had it in and out of my hand since it was first released. Brick is one of my favorite songs ever, and I really enjoyed that entire album. I had read reviews on the later albums, and it sounded as if the music was getting more and more obscure. When I heard the first single off this album, Rockin' the Suburbs, I was a little confused. I wasn't sure if it was a joke, or if it was a serious change in musical direction for Ben Folds. Thankfully, it is the only track of its kind on the album.
Ben Folds is probably one of the greatest songwriters around right now, and somehow doesn't get the attention he deserves. This is probably because of his music's heavy piano sound - hopefully this will change with the re-emergence of Elton John and new comers, Five For Fighting.
This album has something for everyone. A little piano rock, and a little piano ballad mix for an excellent listen. What really drives the album are the thoughful, emtoional, humorous, intelligent lyrics. I haven't bought an album in the last few years with the kind of emotion and diverse topics that Ben provides on this album. From fatherhood on Still Fighting It to addiction on Carrying Cathy to lost relationships on Gone the album stays fresh and enjoyable.
There are some tracks (as always) that standout more than others. Still Fighting It was the reason I took a chance on the album. Other great songs are Annie Waits, Gone, Fred Jones Part 2, Carrying Cathy, The Ascent of Stan, and Fired. None of the tracks on the album deserve to be skipped though, not even the humorous Rockin' The Suburbs - where Ben sounds as if he is trying to pull a Wierd Al on the listener.
I read on some of the other reviews where some people feel as though the old band is sorely missed. I tend to disagree. The production on the album sounds great, to me. The lone exception would be Annie Waits. While he may have been going for the "80's" sound with the drum machine, it just didn't seem to fit the rest of the album. Small, small complaint though.
This album should be in everyone's collection. If you've been hesitating (as I was) don't!

5-0 out of 5 stars My favorite..EVER!!
I love this CD. There are 3 songs on it that have moved me to tears more than once. Ben's lyrics are so meloncholy and I think everyone has experienced what he has written about at some point in their lives. A couple of the songs really speak to those of us who are middle aged and realize how short this life really is. His lyrics are amazing and great for a long drive in solitude with your stereo and your own personal memories. ... Read more

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