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Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Average Customer Review: 3.49 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (06 February, 2003)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

He’s been shot nine times. Incarcerated. And stabbed up and down. And that’s only what’s happened on 50 Cent’s down time. Hands down, 50 Cent is the biggest buzz emcee since Eminem (who just happens to be his label CEO), and Get Rich also features Dr. Dre on production, so it’s a can’t-miss record, right? Well, mostly. Get Rich is not filled with midtempo, radio-friendly numbers like "Wanksta," his thinly veiled Ja Rule dis first heard on the 8 Mile soundtrack. Instead, Cent brings the heat, not heater. He sheds his inner thug on "21 Questions," featuring G-funk crooner Nate Dogg showing some semblance of respect to the hotties, and then reverts right back to his thug persona on "In da Club," where he boasts "I’m into having sex, I ain’t into making love." There’s no "How to Rob, Pt. 2" here, although "Many Men" comes close, as he addresses some of the haters who may not fully get why he’s now rap’s big cheese. Surprisingly, the two Eminem-produced joints--"Patiently Waiting" (which thematically is very much like Em’s "Lose Yourself"), and "Don’t Push Me"--almost rival the beats supplied by Dre. Then again, it seems his most well-known cuts ("High All the Time" and "Wanksta," for example) are actually some of the weakest of the lot. Sure, Get Rich could never have lived up to the hype, it’s nowhere near Biggie's Ready to Die or Nas's Illmatic, but there's no fast-forward material here, a near miracle in these times. --Dalton Higgins ... Read more


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Reviews (886)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Album Period!!!
Man This The Best Album Forget What You hear, I'll give you all the best detail

1.Intro- 3/5 good intro
2. What Up Gangsta-10/10 tight beat and perfect lyrics
3.Patiently Waiting-10/10 Eminem made it better
4.Many Men-8/10 Telling About his life
5.In Da Club-10/10 We all know about this song
6.High All The Time-7/10 He gets high all the time
7.Heat-8/10 Beat is Gun shots and goog skit
8.If I Cant-9/10 Great Beat
9.Blood Hound-8/10 Young Bucks part is tight
10.Back Down-7/10 Makes fun Ja Rule
11.P.I.M.P-8/10 Dr. Dre perfected the beat
12.Like My style-7/10 Tony Yayo has alittle part in it
13.Poor Lil' Rich-6/10 The worst in the album,stiil good
14.21 Questions-8/10 50 cent's other side
15.Dont Push Me-10/10 One the greatest chours
16.Gotta Make It To Heaven-7/10 Tight lyrics
17Wanksta-9/10 Makes Fun of Ja Rule
18.U Not Like Me-8/10 50's Old songs
19.Life On The Line-7/10 Another 50's old songs

3-0 out of 5 stars Solid debut, not mind blowing
Early in 2003, 50 cent realesed one of the most anticipated albums in the history of Hip-Hop "Get Rich or Die Tryin". I bumped this album for about 3 straight months before taking it out of the CD changer. Over the summer, marked with a new appreciation for rap,I listened to this album, only to be disapointed. Though the album has very good beats, 50's rhymes are not great, (though I do think he is getting better after hearing some recent guest appearences) the best verses on this album are owned by Eminem on "Patiently Waiting" and "Don't Push Me". Along with Eminem's guest appearences, the best songs on the album are "In Da Club" (one of the best hip-hop party jams ever, yea ever), and "Heat", which has a nice beat delievered by one of the best Dr. Dre. Lyrically overall this album is not great, but riding on it's beats, it earns a 3/3.5 rating. Hopefully 50's follow up will be better.

5-0 out of 5 stars BIG FAN
This is a really good cd. G-Unit's cd is even better though. ... Read more

Asin: B000084T18
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The Eminem Show
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (26 May, 2002)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Any lingering doubts as to the depth of Eminem's skills or his potentialfor raw yet compelling honesty are dispelled on The Eminem Show's firsttrack. Armed with a quicksilver flow and a thundering rhythm track (the recordwas exec produced by longtime mentor and partnerDr. Dre), "WhiteAmerica" finds Eminem ferociously mauling the hand that feeds him, lambastinghis critics, the industry, and the racism that, in many ways, helped makeMarshall Mathers more than just another rapper. "Let's do the math," Em sneers,"If I was black I would have sold half/ I could be one of your kids/ Little Ericlooks just like this." After the bombast ofThe Marshall Mathers LPand Eminem's well-noted use of sexual epithets, this kind of material is mademore controversial because it actually rings true. From a brutal retort to hislong-estranged and equally troubled mother ("Cleaning Out My Closets") to asurprisingly tender ode to his child ("Hailie's Song"), Eminem examines hislife, loves, arrests, addictions, failures, and successes with surprisinginsight, making this a funk-drenched hip-hop confessional well worth the hype.--Amy Linden ... Read more


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Reviews (674)

5-0 out of 5 stars His best to date
I had loved the Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP before Eminem Show had been released. I was looking forward to it because I knew he was not going to miss. After listening to this straight through and loving every minute of it, my opinion about his first 2 lp's slowly started to change. Not in a bad way, but in a way that shows that Eminem has outdone himself once again.

Without a doubt, this is Eminem's best cd out of his 3 LPs. Taking the reins on his album, he does the majority of the producing. You can see his obvious growth from his previous two albums to this one because he has left the gay-bashing and wife-killing lyrics on the shelf this time. Instead he takes a stand on political issues (White America), hip hop's issues ("Hip hop is in a state of 911" from the song Business), women issues (Superman) as well as his own issues (Soldier, Say Goodbye to Hollywood). The hit singles "Without Me", "Sing for the Moment", and "cleanin' out my closet" kept him on top of the charts for pretty much all of 2002 and part of 2003. You can tell from a few songs that he still has issues with his mother and Kim, as they are mentioned in several verses. Em tries to take a stab at singing in "Hailie's Song" and while he's no American Idol, the song was still enough to touch me. An angry delivery ensues in my favorite track "Till I Collapse" where Em spits angry grimy lyrics. The last "controversial" track if you can call it that is called "My Dad's Gone Crazy". I've seen some reviews that said Eminem is a bad influence over his daughter for including her in a song with those kinds of lyrics. Obviously nobody has heard of audio editing where he inserted his daughter's vocals into the song. Now that I've put that ballot to rest, moving on to "Sing for the Moment" which uses the sample of "Dream on" by Aerosmith. Sing is another great song with more real lyrics from Eminem. "Say what you say" is probably the weakest effort along with "Drips" but these below average tracks are not nearly enough to bring down this 5 star album. Eminem needs to ditch these clowns he is hanging around with (50 cent, G-unit, d12, obie trice, etc) and go solo. Eminem himself is powerful enough to carry a label. He doesn't need anyone.

In any event, whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying his lyrical as well as his production talent in this album.

5-0 out of 5 stars Shady's back and better then ever!
Shady seems to get wizer with his lyrics ever album. This album explodes with great lyrics, beats, and a tight production. Dr. Dre and Eminem are the best duo. Marshall tells about social issues in America he expresses his thoughts in great detail throughout the album you get a sense of what he is going through in his life.

Curtains Up Skit- Show's Eminem ready to talk on the microphone.

White America- Displays Eminem's talent to reach out to his fans and how's he's influenced them awesome song! Very heavy

Business- One of my favorite tracks it's awesome with Dre's beats. It's kind of a batman and Robin duo. Great Lyricsm on this track it's a standout!!

Cleanin Out My Closet- Eminem talks about his fame, his ex wife, and his mother, this song tells the fans what Eminem's feeling.

Square Dance- Don't let the title fool you. Eminem seems mad on this track he trash talks canibus! It's a good rap song.

The Kiss Skit- The events that led to Eminem's arrest.

Soldier- Tells about how even though Eminem has had lawsuits against him, the press against him, and his newfound fame, he takes it all in and still moves on like a soilder.

Say Goodbye Hollywood- Talks about all the things that have happened to Shady and how he needs to keep his feet above the ground.

Drips- Talks about Obie Trice he raps about sex and STDS. Basically a son about Eminem's fictional girlfriend.

Without Me- One of my favorite tracks. Eminems first lead single and he basically tells about how he's back and better then ever. Very funny song.

. Paul Rosenberg (Skit)- Em's manager telling em not to carry a gun around anywhere.

Sing For The Moment- Aerosmith tune telling how his fans and other enterainers are attached to em.

Superman- Tells about his ex wife. And how he can care less about the situation. How's he single and his laid back attitude.

Hailie's Song- Lovesong to his daughter. Describing his feelings in this heartfelt song.

Steve Berman(skit) - The head of Interscope records says what he wants to say about this album.

When The Music Stops- Awesome talks about Em's issues and what he's feeling tight beat guest spot by D12 one of my favorite songs on this album.

Say What U Say - Em and Dre rap dissing Jermaine Dupri.

'Till I Collapse- Don't really like this song tells about how em is going to continue with his rap career till he collapse how much he loves the game and how rapping is his life!

My Dad's Gone Crazy- Eminem shines on this song it tells about him and what we've known all along Em is a little crazy!

The Curtains close- The Em show sadly ends.

*****5 stars great album!! Funny

1-0 out of 5 stars how about niggaz and wiggers learn how to act like people?
rap is not music and there is no talent involved. you know why cops pull blacks and wiggers over? it's because they're blasting this gay crap and it's annoying. if i were a cop, i would pull "yall" over and shoot you in the back of the head. all rappers and followers are insecure and the only way they can get attention is to blast this garbage in their cars. the bigger the s.u.v. you drive, the smaller (...)you have. stop trying to prove yourself, the aryan nation hates you. ... Read more

Asin: B00006690G
Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rap & Hip-Hop   


The Slim Shady LP
Average Customer Review: 4.26 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (23 February, 1999)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

On The Slim Shady LP, Eminem wants it all. He's conflicted, you see; the world has treated him badly, and he wants to respond in kind. But he isn't a straight-up gangsta--this is, after all, the first release on Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records, his post-Death Row-era venture--and Eminem (born Marshall Mathers) doesn't really want anyone to follow in his footsteps, which leads to some interesting contradictions on this album. In the first single, "My Name Is," he's self-deprecating, rapping about his poor upbringing and his hairy palms. But on the very next song, "Guilty Conscience," he plays the devil to Dr. Dre's angel--that is, until Eminem brings up an incident from Dre's devilish past, rapping, "You gonna take advice from someone who slapped Dee Barnes?" Later, on "'97 Bonnie & Clyde," he turns Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us" on its ear, making it a tale of murder; but on "My Fault," he actually feels bad--though whether it's for the girl he overdosed or for himself is tough to figure out. With his nasal Midwestern tone, Mathers has a clean, clear flow, and the production--by Dr. Dre, Marky, and Jeff Bass--is crisp but consistently fun. With his outlook, it's tough to take Eminem too seriously, but he's made an album you don't have to take seriously to enjoy. --Randy Silver ... Read more


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Reviews (871)

5-0 out of 5 stars One Of Em's Finest
Simply a classic Marshall Mathers masterpiece. Slim gets help on the mix boards with one of rap's most admired producers of all time, Dr. Dre. Dre makes songs like "Guilty Conscience" stand out with a unique feeling that you won't get from listening to anything else. My favorite tracks (in no particular order) are: My fault, As the World turns, Role Model, Guilty Conscience, My name is,'97 Bonnie and Clyde, Just don't give a F--- and Brain Damage. This album often gets hard knocks due to hits harsh lyrical content. Since buying this album two weeks ago, I have listened to it quite a few times and the lyrics do not bother me at all. However, if you are under 16, I do not reccomend playing this album in front of your parents. Eminem is one of the most talented emcyees to pick up a microphone in years. He makes words rhyme brilliantly in ways you could never immagine. If you are thinking of buying em's third release-The "Eminem Show", or his sophomore effort-"The Marshall Mathers LP" I deeply reccomend picking up this album first. It will help you relate to what he is saying in his newer releases, and will let you travel deep inside the mind of Em's dark alter-ego-Slim Shady. If you love classic rap like Tupac, Biggs, Nas, Jay-Z, Dre, and Snoop-then I promise you will fall in love with this album immediately. 10/10-lyrics 8/10-beats (if you want some very tight beats buy "The Marshall Mathers LP") 9/10-production, 10/10-Flow. Pick up this album soon!

5-0 out of 5 stars This isn't nu-metal or rock? well it's still d*mn good
Holy @%*#$@%&$*!!! I'll just give the list of songs and ratings:

1 Public Service Announcment- funny - 10/10
2 My Name Is- Funny, creative, and sturdy - 9/10
3 Guilty Conscience- Very Creative, got Dr. Dre, flowing - 9.5/10
4 Brain Damage- A little funny and smooth song - 8.5/10
5 Paul- Ok, I don't necessarily care about his lawyer, but ok - 5.5/10
6 If I Had- Funny and sad, cool song - 8/10
7 97' Bonnie And Clyde- Wicked and freaky, but awesome song - 9/10
8 [bitch] Eh, just some ... - 5.5/10
9 Role Model- Super Creative and...trippy - 9/10
10 Lounge- Hey, he can really sing! - 7.5/10
11 My Fault- um, just not for me, it's alright - 7/10
12 Ken Kaniff- Funny, somewhat creative...I think - 9/10
13 Cum On Everybody- yeah, not for me, but ok - 7/10
14 Rock Bottom- ONE [HECK] OF A SONG!!! - 10/10
15 Just Don't Give A [FUCK]- Wacky and awesome - 10/10
16 Soap-...oh, weird thing to put on a CD - 7/10
17 As The World Turns- Good and creative, that's about all - 8/10
18 I'm Shady- Good and creative - 8.5/10
19 Bad Meets Evil- Good, but nothing as creative as it seems - 7.5/10
20 Still Don't Give A ... Less Awesome than Just Don't Give A ..., but still great - 9.5/10

5-0 out of 5 stars Sick!
I liked my name is that's funny! Gooooood lyrics and great beats. ... Read more

Asin: B00000I5JQ


The Marshall Mathers LP
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (23 May, 2000)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? On Eminem's sophomore album, he can't decide who he wants to be: the deranged pseudo-psycho of the Slim Shady LP, or a nice guy who just likes to rhyme about slicing and dicing his girlfriend ("Kim"). Of course, according to Eminem, he's just kidding. He refuses to take responsibility for the misogynistic, homophobic bile he spews, whining that he's the victim of people who don't get his unique sense of humor. It's good old America's fault if the kids aren't alright (Eminem blames bad parenting), and he's just capitalizing on Uncle Sam's dark side. On the Marshall Mathers LP, he's ambivalent about his fame, angry at his life, pissed off that people take him seriously, and fightin' mad at boy bands--and a lot of other white people. But the blue-eyed brat is acutely aware of his status as rap's resident alien: he has the most offensive mouth running, but never uses the "N" word. He gives lyrical love to tragic (black) legends like Tupac and Biggie while dissing white rappers hard. Even sitting duck Puffy gets the kid-gloves treatment. Of course, Eminem is an interesting, witty rapper, and there's some nice production on this CD, courtesy of Dr. Dre and others. But the hatred in Eminem's rhymes makes the album rotten at its core. And his protests that Slim Shady is just a persona become less convincing with each arrest. Then again, Eminem's got it hard: he's rich, famous, white, and male. --Lizz Mendez Berry ... Read more


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Reviews (844)

4-0 out of 5 stars May I Have Your Attention . . . . . .
Eminem's form of expression mixed with humor and complete vulgarity has always fascinated me in an odd way. Maybe it's because he's always testing and then breaking the boundaries of music. On "The Marshall Mathers LP," Eminem goes against the grain, but this time struggles with many different issues, including his new-found fame, the current wave of garbage-pop music, and unresolved questions from his past.

Eminem spits in the music industry's collective face with his song "The Real Slim Shady," which disses well-known music figures like Christina Aguilera, 'NSync, and Will Smith and includes a great sing-along chorus. Continuing in the same vein is the tongue-in-cheek "Marshall Mathers," which again snarls at boy bands while Eminem ponders why little kids want to be like him. His brutally honest "Drug Ballad" showcases his once back-and-forth relationship with drugs and their brutal effects. Two of the biggest standouts on the album are "Stan" and "Kim." "Stan" illustrates the issue of fan-obsession and its extremes. The song soars with backing vocals by Dido, making it even more captivating. "Kim" is oddly gripping and emotionally exhausting--its haunting melody and lyrics paint a picture of the darker side of a relationship gone too far. Eminem wildly wavers between hate, love, dispair, and hope before ending the song with the utmost tragedy. Eminem's writing skills are amazing--his ability to tell stories conjure up disturbing mental images as he journeys to the dark side of life. Definitely not for the easily offended, Eminem will make you laugh, think, and hit the "repeat" button on your CD player. This album is worth buying and listening.

5-0 out of 5 stars The only White Rap worth Hearing
I never listened to rap before Eminem came out. I find his rhythms and rhyme scheme to be fascinating. I believe in total freedom of speech and if you don't like the lyrics, don't listen.

...OOL LYRICS TO SONGS, LISTEN TO "IM BACK". MARSHALL MATHERS IS A COOL SONG TOO. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE CDg there money on a cd with innoproperite lyrics, and making him that much more rich. He doesn't care about you. He will do whatever it takes to make money. He has led so many people down the wrong path in life. With his money he is probably going to spend it on drugs, beer, and other stupid stuff. Why wouyld you buy something that has lyrics that talk about sex, voilence, drugs, and more. Well hope you don't buy his cd. Peace out.lad-about drugs of course

Amityville-em and his pals d-12 rappin it oy here

Kim-This one is truly a very strange song this is about eminem trying to kill his wife Kim and his hate for her.

Criminal-crazy last som stands out alot

I like this album just give it a chance to sink in and you will like it too forget about how people diss him and say hes not talented. It's goodan awesome beat.

The Real Slim Shady: Ahh, the 'friendly" radio song. It's a good single, but the happy-beat doesn't fit in anywhere on this album.

Remember Me: Another "EM going off track." It's a bit slower than usual, but yet another song that makes this a great CD.

Im Back: Em is mad. He thinks that you forgot about him. Overall, a good-to-fair tune.

Marshall Mathers: The personal song. Em talks about his mom, and Kim. It's a great slow song. "Slow?" Trust me, it works., beautifully.

Drug Ballad: Em's "love song." He mixes hip-hop choruses into it, and this is this time's "Cum On Everybody."

Amityville: I don't particularly care for this song, but it's good enough to not skip.

Bitch Please Part II: Guests galore. It hits hard and fast, with the most straight-rap vibe in this whole album.

Kim: A funny-in-a-weird-way song. His "Na-na-na-na-na"s in the beginning is priceless, and so are the lyrics.

Under The Influence: Whoa. Em starts out talking to Halley-Jade, and then...........Whoa.

Criminal: The perfect closer. A potential single, you'll love it.

As for the skits, Public Service Annoucement 2000 is basically a continuation of the first album's intro, Steve Berman is one where he pokes fun at a record-exec, and Ken Kaniff............let's just say, he got ICP back.

Em is angry at SOMETHING. You can hear it in his voice. He yells, kicks, screams, and, ultimately, gets his message across. And in the process, he makes one of the finest rap albums ever made.

5-0 out of 5 stars "floydianfan" is un-educated on real rap.
This album is great. I'm white, but it doesn't make me a "whigger" to listen to this bumpin' cd. Some people just take music too literal [serious] and actually DO what these rappers joke about. Some people are too stupid to understand what is right, and what is wrong. Em' is a comedian no matter how much he denies it. This album is his best although twisted and not for the easily-offended. It's NOT a freestlye session. And many people can rap "better" but not as "sinister" as Eminem and Slim Shady[his sick side]. So if you take things too seriously, or don't like twisted rap, don't buy it. Otherwise 5 outta' 5! ... Read more

Asin: B00004T9UF


8 Mile
Average Customer Review: 3.89 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (29 October, 2002)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

How Eminem was able to assemble so many credible emcees of today and yesteryear (Jay-Z, Rakim) to endorse his Holly'hood coming out party is anyone's guess. What is clear, however, is that (dare we say it) the Shady One might be growing up. On "Lose Yourself" Em abandons his callous, hardcore posturing to write thoughtful hood-centric coming-of-age lyrics that would make Melle Mel proud. On "Battle," Gang Starr's Guru tears through a sick beat from rap's most prolific producer, DJ Premier. Sadly, Nas wastes more valuable studio time dissing Jay-Z (ho hum) on "You Wanna Be Me." Interestingly, once you get past the living-legend love-in and peep the skills from Em's lesser-known Shady Records roster of underground wordsmiths, such as 50 Cent ("Wanksta") or Obie Trice ("Adrenaline Rush"), you might urge Em to consider giving up his thespian pursuits to become a full-time record executive. Not even the baffling inclusion of Macy Gray's humdrum "Time of Your Life" can sink this project. --Dalton Higgins ... Read more


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Reviews (61)

5-0 out of 5 stars 2nd Best Soundtrack of The Year! :)
This is a sick soundtrack.One of the best of the year.Most of the songs are bumpin.I would strongly recommend buyin this.
1.Lose Yourself-a kik azz single. 5/5
2.Love Me-good song with eminem,50 cent,& obie trice.sick. 5/5
3.8 Mile-a long eminem song.g unit has a remix of this. 5/5
4.Adrenaline Rush-good song by obie trice. 5/5
5.Places To Go-One of my fav. on this cd.awsome.5/5
6.Rap Game-another fav. song of mine. 5/5
7.8 Miles And Runnin-every soundtrack could use a jay-z song.freeway drops on here too. 5/5
8.Spit Shine-one of my fav. xzibit song.great beat. 5/5
9.Time OF My Life-a macy gray song.i hate it. 1/5
10.U Wanna Be Me-nas attackin jay-z.good song. 4/5
11.Wanksta-second single by 50 cent.nice. 5/5
12.Wasting My Time-i hate this song. 0/5
13.R.A.K.I.M.-i havnt listened to much rakim,and this song makes me love him. 5/5
14.Thats My Ni!!a Fo Real-this songs ok. 3/5
15.Battle-ive always love gangstarr and this track jus adds to their talent. 5/5
16.Rabbit Run-good song with no hook by eminem. 5/5
TOP 5=Rap Game,R.A.K.I.M.,Lose Yourself,8 Miles And Runnin,Spit Shine

4-0 out of 5 stars Don't buy it if you're just after Eminem
The 8 Mile soundtrack is being given a lot of publicity mainly because the movie is such a success. However, I think everyone's making too much of a big deal about it. I listened to the CD with high expectations and was left thinking, 'That's it??' Sure, the songs by Eminem are pretty hot (actually they're very hot) but others, such as "Spit Shine" (XZIBIT), "U wanna be me" (Nas), "R.A.K.I.M" (Rakim) and "That's my Nigga fo' real" (Young Zee) had very similar beats and had me skipping over to the next song before they were even finished! As for "Adrenaline Rush" (Obie Trice), the excessive use of the word [explicit word]kinda got boring after a while. I like the feminine touch added by "Time of my Life" (Macy Gray) and "Wasting my time" (Boomkat), but I've gotta say, the only ones probably worth listening to again are "Lose Yourself", "Love Me", "Rap Game", "8 Miles and Runnin'", "Wanksta", "Battle" and "Rabbit Run". My fave song on the whole CD was by far, "8 Mile". It's gonna be huge!
In conclusion, if you're after Eminem only, maybe this isn't the one for you.

1-0 out of 5 stars CRAAAAP
feminem decided he needed a bit more side-money, so he fooled all y'all "fans" into buying another one of his bull$h!t cds. except this time he's added all these other pop rappers into it to make u think its even better. STAY OFF HIS D!CK MUTHAF%CKAZ AND LEAVE HIS ALBUMS ALONE. ... Read more

Asin: B00006LWSF
Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Soundtracks & Film Scores   


Average Customer Review: 4.42 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (16 November, 1999)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Despite the number of guests on hand, Dr. Dre's decade-/century-/millennium-ending sequel to The Chronic is, like its predecessor, less a stack of posse cuts and more an elegantly seamless work from West Coast hip-hop's premier auteur. Deliberately cinematic in everything from its mix of moods to dramatic musical surges, 2001 is Dre's assessment of the gangsta life in medium shots. No longer fully immersed in violence and random sex, yet aware of their attraction, he often lets his guests blow steam about whatever's on their minds. When he takes stock of gangbanging circa late '99, though, he drops his neutral tone; he even provides another half-joking but stern warning to protégé Eminem on "What's the Difference." Between his discovery of Slim Shady, visits from old pal Snoop Dogg, and, most of all, the masterful sound and flow of this CD, Dre should shut down all talk of his supposed irrelevance. --Rickey Wright ... Read more


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Reviews (521)

3-0 out of 5 stars THE bud BOMBS
I have heard alot about this album and finally decided to listen to it. I was very unsatisfied and only 3 songs on the album caught my attention. Dre utilizes a similar format for all his sounds. Considered by many to be the greatest rap producer of all time, Dre fails to live up to his billing. Misogynistic and explicit lyrics aside, the beats are pretty decent as with all Dre albums. Dre CANNOT recapture the power and feel of the original Chronic. The genius of the first album is it Perfectly Captured the Moment. It was like walking into COMPTON and taking a picture. You can't TRY to reproduce a classic. The orginal Chronic was great cause everything just happened to come together. For those who don't know DRE can't really rap. I doubt he even writes most of the music, according to Daz, Dre rips off alot of other artists sounds.What Dre does have is a good ear and a good feel for sound levels and effects. I am very glad I didn't buy it, MTV once again determines the sales of most albums. Keep in mind what SUGE KNIGHT said, Dre doesn't do alot. In 14 years as a rapper he has only completed about 5 records! 2PAC did five records in about 20 months! Dre also avoids utilizing the reggae bottom coupled with high end key boards and loose funky beats which was his signature sound. Should have stayed with the FUNK. Maybe George Clinton should save the day again?

I always believed Dr. Dre is the best rap producer ever. But I was afraid his album won't live up to the hype it caused. West Coast rap had developped a lot since The Chronic and I wasn't sure if Dre would be able to come up like he always used to - amazing, always with something new, innovating and better than anything else around. And he did! The man is a music genius with an incredible talent for creating music. His new album brings us some new gangsta s%#t as well as a lot of the good old one so many of us love. The prodcution is just breathtaking, with beats that just blow yo' mind. Dr. Dre uses a lot of guest artists on the album - Snoop Dogg, Devin, Kurupt,Mary J Blige, Nate Dogg, Xzibit, Eminem, King Tee, Hittman and many more. The album's got 17 songs and 5 skits. It deas with a lot of topics - the game today, drinkin', pimpin', Playahaters, gangbangin' and of course sex. Dr. Dre created a masterpiece, and it's the best album in the last 2 or three years. It's a west coast album of course but any real open minded rap fan should get it cause if you really know something about hip hop you'll love this album! I guarantee.

3-0 out of 5 stars Dr.Dre 2001
I think that this album is ok, but for sure, Dr.Dre can't touch Eazy E. I like the songs F*** You, Still Dre, and the next episode, but if you want some real gangsta rap, than just pick up an Eazy E album. ... Read more

Asin: B000023VR6


Word of Mouf
Average Customer Review: 3.87 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (27 November, 2001)
list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
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Reviews (187)

5-0 out of 5 stars Woh
Woh! This CD is truly amazing. I gotta give it to my hometown boy 'Cris cuz this CD is tight! In this CD we learn that Ludacris has emotions, not just sex in his mind with track #8 "Growing Pains" with great accompany in this song.
This cd starts off great with "Coming to America" which has a good beat. Next is "Rollout" which doesn't impress me; nor does the next track. But "Oh no" "She Said" "Howhere" "Area Codes" and "Growing Pains" follow respectively and all these songs are tight. I don't care about what you think about Area Codes, that song is awesome with my man Nate Dogg doin his thing. "Greatest Hits" track 9 is so freaking funny! The first two sentences explain it all. Track 16 is tight and so is the bonus track. The DJ did a nice job on the bonus track; BUT WAIT;
"welcome to atlanta" is a bonus track so wait a few seconds for that and you'll hear some more of Ludacris' talent.
This is why the five stars:
1) Excellent rhymes
2) Excellent beats
3) Good artists featured (Jagged Edge, missy, mystikal, djs, its all good)
4) Excellent and hilarious skits
5) Hes from Atlanta so it should get a thousand ************************************
I cant wait for 'cris new album. I bought 'cris first album in july and his second in november and i still listen to them every time possible! good work cris

5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing CD, Here's a thorough review track-by-track
1. Coming 2 America: One of the best openings to an album you'll find. Song has great similes like: coming up shorter than 5 dannny devitos
2. Rollout: Excellent song, tight beat, but if Luda hadn't said "Rollout" for one full minute at the beginning this would be the best song on the album.
3. Go 2 Sleep: I don't like the hook so much, but the verses have some clever lyrics
4. Cry Babies: This song is awesome. In this song 'Cris shows off his rhyming abilities and they blend in with the beat well.
5. She said: Not a good song
6. Howhere (Skit):Very funny!
7. Area Codes: Very clever lyrics by Ludacris
8. Growing Pains: This is a very emotional song, and Fate has a future ahead of him.
9. Greatist Hits (Skit): One of the most hilarious skits EVER!
10. Move B****: I sing it in my head all day at school. Great song!
11. Stop Lying (Skit): Another hilarious skit
12. Saturday (Oooh Oooh): Probably the best song on the album; BUT it's only a good song if you hear all the explicit content, not the radio version, but a tight song indeed
13. Keep it on the Hush: An EXTREMELY clever song and very funny too
14. Freestyle: It's ok. Some good rhymes, some O.K. ones
15. Get the **** Back: Nice hook, weak verses
16. Freaky Thangs: Excellent song, Twista and Jagged Edge really helped
17. Cold Outside: The hook is ludicrously long, but the verses are good. the song is a little too long
18. Block Lockdown: Nice accompony. Good verses
Welcome to Atlanta (Bonus Track): Great song! If Luda got the second verse instead of JD it'd be better. No offense, but JD can't rap.
Great album Ludacris! Can't wait to get #3!

1-0 out of 5 stars I Love Listening To Rich Rapper Posers
This guy aint from da hood. He gots da gold and da SUVs and ain't gots no trouble with payin' fo gas, yo. But he has trouble spelling and with being a poser who makes crappy music about crap no one cares about. Go listen to some real hip hop like Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Public Enemy, or Mos Def. Cerainly not this crap. This is nothing but a big bowl of wrong.

I love hearing this being played in the large SUVs of rich white boys. It seems everyone else is smarter. ... Read more

Asin: B00005R8EL
Sales Rank: 5082


Golden Grain
Average Customer Review: 4.34 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (17 September, 2002)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Like Eminem and Busta Rhymes before him, Ludacris with Golden Grain uses his popularity to kick-start the careers of his Hot 'Lanta homies. While this a noble gesture, emcees like the gruff-voiced I-20, Tity Boi, or Lil' Fate are much less talented than their potty-mouthed leader. Certainly, the "Growing Pains" remix, featuring Def Jam South shot-caller Scarface and his profound coming-of-age observations about growing up down South, demonstrates the lyrical chemistry the crew is capable of (although the utilization of that overused Staple Singers "Let's Do It Again" sample is questionable). Still, on "Break Sumthin'" the crew touts the merits of their riotous upbringing over minimalist bass-driven beats (Ludacris notes that "it's so shady / my ol' lady gotta keep a couple guns"), making you crave more seasoned meditations on country living from groups such as Nappy Roots. Sure, this compilation boasts a wider range of subject matter than your typical Ludacris album (where tales of ho's and alcohol join tales of carnage and weed), but perhaps he should have left the homies at home. --Dalton Higgins ... Read more

Reviews (53)

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally a CD worth getting!
What can I say about D.T.P., except that they have got it going on! Their CD "Golden Grain" is a perfect example of dirty south bounce music that'll keep you on your toes all day long. The first single released off the album was the "Growing Pains Remix" featuring Lil' Fate, Ludacris, Shawna, Scarface, and Keon Bryce. The track bring you back to what it was like growing up as a kid. From have G.I. Joe's and Cabbage Patch kids to having your bike stolen.

Another one of the tracks that I'm sure you have heard by now is "Move Bi**h" (Ludacris featuring I-20 and Mystikal). If you're having a bad day or are stuck in traffic on the way home just open th windows blast the song and sit back and relax!

Also, the song Posted by Shawnna is a tight song. Shawnna is one of the best female rappers in the game next to Eve.

So all in all, you can't go wrong with an all star team like the Disturbing Tha Peace family!

5-0 out of 5 stars "Golden Grain" is an awesome cd
DTP(Disturbing the Peace) has a release of their first cd out in stores now and its called "Golden Grain". This CD is amazing the song are all good. There isn't one that I dont like. All of the skits are hilarious... I laughed for hours. My favorite song on the cd is R.P.M. It is crazy how fast they are rapping. This CD is by far one of the best CD's in my case and im sure it would look great in yours too. You should definately considering picking up this album... thanks!

4-0 out of 5 stars Great CD
this is definitly one of the greatest CD's in my collection, and if u buy it (which you should), it will be one of your favorites as well. My favorite song has to be R.P.M. ft. shawna and twista. This song has a nice fast past to it that u are sure to love. This CD wasn't as good as Word of Mouf, but still a great Cd by itself. ... Read more

Asin: B00006GFB6
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Devil's Night
Average Customer Review: 4.31 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (19 June, 2001)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Eminem:love him or hate him? It's no surprise that Slim Shady evokes suchconflicted feelings--he's easy to champion and disparage alike, andthis new D12 album doesn't make the decision any easier. Thoughhip-hop's pale wonder is now joined by his five, conspicuously blackDetroit peers, this still sounds and feels like a Marshall Mathersproject. The biting disses of MTV pop figures ("Ain't Nuttin' ButMusic")--still there. The dark journeys into faux psychosis ("AmericanPsycho," "Devils Night")--still there. The big middle finger atconservatives, conformists, and critics ("That's How," "Purple Pills,""S*** Can Happen")--still there. And throw in Dr. Dre'sproduction alongside Denaun Porter's lumbering funk tracks and Em's ownbeats, and this is basically the third Eminem album. Besides, he'sstill the most interesting of the six D12 members to listen to--slickerlyrics, better flow, and just a more engaging personality. Which, ofcourse, is telling the listener to go to hell. Bottom line: If youliked the last two Eminem albums, this one won't disappoint. And if youhated the last two, at least you have the other D12 members to distractyour attention. --Oliver Wang ... Read more


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Reviews (240)

4-0 out of 5 stars great cd, definately em...
By the first song on this cd you can definately tell its eminem. After listening to the whole cd, I can honestly say I was glad i bought it. With all of the [bad] music these days i've been finding after listening to a cd the first time that it was a waste of money, and that was not the case with this which was very refreshing. I have to say it sounds very similar to "The Marshall Mathers LP" which is why it didn't get 5 stars. Em flows great on this album as well as the rest of the members of d12, but none but em peticularly shine. that standout tracks are: Pistol Pistol, Nasty Mind, Aint Nothin But Music, Devil's Night, and Girls. Girls is the hidden track on the disc but it is really my favorite song. It's Eminem at his best with new people to diss (DJ Lethal and Fred Durst) but i do understand why he's [mad] at them. The other tracks are good, except "Fight Music" really scares me, but it's like Amityville which i didnt like at first but totally grew on me. All in all, "Devil's Night" sounds like em's other cds, but it is still worth buying.

4-0 out of 5 stars Song-By-Song Review--Who is D12's Best MC?
Okay, I've listened to this album a thousand times--basically in anticipation of Eminem's next record. While not as strong, original, funny, or over-the-top as Em's solo records, his six-man group's debut is solid. Under Em's production (and Dre's supervision, of course), the music and beats are great, and more often than not the lyrics are creative and shocking. However, each song has an outstanding verse...here's a rating.

1. "Another Public Service Announcement"--Skit. A not-funny one at that. Em, these are getting old.

2. "Sh-t Can Happen"--A great introduction to the group. Much better than the single "Sh-t On You", which is just plain awful. Anyway, Kon Artis starts out with a solid, strong verse. Kuniva and Swifty follow with nothing too surprising, but decent verses. Eminem closes the set with a brash, innovative verse. Solid, hard delivery and great flow, showing everyone that the master is back. Winner: Eminem, naturally.

3. "Pistol Pistol"--One of the record's high points. A celebration of handguns, of course. Em only does the hook, so he's out. Swifty, Proof, and Kuniva offer solid rhymes, but Kon Artis is the obvious stand-out with his harsh delivery. Bizarre closes the set with a lame verse, although it's a tad bit humorous at most. Winner: Kon Artis

4. "Bizarre"--Skit, introducing us to the undeniably gross Bizarre. He's 99% gross-out shock value and only 1% MC. Overall, he's the least-talented member of the group.

5. "Nasty Mind"--Another Bizarre gross-out song. Also verses by Swifty, Kuniva, and Kon Artis. Eminem is absent. Winner: This song is so bad that no one wins, unless you are really into potty humor, then it's a tie.

6. "Ain't Nuttin' But Music"--This song is essentially "The Real Slim Shady, pt2". A no-holds-barred attack on the current entertainment industry. All six appear on this song. Em takes the opener with a hilarious verse that nearly made me wreck the car the first time I heard it. Bizarre is actually funny, and the rest offer great disses. Winner: Eminem, the master of the dis.

7. "American Psycho"--Another one of the record's crowning achievements. Em, Bizarre, and Kon Artis try to out-psychopath each other, each one effectively shocking the listener. Em is the funniest (he even raps in tongues), Bizarre is the grossest (naturally, although this time, he does it creatively--it actually works!), and Kon Artis is the scariest: "Press, stress, and Ritalin caused the cop's feelin's to be hurt after they seen what I did to those children...!" Winner: A 3-way tie!!

8. "That's How..."--A skit that leads up to the next song. Funny, for once.

9. "That's How..."--One of the funniest songs on the record. No one verses; rather, each (sans Eminem) take a catchy "one liner" describing how a certain person, group, or ethnicity "gets f-cked up", to quote the hook. Winner: No one actually verses, although the song is hilarious.

10. "Purple Pills"--the single, a drug celebration. Funny with an addictive beat (and mad bass!). Em starts things out with his standard mom-dis, carrying it through a drug-induced laugh fest. The others each take a verse, with Kon Artis and Kuniva doing the back-and-forth thing. Bizarre finishes things off with his standard potty humor. Descent track, with a sweet harmonica outro. Winner: Kuniva and Kon Artis' duet.

11. "Fight Music"--An excellent angry track. Each member takes his turn violently destroying anyone who gets in his way. Each verse is great, even the one by the notoriously pitiful Bizarre. Kon Artis has the strongest delivery and most chaotic form of lyrical violence ("Kuniving Kon/Artis with a bomb/Strapped to my stomach/screaming 'Let's get it on!'" >BOOM!<). Em closes the set with a brilliant attack on his critics. Winner: Kon Artis for his delivery, although you cannot overlook Em's verbal assault.

12. "Instigator"--Decent song, although Eminem is abscent. Another violence celebration, this one with some hot turntable scratches. Nothing that spectacular. Winner: Swifty, since it's essentially his song.

13. "Pimp Like Me"--Severe womanizing. An OK track, although Em offers nothing more than some funny sideline comments. Winner: Bizarre, I guess, since he is the best at degrading women.

14. "Blow My Buzz"--Another narcotic orgy. Overall, this song is dumb. Winner: All members must deduct two points for contributing to this song.

15. "Obie Trice"--Skit introducing us to Em's latest addition to his label. The guy has a decent flow, but it didn't change my life. I think I'll skip his debut album.

16. "Devil's Night"--Each member (minus Proof) takes a turn at shocking the listener. Em's is the strongest I think, but Bizarre's actually works. The song is OK. Winner: Eminem and Bizarre tie this time.

17. "Steve Berman"--Another skit milked to the point of it being totally unfunny.

18. "Revelation"--With it's tribute to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall, pt2", this song venture's into each member's teenage years. Abusive dysfunctional families dominate the themes. One of the best songs on the album, nearly a six-way tie. However, Proof's suicidal closing verse takes it home with his brash delivery. One of the few serious songs on the album. Winner: Proof

19. "Girls"--A hidden track, an Em solo. A brilliant and well-deserved dis on Limp Bizkit, setting the record straight. Makes Fred Durst look like a little girl in a Sunday dress. Great song.

So there you have it. A decent album, with a few weak points. All of Eminem's verses are great, with Kon Artis taking home the trophy for the most talented MC of the group (next to Eminem, of course). Bizarre could be easily thrown out...Hopefully, Kon Artis will release a solo joint soon.

5-0 out of 5 stars awsome
i cant stop lestuning to it my favorite songs are whats going on in the world today purplepills and pistolpistol ... Read more

Asin: B00005A7WX


And Then There Was X
Average Customer Review: 3.77 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (21 December, 1999)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

All the barking and growling in the world could not detract from the fact that DMX is a troubled, tormented soul. On And Then There Was X, the multiplatinum-selling Dark Man X uses his signature fragmented flow with its singsongy vocal inflections to preach, teach, and reveal. Melodramatic storytelling has always been his shtick, whether it's tales of robbing liquor stores, plotting violent murders, or teaching shorties the code of the streets. X's inner conflicts are laid out on "Angel," a dialogue between himself and his Lord, and his ability to acknowledge different perspectives of a situation (i.e., repercussions) on several songs add depth to his character. The anthemlike "What's My Name," with its affirmations "I have no friends" and "I'm not a nice person," proves that money, fame, and popularity do not translate into happiness for DMX. --Celine Wong ... Read more


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Reviews (314)

4-0 out of 5 stars DMX- And Then There Was X
DMX aka Earl Simmons album "And Then There Was X" continues his run of dropping banging albums. In this case it was his third album in under two years. Prolific. "One More Road to Cross" is laced with nice beats, courtesy of Swizz Beats, and X drops raw lyrics, with an addictive chorus. "Fame" and "Here we Go Again" follow. The first has X talking about fame, and coming up, the second has X talking about a street dilemma. "Party Up" is another nice track, with beats provided again from Swizz. "What these Bitches want" feat. Sisqo brings one of the nicest blends of hardcore hiphop and R&B. "Whats my Name" produced by Irv Gotti, shows DMXs ability to work with any beat and do it well, to the background of grand piano chords, DMX rhymes with an ill flow and gets the listner pumped. "Dont you Ever" and "Comin for You" continue the pace set by "Whats my Name". "D-X-L" feat Dragon and Lox, is one of the tracks that could of been left off the album another is the closer "Good Girls,Bad Guys" which is a garbage track. "Prayer III"continues X pattern of finishing album with a prayer. "Angel" feat. Regina Bell (Irv Gotti produced) is the 2nd to last track and would have been a good closer, its about classic good evil/battle and God. Memorable track with good replay value. X's first two albums were classics, this third album could been a classic if more time had been spent on production, and a few tracks could of been left off. All the same its not an album to miss if your an X fan, has hot beats, tight production, memorable lyrics and DMX's classic flow.

3-0 out of 5 stars And then there was DMX
Here is the song by song review of his 3rd album needs soothing
2.One More road to cross-does not fit his style 8/10
3.The Professional-Fits good with his style 9/10
6.Here we go again-goes okay with his style 8/10
7.Party Up in Here-does not fit but is Great maybe it does 10/10
8.Make a Move-does fit his style he does great 10/10
9.What they Want f Sisqo-This is pretty good 10/10
10.Whats my name-is loud beat that works 10/10
11.More 2 a song-this does fit his style 8/10
12.Don't you ever-this is pretty good beat 9/10
13.D-X-L(Hard White) Does do pretty good 9/10
14.Comin for ya-Probaly to loud for him 8/10
17.Angel-Does fit his style pretty good 8/10
18.Good Girls,Bad Guys-Okay joint thats it 7/10
Lyrically 8/10 Production 7/10 X Factor 7/10 Style 7/10 Voice 7
Music 8/10 Innovative 7/10 Classic 7/10 Guest 7/10 Blends 7/10
Overall 72 wich is a Middle 3.5 star release due to production
for the third album in a row I will give it 3 stars ***^

3-0 out of 5 stars It iite
not so great cant beat the first two... not as dark inmy opinion but its still okay... Dmx is still hot though... ... Read more

Asin: B00003IE26


Average Customer Review: 4.09 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (27 November, 2001)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

Arguably the most idiosyncratic MC in contemporary rap, Busta Rhymes flaunts his musical genius on his J Records debut. "Break Ya Neck," an uptempo headbanger produced by the good Dr. Dre, features Busta flipping his trademark rapid-fire delivery over some postmodern beats. The Neptunes lace Busta with some spacey heat-seeking rhythm tracks on "What It Is," featuring Kelis, while on "As I Come Back" Busta unleashes some potent dungeon-dragon roars and Jamaican-patois-inflected rhymes. Pedigreed knob twiddlers Pete Rock and Diamond D drop by to provide the dreadlocked wonder with some crisp beats and the first lady of the Flipmode Squad, Rah Digga, rips up some rhymes on "Betta Stay Up in Your House." Busta's clearly ditched the apocalyptic postmillennial musings heard on his last three studio albums for a more party-themed sound. Sure, he dabbles in a little bit of dorkery by enlisting the talents of P. Diddy on "Pass the Courvoisier," but all in all his eclectic rhymes and the plethora of wildly unpredictable beats makes Genesis a keeper. --Dalton Higgins ... Read more


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Reviews (57)

4-0 out of 5 stars this is a CRAZY cd; but i like it.
Busta Rhymes has always been one of my favorite rappers. he comes at his music with style and flavor; his own flavor that is. Comparable to maybe Outkast; Busta is just on the border of genius and crazy. his rhymes are clever and sometimes fast as hell; like on the Dr. Dre-produced track, "break ya neck".

Some of his songs just flow for days as Busta's crazy lines drop over some of the best beats i've heard in awhile. songs like "holla" (also produced by Dr. Dre) and "what it is" (produced by the neptunes) will give you a taste of Busta's more creative side.

One of his other sides would definately have to be shown in his anthems. he's got a few on this cd. songs like "everybody rise", "make it hurt" and "bounce" will defintately get your head bobbing.

One thing Busta did right on this cd, was select his producers. he's got some of the best in the game on this cd. Melman conributes on "bounce". The Neptunes are on a few tracks including the crazy track w/ P.Diddy, "pass the courvoisier". it's so much better than the remix in my opinion. Dr. Dre is on a few tracks. Just Blaze contributes to "we got what you want" and for those of you that know...you can't go wrong w/ Just Blaze.

THE POINT: this is definately one of my favorite rap cds. it's packed with creativity and flavor. ..... this cd is proof.

Stand-Out Songs:
1. Bounce (let me see ya throw it)
2. Everybody Rise Again
3. Break Ya Neck
4. Holla
5. Make it Hurt

5-0 out of 5 stars Hot to Def/ One of the Year's Best
This Busta Rhymes album is so hot to def. The first single "Break UR Neck" is a great song with dope production by Dre, Mel-Man and Scott storch. The song "Holla" produced by Dre is also a hot song that also appears on The Wash Sndtrk. The album starts off on the right foot with excellent production by Nottz, Just Blaze,Neptunes, Michaelango and Dre. Also a great idea is the song produced by Pete Rock, 2002 version of CL Smooth and Pete Rock "Shut Em down". Busta has something for everyone from the Big Truck song "Truck Volume" to party song like "Break Ya Neck", "Pass the Courvoiser" with P. Diddy, "What it is". The whole album is nice from the production by some of the top rawest producers to the hot songs like Everyone Rise, Betta Stay in the house with Rah digga, Genesis. Go get this or order this right now. One of the Year's Best Rap Albums. One Holla.

4-0 out of 5 stars The new genesis for Busta
Both "Anarchy" and "E.L.E: The Final World Front" have achieved greater appreciation and success, than "Genesis" in the long term. However, I believe "Genesis" to be ranking ties with the best Busta Rhymes releases to date. On this album Busta maintains his style and his image completely, but the production is partially left to the Neptunes and Dr. Dre himself, so the musical side of the album is way above average. Also, Busta's successful change of record label, prior to the release of "Genesis" has abviously left its positive mark on his work, because it is loaded with energy and humor all the way through. There are only a couple of tracks that sound wack and merely annoying, the prevailing remainder is of highest Busta Rhymes quality. ... Read more

Asin: B00005Q4PE


L.A. Confidential Presents: Knoc-Turn'al
Average Customer Review: 4.78 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (30 July, 2002)
list price: $8.98 -- our price: $8.98
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


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Reviews (9)

5-0 out of 5 stars hott
o my gosh! this is what i have been waiting for. hott hott cd. I just love his style.

4-0 out of 5 stars The Knoc
1. The Knoc 5/5 Best Song
2. Muzik 3/5
3. Str8 West Coast (Remix) 5/5
4. Let's All Roll 5/5
5. LA Nite-N-Day 5/5
6. Cash Sniffin' Noses 4/5

Lyrics: 4/5 Beats: 5/5 Overall: 4.5/5

4-0 out of 5 stars Nice Intro To The Rising Smoke From The West
Knoc-Turn'al is the newest big thing from the wast he is helping it gain it's once formadibal position atop the rap game back. Dr. Dre prodege but doesn't need dre to make him carry an album. He kept it short & tight and got a couple pf hot singles and nice tunes oout of it. I'll just mention the high lights

Knoc ft/Missy & Dr.Dre - Nice beat by Dr.Dre this was to be Knoc's single from his full album that got pushed back but alright. Missy does a nice hook but Dre really doesn't do much but drop a pretty short line or two. Knoc uses thsi song to really just showcase him self with a nice hit.

Str8 West Coast (Remix) ft/ Warren G, Nate Dogg, Shade Sheist & Xzibit - Great west coast anthem. This was originally on The Wash soundtrack in it's original version teh same good west coast beat is employed but the added guests spice things up a bit. My only disappointment is that Warren doesn't drop a new verse and i've been waiting awhile to hear something from him again.

Muzik - The second single has a nice powerful guitar riff beat. It was also used on a soundtrack. Knoc comes up with another catchy totally Knoc-Turn'al that sort of sets him apart.

Let's All Roll - ft/ Time Bomb, Jayo Felony, Butch Cassidy, & Slip Capone - This one is a nice rolling posse cut. Jayo & Time Bomb are my personal fav's on this song but slip & knoc both drop tight rhymes. What makes this track really nice is Butch on the hook, he is another on that will help bring the west back and he is already gaining some exposure.

L.A. Night & Day - This is a very trippy laid back smoked out track. Knoc does a pretty damn catchy verse and to make things even more impressive he is the one who produced the great beat. Real nice to ride out with on a saturday night or to chill, sit back & schmoke a phatty to.

all in all a nice sample of what Knoc has to offer and good signs comming from teh left coast once again. ... Read more

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The Good Times
Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (28 August, 2001)
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Editorial Review

Cross 1970s smut poet Rudy Ray Moore with'90s comedic rappers the Afros, marinate them in malt liquor, and whatdo you get? Afroman, the first hip-hop-flavored novelty act of the 21stcentury. The self-proclaimed hungry hustler's unabashed take onAmerican rap from a blaxploitation point of view consists of alaid-back delivery and funky yarns loosely flowing over wah-wah guitargrooves and Hammond organ riffs. It's guaranteed to amuse somelisteners and offend many, many more. One glance at The GoodTimes' track listing should help you decide into which camp you'llfall. The subject matter of tunes such as "Because I Got High" (alsofeatured on the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack) and"Let's All Get Drunk" is readily apparent. But it's all good in the'hood. Afroman and crew sound like they're having a great old timelaying it down, and at least one song on this album will make youlaugh. --Rebecca Levine ... Read more


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Reviews (46)

5-0 out of 5 stars Not What You May Think
If you're high when you listen to this outrageous album, you're going to think it's all about the joys of "Tumbleweed". But listen up when you're straight... Afroman is telling people what life on drugs and drink is really like, and he's being hugely entertaining at the same time. Pretty sneaky... His real name is Joseph Foreman, and he's a former church drummer and security guard, who is amazed that his little garage band song "Because I Got High" has made him a famous recording star. The real dope on his attitude towards weed is when he was asked by Lisa Allen-Agostini of the LA TImes if he still smokes. He said, "Not if you've got things to do. And I got lots of things to do."
This is a smart guy... there's something in this album for you if you're a homey with a blunt and a Colt 45, or if you're the Narc on the beat. Oh yeah, and the music is great.

5-0 out of 5 stars 'GOOD TIMES' by Afroman
1. Because I Got High
2. Crazy Rap
3. She Won't Let Me...
4. Hush
5. Tumbleweed
6. Let's All Get Drunk
7. Tall Cans
8. Palmsdale
9. Mississippi
10. The American Dream
11. Because I Got High (Extended Version) {Hidden Track}

Every track on Afromans debut album "Good Times" is great. From "Crazy Rap" to "Tumbleweed" to "Mississippi", it is one of the best hip hop albums of 2001.


4-0 out of 5 stars It Ain't That Bad- If You Are 12.
I remember the days of being young, care free, a naive little tramp but could smell crap from a mile away.... oh wait this isn't the Britney Spears Review section? Oh ok.

Anyways moving onto THIS review.... let's get one thing straight. If you're expecting something revolutionary in Hip-Hop then turn your ugly ass around and walk away from this CD fools, because you're not going to get it in this album.

Now if you're young or still immature and haven't grown pubes yet then this is perfect for you. I remember being 12 when I asked my sister to get this for me on my birthday.... and wow I was impressed. No Really straight up.

His lyrics aren't on a high level such as erm... well me! But he keeps it real with a funky 70 retro beat kinda style with the funky guitar with a whole funk-a-dellic theme. His lyrics have the intelligence of 16year old stoner but hey.... just look at the title tracks.

1. Because I Got High - The first single of this. Couldn't stop cracking my fragile little bones when I heard this. And when I saw the un-cut version I nearly choked laughing. Some funny lyrics, simple beat but still good. A
2. Crazy Rap - If you've only heard the radio version you won't get the third verse. He basically just talks dirty all the way through this talking about all the girls he f**ked (yeah right, in his weed smoking dreams) but still a great beat and funny lyrics. The second single off the album A-
3. She Won't Let Me... A Yes, another guitar funked influenced song. Shame the lyrics are BS. B-
4. Hush - Hmmmm, a bit deep of Afroman. A bit of soul in this... and I don't mean KFC. C+
5. Tumbleweed - Well...uhh....yeah F
6. Let's All Get Drunk- Haha, a real funny song, one of my favourites with a great beat and once again sporting the immature yet funny lyrics. B+
7. Tall Cans- "AFRO MAN LIKES TALL CANS"- Woooo this was like hearing one of those 70 classic beats. Pure perfection. A+
8. Palmdale- "PALMDALE... COME BACK TO ME... I NEED YOU AND I LOVE YOU BABY" It's not bad,.,,.. but far from good. C-
9. Mississippi- Wow... doesn't even deserve an F (U) U= Ungraded.
10. The American Dream- a funny skit over the Coz I Got High music. Kinda funny, didn't understand some of it at the time, but now I look back it, it's aight. A

Peace out ... Read more

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Great Milenko
Average Customer Review: 4.48 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (12 August, 1997)
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Editorial Review

Comedy hip-hop generally takes the low route, doing either physical humor (cf. The Fat Boys) or a litany of cheap-shots and potty-talk (cf. 2 Live Crew). Insane Clown Posse does both. But they're also side-splittingly funny for a couple listens--and pretty good with the beats and samples besides. The concept's like this: These two white guys have a vision of global unity that has something to do with dressing as clowns and spraying soda all over everything. They're, like, dead or something, so they have supernatural powers, and each album they put out represents a card in this eternal trump hand that'll call God back to earth when it's all collected together. If you can think of anything funnier on the spot, go get a record deal. --Gavin McNett ... Read more


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Reviews (274)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Great Milenko (review)
"The Great Milenko" by ICP is one of the best CD's EVER!! I'll walk y'all through it a little, so you'll know why it was one of the best CD's:
1) Intro-9.5/10- Alice Cooper did a great job on the narration. It really sets the tone for the album.
2) Great Milenko-9/10- It's a little over a minute long. Kind of like another intro, but it gives more detail to the great milenko himself
3) Hokus Pokus-11/10- One of the strongest tracks on the CD. Funny lyrics, too.
4) Piggy Pie-11/10- Kick-ass lyrics, and the chorus is cool too. The skit after the song was hillarious.
5) How Many Times-7/10- I don't know why, but this track was pretty weak. The beat was okay and the lyrics were too, but something about it made it sound repetitive.
6) Southwest Voodoo-11/10- Another one of the best songs on the album
7) Halls of Illusions-10/10- Great lyrics and meaning
8) Under the Moon-9/10- the eerie music and bizarre lyrics made the track stand out on this CD. Another one of my favorite ones.
9) What is a Juggalo-8/10- The lyrics are okay, but the chorus sucks.
10) House of Horrors-8/10- I liked this track at first, but then it started to get old...fast
11) Boogie Woogie Wu-4/10- I hate this song so much, I don't wanna even review it
12) Neden Game-100/10-(no that isn't a typo)The track is set up like a dating gameshow. I guarantee you'll love this one.
13) Hellalujah-100/10- Great skits, the lyrics are the reason i'm not religious (why should you have to spend money for a blessing?).
14) Down With the Clown-100/10- A juggalo anthem. Need I say more?
15) Just Like That-9/10- This track reminds me of something from Ringmaster
16) Pass Me By-8/10- Pretty fair track. That's all.
Anyway, I hoped my review helped in trying to figure out whether you want this album of not. This one is DEFINITELY for the juggalos.MMFCL!!

5-0 out of 5 stars one of the greatest CDs ever
great milenko is my favourite ICP cd they've made because it's the most juggalo sounding of them all and all the songs are incredibly catchy and the lyrics are wicked any way a review of the songs
1. Intro - very dark and scary the best intro of any of their CDs 9/10
2. Great milenko - wicked short song, very catchy beat 10/10
3. Hokus Pokus - one of their best songs ever, funny as lyrics, for the juggalos
4. piggy pie pretty cool song, great chorus and amusing lyrics 8/10
5. how many times? - one of their darkest songs, good slow beat but repetitive 8/10
6. southwest voodoo - probably their best song ever wicked easy to follow lyrics, awesome beat wicked juggalo pleaser 10/10
7. halls of illusions - very good song and different meaning to your regular ICP songs and cool guitar riffs in the chorus, very aggressive track 10/10
8. under the moon - not bad but it sounds too much like something off the wraith. 5/10
9. what is a juggalo - wicked song about as good as hokus pokus, hilarious lyrics 10/10
10. house of horrors - great song with a wicked beat, sounds like most of the stuff on the riddle box 9/10
11. boogie wooggie wu - ok song, a bit childish, not something i'd listen to all the time 6/10
12. the neden game - very funny song, cool beat, but i think jokers wild was a better gameshow style song 8/10
13. hellalujah - pretty funny song but gets annoying and doesnt have enough of a beat 6/10
14. down with the clown - absaloutely wicked song, same style juggalo song like hokus pokus and southwest voodoo, wicked beat, catchy lyrics, very long outro.10/10
15. just like that - pretty cool song but a bit fast, sounds like something off ringmaster 7/10
16. pass me by - pretty good but they should have made a better song for the outro. 6/10

overall this CD gets 10/10 for the 10/10 songs alone, you wont find better songs on other Cds after you listen to southwest voodoo, hokus pokus, halls of illusions, down with the clown and what is a juggalo.

5-0 out of 5 stars the best jokers card ever!!!!!!!
before i say anything i'd like to say that i recommend that every juggalo and juggalet should get this album.<br /> <br /> 1.intro-7/10 the intro is pretty cool,a little funny.<br /> <br /> 2.great milenko-5/10 sort of like another intro,it's alright<br /> <br /> 3.hokus pokus-10/10 awesome song!funny and a great beat and chorus<br /> <br /> 4.piggy pie-8/10 preety good song.awesome lyrics and beat.the skit of the end of the song is funny as hell!!! i gurantee you will laugh.i tape recorded this and played it in my math class.everyone loved the skit and laughed their ass off,teacher got mad though.<br /> <br /> 5.how many times-3/10 not that good,thats all i can say.<br /> <br /> 6.southwest voodoo-6/10 this song is fair<br /> <br /> 7.halls of illusions-10/10 completely awesome song.everything in it is great.<br /> <br /> 8.under the moon-not sure what i could say about this one.sorry.<br /> <br /> 9.what is a juggalo-10/10 this song is for every juggalo!i recommend every juggalo listens to this song!!!<br /> <br /> 10.house of horrors-3/10 not really good lyrics,beat,or humor.<br /> <br /> 11.boogie woogie wu-7/10 fair.a little horror,good chorus,and good beat.<br /> <br /> 12.the neden game-100/10 insanely awesome laugh your ass off track!!!get ready to play a dating game with extremely crude humor and crude sexual comments!listen to this song!!!!!!!!!!<br /> <br /> 13.hellalujah-not sure about this one either.sorry.<br /> <br /> 14.down with the clown-10/10 a juggalo and jugglets song.very good lyrics,chorus,and beat.<br /> <br /> 15.just like that-9/10 everything in this song is good.just short.<br /> <br /> 16.pass me by-2/10 not a good song. ... Read more

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The Wraith: Shangri-La [Riviera]
Average Customer Review: 3.96 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (05 November, 2002)
list price: $19.98 -- our price: $19.98
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


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Reviews (145)

5-0 out of 5 stars Eight months well-spent
I don't think any reviews on amazon.com do this album any justice. Something needs to be said: this album is nearly flawless. The production is thicker than any other album by ICP. There's a lot of diversity in it as well. The lush soundscapes on each track makes ICP's most profound lyrics and performances make the presentation all the better. The liner notes are everything a juggalo could ever hope for. A thick booklet without shameless adds for stupid merchandise. An hour-long free DVD.
With ICP I prefer to give short track-by-track reviews. They're all perfect 10's.

Thy Intro [unlisted] - Unlike the other Joker's cards, the intro is short and doesn't intrude with the flow of the album.
Walk Into Thy Light - A melodic mood-setter for this bright fan-pleasing album.
Welcome To Thy Show - Sgt. Pepper anyone? This is ICP's first TRUE concept album. Nothing but goodness on this track.
Get Ya Wicked On - Short, sweet.
Murder Rap - Old School. Good cover. Great production.
Birthday Bxtches - Short and funny. ICP can be weird like this.
Blaaam!!! - A memorable song about getting everything you want.
It Rains Diamonds - Wow.
Bxtchslappaz [unlisted] - Short Old School type track. A fan-pleaser.
Thy Staleness - This is why we love ICP. More "stab stab" fun. Its a salute to fans and a message to their critics. Esham appears to much of our delight at the end and sets the mood for the next track.
Hell's Forecast - Disturbing enough. I am hoping that Hell's Pit
(this album's counterpart) will be more frightening than this. After all, this is still Shangri-La.
Juggalo Homies - ICP always knew how to sequence tracks for contrast. One of the lightest good-spirited songs (Most heard this song before we heard the album. If you haven't, don't listen to it before you hear the album.)
Ain't Yo Business - Fantastic track. Production is not very "heavenly", but we wouldn't want the album to be redundant.
Soopa Villians [unlisted] - Great team with ICP and Esham (the Boogieman?).
We Belong - Unusual/interesting production keeps the album from being redundant.
Cotton Candy & Popsicles - Better than you may expect. It works.
Crossing Thy Bridge - Killer track.
Thy Raven's Mirror - The album moves along toward the end.
Thy Wraith - The sixth Joker's Card is explained in this track for anyone who cannot think.
Thy Unveiling - While everything becomes "clear" after hearing this track, anyone who can listen and read will not be surprised by it. The album does not end abruptly and it should not.

What ICP does stylisticly on this album is respectable. When they do a rap track, they do a rap track. There are also rock songs. The mixing of the two isn't common. I can imagine that a lot of us were hoping they would take that route. Each track is very strong because of this choice, and their skill as lyricists is more evident after giving this album a listen.
ICP has made the best album of their career, and it puts a little too much pressure on their next release (Hell's Pitt) which even shares the same title as sixth Joker's Card.

5-0 out of 5 stars Finally, the 6th Jokers Card
I've been a dedicated ICP fan since their first album "Carnival Of Carnage" and i've heard every album since. "The Wraith: Shangri-La" finally tells everyone the one thing they've been wanting to know: WHAT IS THE SIXTH JOKERS CARD? Now that's its here, it is both good and bad for ICP fans. The good is that we know what the sixth and all the other jokers cards are. The bad is that there will be no more jokers cards, which means no more new ICP albums. I cannot wait till part 2 of the sixth jokers card "The Wraith: Hell's Pit" comes out in November 2003. I'll always be down with the clown...

1. Walk Into The Light (5:09)
2. Welcome To The Show (3:12)
3. Get Ya Wicked On (1:47)
4. Murder Rap (2:32)
5. Birthday B***** (1:18)
6. Blam! (3:39)
7. It Rains Diamonds (5:26)
8. The Staleness (3:58)
9. Hell's Forecast (2:58)
10. Juggalo Homies (4:42)
11. Ain't Yo Bisness (4:49)
12. We Belong (2:44)
13. Cotton Candy and Popsicles (3:42)
14. Crossing The Bridge (4:14)
15. The Raven's Mirror (2:59)
16. The Wraith (3:33)
17. The Unvelling (3:37)
Other ICP albums you should have:

"Vol. 3 Forgotten Freshness"
"Amazing Jeckel Brothers"
"Vol. 1 & 2 Forgotten Freshness"
"Tunnel Of Love (EP)"
"Terror Wheel (EP)"
"Great Milenko"
"Riddle Box"
"Beverly Kills"
"Carnival Of Carnage"

5-0 out of 5 stars KICK ASS!!!

5.BIRTHDAY B******:B-
6.BLAAAM!!!:A+ ... Read more

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The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
Average Customer Review: 3.96 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (25 May, 1999)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
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US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

Editorial Review

The rise of the Insane Clown Posse--or a group very much like them--was probably inevitable; somebody had to play the part of Howard Stern in the rap world. That it was two guys in clown makeup who rap--badly--over prerecorded tracks and spray their audiences with soda was a pure accident, brought about when their former record label dropped the act on the eve of the release of The Great Milenko. The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, their first proper follow-up album to Milenko, capitalizes on their notoriety; it features guests like the Jerky Boys and Ol' Dirty Bastard and issues challenges to MTV, Lollapalooza, and Kiss bassist Gene Simmons--whom ICP accuse of stealing their "shit" (though shtick would be a more appropriate word, and it was Simmons's in the first place). ICP stick with the formula on Jeckel Brothers that they've, um, perfected; it's not for everyone, but fans won't be disappointed. --Randy Silver ... Read more


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Reviews (175)

3-0 out of 5 stars COULD'VE BEEN BETTER

5-0 out of 5 stars The 5th Jokers Card Is Amazing!
We've seen 4 jokers cards and now here's the 5th, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. I wouldn't say it's Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J's best work, but it's damn near close.
Here's what i thought about each track:

1. Intro - nothing to say.
2. Jack Jeckel - nothing to say.
3. Bring It On - This track kicks [prosterior}, a great opening for The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. Plus after this track is a hilarious phone skit with the FOOKOFF joke from the RiddleBox album.
4. I Want My [Sh*t] - Awesome track, one of the best on the album.
5. B*tches - [Heck] yeah, ICP and ODB, what more can you ask for?
6. Terrible - It's alright.
7. I Stab People - Good track.
8. Another Love Song - Follow up to the original Love Song from Ringmaster, this one is even better.
9. Everbody Rize - Wicked track.
10. Play With Me - Good.
11. Jake Jeckel - nothing to say.
12. [F*ck] The World - Awesome song, in this song, Shaggy says ... 93 times!
13. Shaggy Show - Awesome, features Snoop Dogg and some hilarious commercial skits.
14. Mad Professor - Good.
15. Assassins - Awesome.
16. Echo Side - Nah.
17. Nothing's Left - No, i don't like it.

This album comes with 3 different cases: yellow, red, and clear.

1-0 out of 5 stars This Band Sucks
I listened to a couple of ICP's songs and they are the worst band or group or what ever you want to call them i have ever heard in my life. Any one who would listen to ICP is a freek and stupid. I mean who in gods name would like a band that has there own wrestling league and wears make up is cool. I for sure think that is childish and is a sack of crap.

DON"T BUY ICP THEY SUCK!!!!! ... Read more

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Carnival of Carnage
Average Customer Review: 4.27 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (25 August, 1998)
list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
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Reviews (90)

4-0 out of 5 stars Carnival of Carnage
Gr8 cd cant say itz they best but each cd got better and better after this cd

1.Intro-This introduces the Dark Carnival and explains what it is

2.Carnival of carnage-Just a track that says carnival of carnage over & over has a gr8 beat tho

3.The Juggla-The 1st actual song on the cd one of the best on the cd

4.First Day Out-A juggalo classic this song was later remade by twiztid for their album "MoStAsTeLeSs"

5.Red Neck Hoe-anotha classic that was also remade by icp & twiztid for the album "Psychopathics from outer space"

6.Wizard of the hood-Awesome song that was later made into an ep that featured Twiztid blaze and abk

7.Is That you w/ Kid Rock-This song pretty much blows not just because of Kid Rock i just dont like it

8.Psychopathic- Alright song

9.guts on the ceiling-ok song

10.The rest of the songs on this cd are gr8 id review em but im gettin lazy so just take my word forit

Peace ninjaz MCL


3-0 out of 5 stars The worst Joker's Card
I love ICP, and I think their earlier stuff is generally better, but this isn't very consistent, and their are only a few songs up to their usual quality. The lyrics are pretty stupid too.

1) Intro (10/10) This is a great intro to their entire legacy/saga/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. It has some chimes and Violent J (Best name ever!) talking about how the Carnival of Carnage is coming to a peaceful little town.

2) Carnival of Carnage (7/10) A usual ICP title track (they just say the title over and over on top of a beat, and sometimes have verses), but this isn't as good Great Milenko or Riddlebox. Kind of boring.

3) The Juggla (6/10) This is pretty stupid. They sucked at rapping when they made this for the most part. I mean come on ("and like I said I'll mug ya, so don't f--k with the juggla!" Tons and tons of cuss words.

4) First Day Out (8/10) Much better than the Juggla. Usual ICP abuse-some-poor-little-girl song. Kind of funny, especially the "I've got a...little piece of chicken for ya" thing. Nice creepy beat.

5) Red Neck Hoe (6/10) Might be good, except theirs this stupid voice saying "f--kin Bigot!" in the background over and over!

6) Wizard of the Hood (8/10) Good story, lame beat.

7) Is that you? (9/10) Best yet on the CD at this point. Not bad, and the beat and rapping is good, but the "play that ass like a bongo!" thing Kid Rock (yes, he's in this song) said is unbearably idiotic.

8) Psychopathic (7/10) Lacks substance. Just a simple boring beat and for about half the song he just says "Psychopachic!" over and over.

9) Guts on the Ceiling (11/10) YAY! Awesome creepy song about trying to find his guts cuz he exploded. Rapping is still bad, but one of my favorites. Ringmaster quality. This has the "Yo, you'll never guess what's up" that's used in Cemetary Girl. Juggalos know what I mean.

10) Never Had it Made (20/10) The best on the CD by far, because there are many different sections and the beat and samples are so creepy. Story of Violent J's life (or at least the one he made up). One of their best songs ever.

11) Your Rebel Flag (?/?) Don't know if I like this, I couldn't find it on Kazaa.

12) Ghetto Freak Show (9/10) Pretty good and not too stupid.

13) Taste (12/10) Great, song about ghetto revenge, lots of guest rappers who are way better than the clowns themselves.

This is worth buying only for Guts on the Ceiling, Never had it Made, and Taste.

5-0 out of 5 stars 1 of the better jokers cards.
This is Insane Clown Posses 1st and 1 of thier best c.d.s. I like this, the amazing jekel brothers, and the wraith tied for the best.I own all 6 jokers cards + bizzar, bizaar, and forgotten freshness vol's 1 and 2, so i know alot about these guys. This along with every other (icp) CD is reccomended. ... Read more

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Forgotten Freshness: Vols. 1 & 2
Average Customer Review: 4.75 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (18 August, 1998)
list price: $24.98 -- our price: $22.99
(price subject to change: see help)
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
Reviews (40)

5-0 out of 5 stars This CD is their best collection!
This has got to be the best collection of ICP's rare songs. I really like "85 Bucks an Hour" and "Red Christmas." They are the best! If you want to have every ICP song ever, then this is the one to get. You will enjoy it! It has good songs and 2 remixes and the original version of "Piggy Pie." Although I think the remix of "Hokus Pokus" is horrible, the rest is fresh.

5-0 out of 5 stars Even More Dark Carnival Perfection!!!
Great, if you love'em. Garbage, if you hate'em. Still, this is a great mish-mash of rarities that never found a home on LP or EP and seals the notion that the Insane Clown Posse are indeed prolific. Arguably, the most prolific Rap group of the 90s! Christmas and Halloween tracks highlight the double set showing the duo can flawlessly drop appropriate rhymes for the holidays. The Halloween spirit suits ICP perfectly with spooky storytelling tracks like Halloween On Military Street, Dead Pumpkins and Mr. Rotten Treats. Plus, there is some well earned revulsion towards Xmas with tracks like Santa's a Fat B*tch and Red Christmas that will warm the heart of any holiday weary lout. Another plus is Hollywood Records un-approved version Piggy Pie with it's ultra violent lyrics that would make any self respecting Juggalo drool. More lost gems like House of Wonders, I Didn't Mean To Kill' Em, and Mental Warp just perplex juggalos, that they never found themselves on a proper album. If you can't get enough of the clown duo after you bought all their Jokers Cards this set will satisfy the void.

5-0 out of 5 stars Simply... just awesome... you have to get it
This cd realized me that I am a real juggalo. Now I feel like I'm ready to join Dark Carnival family... and you know what? WE WANT YOU 2!! BUY IT AND JOIN US !! ... Read more

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The Riddle Box
Average Customer Review: 4.56 out of 5 stars
Audio CD (10 October, 1995)
list price: $17.98 -- our price: $13.99
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Reviews (125)

5-0 out of 5 stars It looks like the joke's on you!
After putting together two entertaining and intriguing albums ("Carnival of Carnage" & "Ringmaster"), ICP found their formula and hit their creative peak with this masterpiece. "Riddlebox" is the ultimate ICP album. On the 3rd Joker's Card J and Shaggy deliver a hip hop album with so much punch it could crack somebody's ribs if they were turned sideways while this CD was playing. Outrageously funny at times, and psychotic all the way through, the album hits hardest after the track 'Lil' Sumpin' Sumpin'' ends. The final four songs (especially the haunting song "12", which is arguably ICP's best song ever) create the dark mood that best describes the world of the Juggalos and the Dark Carnival, and sets the stage for the 4th Joker's Card, "The Great Milenko". And as for some people saying ICP can't put out good music like Korn or Limp Bizkit? Just check out the remix of "Chicken Huntin'" which came out the same time Korn's first album did, and WAY before L.B. Finally, I will say that if you don't own "Riddlebox", or have never heard it, you will never truly understand yourself.

5-0 out of 5 stars Dark, funny, and brilliant.
This is Insane Clown Posse's 3rd installment of their series of 6 Joker's Cards. A lot of people would call Riddlebox ICP's best album. Some would say this is where ICP is at their creative peak. I would have to agree with that. Many of the songs are some of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope's best work. The coolest songs on this cd are "The Show Must Go On", "Cemetary Girl", and "12". "I'm Coming Home" is personally my favorite track by ICP. The Insane Clown Posse can write some unique rap songs because they rap about a variety of different things. Things like dead bodies, toys, and beating down rednecks. I suggest that you buy all of the Joker's Cards or anything by ICP because everything they put out is phat.

5-0 out of 5 stars #1 jokers card
i'm a big ICP fan. out of all six joker cards this one was the best. the songs "Chiken Huntin'" and "The Show Must Go On" are awesome. even if your not a ICP fan you'll love it. it kicks ass! if you bye it you'll won't stop listening to this. The Riddle Box is wicked and the best!!!!!!!!! ... Read more

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Audio CD (31 October, 2000)
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3-0 out of 5 stars Boy, it feels so good. Everytime I murder, I get happy!
2000's "Bizzar" is a lyrical trashfest that temporarily drifts away from the scary side of the Dark Carnival. Hilariously vulgar and unrestrained, this album is basically a Saturday morning cartoon packed with car crashes, psychotic killers, and razor-sharp stabs at MTV. The CD also features cameo appearances by Twiztid, Blaze, and Esham.
On the album's opening title track, Juggalos are invited to jam on the dance floor. Out to break every funny bone in the U.S., Violent J raps about working at Kinkos and keeping a corpse in his car. He even uses the bathroom in the song's latter half! "Cherry Pie" is a raunchy slice of nymphomaniac porn served a la mode! "Radio Stars" is an audio barrel of laughs! In this scenario, J and Shaggy make many disastrous attempts to make a music video for MTV, zooming from DMX-style rap to Weezer-like alternative to even boy band pop! "Bizzar's" single, "Let's Go All the Way," provides the hope of a better world. It's a dream parade in which everyone is invited, and no one is rejected or harrassed. "Let a Killa" is an unapologetic hip-hop bashing of today's models and celebrities. In "Juggalo Paradise," a tormented J is touched by the Dark Carnival and given the strength to toss icebergs, snatch jewels with Chinese ninjas, and straighten the Tower of Pisa. Finally, the surprisingly gentle "Crystal Ball" predicts a grim future for a Detroit drug dealer.
Unfortunately, "Bizzar's" other tracks make the CD fall short overall. They basically were not as meticulously thought out as the demented duo's Joker Card classics. "Questions" is nothing more than a series of absurd and gruesome phrases. Both "Mr. Happy" and "My Axe" star J as a medicated, 30-year-old murderer who thinks with the mind of a 6-year-old boy. "If" is a silly song that may as well answer questions out of a book at Barnes & Noble.
If you are a new buyer seeking ICP's material, you may want to consider purchasing the Bizzar-Bizarr double release later. You are better off listening to all six Joker Cards, from 1991's "Carnival of Carnage" to 2002's "The Wraith."

4-0 out of 5 stars Unique!
Firstoff, to clear some confusion amongst some Insane Clown Posse fans known as ..., we can look forward to more Insane Clown Posse. Bizzar is thus unique in many ways. Firstly, its design is far removed from those of any Joker's Cards such as The Amazing Jeckel Brothers or The Great Milenko, and so forth. Furthermore, ICP themselves stated in a recent interview that they went into their Dark Carnival studio with the mindset of having never heard another piece of music ever before, as though they were the only band on the planet, and it shows. Moreso than their Joker's Cards, with their now-customary circus sounds and language, Bizzar mixes and manipulates all kinds of noises and special effects, and blends them with ICP lyrics which actually seem somewhat deeper than their usual works. In my humble opinion, Bizzar is actually better than its sister album, Bizaar, with tracks like the jamming Let's Go all The Way, Questions, which is reminiscent of How Many Times?, Mr Happy, which is hauntingly funny, and Radio Stars, in which ICP attempt to "sell-out" their artistic merits in a quest for airtime, a funny parody. Crystal Ball, however, is my favorite, in the tradition of other chilling last-tracks on ICP albums. I urge all my fellow ... to buy this cd, because even though it's not a Joker's Card, it is ICP at their most unique, not to mention hysterical. But, if you've gotta buy only one CD, buy Bizzar. You will not be disappointed.

5-0 out of 5 stars Bizzar
This is a great cd (but what do u excpt from icp?). Bizaar goes great with this but this is a must have!!! It has a great beat that is addictive. if u listen to it once ull want to buy it no doubt its not a waste of money. ... Read more

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