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    Three Snakes & One Charm
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (19 December, 2000)
    list price: $11.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Original recording remastered
    Reviews (18)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Noisy and annoying!
    Hmmm, Black Crowes...well...
    To me, and obviously to a lot of other people, Black Crowes music is very influenced by Rolling Stones but Stones have something that Black Crowes lack - it takes more than pot, attitude and a slobby approach to be a rock and roll band. Of course they managed to perform one or two great numbers every once in a while, but mostly it's rather boring and the vocals can really annoy you. This release includes NO great tune at all, the only decent one is "Just say you're sorry". The rest is awful!

    Once I had four Black Crowes albums. First I sold "Amorica", and now is this one "Three snakes..." in the pile for cd's to be sold. That leaves me with "The southern harmony..." and "By your side"...for the moment...

    4-0 out of 5 stars Better than most people give it credit for
    THREE SNAKES AND ONE CHARM once again show the BLACK CROWES evolving their sound, while still being able to still show their influences. Yes, it does sound different than their first two albums, but different doesnt mean worse. Yes, you have to give this album a few listens to get used to it, but I think thats what makes this album good. UNDER A MOUNTAIN and GOOD FRIDAY, help to start the album off. These songs are slow with some good melodies and I think that Chris Robinson's vocals sound real well on this songs. GOOD FRIDAY just might be the best song from this album. NEBERKANEZER has a rough sounding, rockin beat that rocks. Another hit. ONE MIRROR TOO MANY, and BLACKBERRY are just straight rockin songs that are also hits. GIRL FROM A PAWNSHOP is another ballad type song that once again shows off the vocal abilities. I also like the organ playing on this one, way to go Ed!!!I also recommend that you give a listen to(ONLY) HALFWAY TO EVERYWHERE, BRING ON, BRING ON, LET ME SHARE THE RIDE, BETTER WHEN YOURE NOT ALONE, and the bonus tracks JUST SAY YOURE SORRY and MELOW DOWN EASY. Out of the 14 songs, there were only a couple that I couldnt really get into, but this is still a great album and it does deserve some merit.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not the best, but still worth it
    I learned about the Crowes in reverse order, starting with Lions and this was the last CD I bought.The only way to truly review this is to dissect it song by song.

    #1 Under a Mountain -Wonderful.Exactly what you would expect from the Crowes.The "perfume and valium" line is brilliant.

    #2 Good Friday -Great down-home/bayouish harmonica intro.A good one to sing along to.The chorus is real catchy, one of those that will get stuck in your head.

    #3 Nebakanezer- Don't listen to it too loud or the feedback noise at the begining will kill your ears.Kind of crazy, but who says that's a bad thing?

    #4 One Mirror Too Many - This is the one Crowes song I can't stand!

    #5 Blackberry - Not Chris's best, lyrically, but the guitar kicks.

    #6 Girl From A Pawnshop - Classic.

    #7 Halfway to Everywhere - Funky, it's the one you dance to!

    #8 Bring On, Bring On - Softer than most of their other stuff, real mellow and laid back.Just chill.

    #9 How Much For Your Wings? - Lots of dischord within this one, I find it kind of unsettling.

    #10 Let Me Share the Ride - Destined to become a classic hitchiker's anthem.

    #11 Better When You're Not Alone - Jangly early 90s Seattle sound.Had it been around, this would have been on the Singles Soundtrack.

    #12 Evil Eye - My favorite on the album.It could have gone on Southern Harmony or Amorica and fit in fine!

    In short, Three Snakes is the marriage of By Your Side and Amorica. ... Read more

    Asin: B000054OX9
    Sales Rank: 265614
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   

    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (04 June, 1996)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $13.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    With Load, Metallica takes a dramatic left turn with their music, continuing in the direction suggested by Metallica, their previous album. The songs on Load have groove; they're slower, with far fewer of the lightning-fast riffs that have been Metallica's trademark since their inception. While songs like "Ain't My Bitch" and "Wasting My Hate" are up-tempo and full of the vitriol one would expect from the quintessential heavy metal band, "2 X 4" is hard rock with a blues beat, "Hero of the Day" sounds positively mainstream, and "Mama Said" is an actual, honest-to-god ballad. While some diehard fans may find this mix unappealing, there's plenty to like about this album, including its laid-back, rhythmic orientation, and James Hetfield's characteristic growl tempered by his growing maturity as a vocalist. -- Genevieve Williams ... Read more

    Reviews (508)

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Few Bricks Shy Of A Full Load: But One Heavy Son of A.....
    Load is a departure from everything Metallica ever did in many respects but it still holds true in many others. First off for those who are seeking thrash or a heavy song Aint' My Bitc_ suffices. For those who are seeking black album type lyrical brilliance and more melodic sound we turn to King Nothing and esspecially The House That Jack Built. For a departure into uncharted areas you have really the really good songs Until It Sleeps or Bleeding Me. And then also a mix between thrash and black The Cure(one of the best Load songs). So as I've said in other reviews metallica's only real crime is being human. Humans mature and advance in thought, you don't think one specific way throughout your entire life. For instance aside from the obvious example of the title Kill 'Em All was in general about being as big of a bad as_ as you possibly could, seeing about hell, death, destruction, and other things...not suitable for family television.

    And Justice is where you really see the change. Specifically with One. But then the Black Album was obviously an even bigger change leading to even bigger things.

    But I think Lars said it best "...No ones gonna [...] sit down and tell me what the [...] Metallicas about. That felt right at the time and (no one can tell us what our sound is)". And it gets the point across, Metallica does whatever the hell they feel like doing and as I've said in other reviews it's better to take things with an open mind, enjoying all rock instead of just one kind. From Puppets to Reload to St. Anger it's all good, you just have to listen with an open ear and try and find a meaning in the lyrics, it provides a new...passion previously concealed in the lyrics. And load is no different. The only thing I didn't like was the absence of lyrics in the lyric books.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Load
    First off let me say this is no Master of Puppets or Ride the lightning nor is it a St. Anger, ...And Justice For All, or Kill 'Em All, and its not much like the Black Album.It is in a league of it's own along with ReLoad. Load was released in 1996, while ReLoad was released in 1997.This album features shorter more melodic and mature songs. The riffs are not very metal and there is no fast frantic classic Hetfield type singing you find in the other albums.Though the lyrics are probably best on this album.

    I will only review the first part of the album because I dont listen to the second half as it is quite weak.

    1. Aint My Bitch- a faster Black Album style song that James wrote about an ex girlfriend. It's allright. (6.5/10)

    2. 2x4- Kind of a weird song good lyrics bad solos. (6/10)

    3. House That Jack Built- Great and I mean Great song. 6 minutes with outstanding lyrics and vocals. Kirk has a "talkbox" solo which is very unique and sounds pretty good. Very catchy chorus sounds great.
    "the higher you are
    the farther you fall
    the longer the walk
    the farther you crawl
    My Body, My Temple
    This Temple it tilts
    Step into the house that Jack built"

    great lyrics right there and they are sung so well by James. Second best song on Load. The song is about James' addiction to alcohol and probably specifically Jack daniels whiskey(house that jack built as in jack daniels.) (9/10)

    4. Until It sleeps- Good song with a weird guitar song but great lyrics and great vocals. With a catchy chorus it demands attention which is why it is a very frequent radio song. The lyrics are very depressing and sad and are about one of James' parents dying of cancer.(8/10)

    5. King Nothing- catchy Radio song, nice solos and good vocals. You probanly have heard this on your local rock station.(8/10)

    6. Hero of the Day- My personal favorite song on Load. Real catchy, and has great lyrics with some real nice guitars in there.The song has to do with Children these days who look to tv and media for idols, heros and role models when there are ones living with them at home(their parents)(10/10)

    7. Bleeding Me- Real long song, a bit more heavy with real complex guitars and lyrics.I still have no idea what it is about but good song none the less. (8/10)

    Buy this Album for Hero of the Day, The House that Jack Built, Until It Sleeps, and Beeding Me. And hey you may like the second half of the album. I wouldnt say this is better than 80's metallica but it is better than Reload and possibly St. Anger(very Underrated). Although I really hate ReLoad(only good song is Fuel).

    4-0 out of 5 stars metallica's melow side but still good songwriting
    load is definetly metallica's melow side but thats not all bad i mean this album proves how great their lyrics can be and even though the guitar work is not up to par with master of puppets and my personal favorite And justice for all!! i still think its a really good album i have owned it for many years and i can still listen to it all the way though and believe i am a die hard metallica fan. i still think this cd is a good listen.
    if would like to hear a more mellow tone on metallica then this is the cd for you.

    my metallica cd ratings
    kill em' all- 4 out of 5 great debut album
    ride the lightning 4 out of 5 fight fire with fire and for whom the bell tolls are awesome
    master of puppets- 5 out of 5 great guitar and bass work love it
    and justice for all- 5 out of 5 jason proves what he can do
    black- 5 out of 5 so many great songs so little time
    load-4 out of 5 my review says it all
    reload-1 out of 5 only 4 good songs
    garage inc-5 out of 5 all great covers
    s and m- 5 out of 5 beautiful concert i own both the cd and video version and i plan to get the dvd
    saint angry- 3 out of 5 still a good effort
    ... Read more

    Asin: B000002HMH
    Subjects:  1. Hard Rock    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock    5. Speed Metal    6. Thrash    7. United States of America   


    Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (13 October, 1992)
    list price: $6.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (18)

    5-0 out of 5 stars One of rocks great lost treasures
    The fact that this album is out-of-print is rather depressing. In a perfect world, where album sales are based on quality, this album would have gone multi-platinum. But at least you can buy it used.

    Izzy Stradlin's debut "Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Houds" is simply one of rock's great unknown treasures. Stradlin created an "Exile On Main Street" for the 90s, yet few people have ever heard it.

    Stradlin was the most underrated member of Guns N' Roses. Slash had the killer solos, Axl has the charisma, but Stradlin, along with Rose, was the great songwriter. Some of Stradlin's best work was written after he left Guns N' Roses. What you get with "Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Hounds" is basically a Rolling Stones/Faces sounding album for the early 90s.

    Stradlin's influence in GN'R can be heard on such songs as "Double Talkin' Jive," "Dust N' Bones," and "14 Years." If you liked those songs, this album is for you.

    This album is all killer and no filler. If you haven't heard this album yet, do yourself a favor and order a copy.

    4-0 out of 5 stars goodbye Guns and roses
    This a slap in the face to Guns and roses (expecially to Axl)
    leaving GNR was the smartest decision for Izzy.
    GNR were really going down with the music they were making; Appetite and Lies are really great moments but after that...no thanks.
    This is pure Rock and roll, this was the music Black crowes were making at the moment, and izzy did it amazingly.
    Imaging GNR singing somebody's knocking or shuffle it all insteat of "You could be mine" or "coma" garbage, sorry Axl you let go a great musician.
    Excellent work! no weak moments in the album.

    4-0 out of 5 stars No Flash, No Gimmicks, Just a Solid Rock Album
    I enjoyed Appetite for Destruction by GnR, but after that only the occasional singles caught my attention, so the band and it's members kind of fell off my radar. So when I was given this album as a gift, I wasn't really in a hurry to give it a listen. As a matter of fact it's stayed on my shelf unopened for about a decade!? So going through some cd's the other day I stumbled on this one and popped it in.....man why did I wait so long??? Forget about Guns n Roses, this album is like taking a pinch of Rolling Stones, mix in a couple cups of Lynyrd Skynyrd and top it with an ounce of Steve Miller. Izzy carries off this bluesy, Southern rock sound perfectly. It's like you are listening to an album that came out in 1978! If you are a fan of the no-glitz, great guitar rock of the 70's you have to give this album a listen! Izzy made a name for himself with Guns n Roses, but the music on Ju Ju Hounds is timeless. I am amazed at how little airplay this disk received. All of the songs have a great feel, and you can just tell Izzy had a ball recording these tunes. This is my first Izzy disk, but it won't be my last...I am ordering the other albums ASAP...I got 10 years to catch up on. ... Read more

    Asin: B000000P0J
    Sales Rank: 32077
    Subjects:  1. American Trad Rock    2. Hard Rock    3. Pop    4. Rock    5. Rock & Roll   

    John Mellencamp
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (06 October, 1998)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $11.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    For the multinomenclatured John(ny) (Cougar) Mellencamp, falling into loping historical pace as the "poor man's Springsteen" has been a blessing in disguise. If you're perpetually second best, to whose expectations do you ultimately answer? Certainly not your audience's--they're prepared for so-so songwriting. It's a win-win situation in which even your most lackluster material appears "Thunder Road" brilliant. Follow this train of thinking and you might hear Mellencamp's eponymous album (and first for Columbia) as something of a minor masterpiece. The self-dubbed Li'l Bastard is pushing himself stylistically, adding exotic flavors (sitar, tabla, organ) and high-tech ones (tape loops, synths) to his bass-guitar-violin foundation. This provides for some intriguing moments, such as the rhythm-tracked shuffle "I'm On My Way" and the hip-hop-scratchy exercise "Break Me Off Some." The uninitiated, however, will observe a far less sensational situation: the Hoosier's nonchalant reliance on his trademark Cougar-isms--Biblical metaphors, "Jack and Diane"-ish one-dimensional characters, and the simple, chirrupy jangle of a trusty six-string acoustic. Somewhere between the two extremes lies the artistic truth. Mellencamp is kicking desperately at his gate, and that's a good thing. But his corral remains relatively small and limited. There aren't any Ghost of Tom Joads in his immediate future. --Tom Lanham ... Read more

    Reviews (42)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Another Jewel In Mellencamp's Crown
    Face it: Mellencamp is a uniquely superb vocalist and has a knack for writing irresistable music with a more melodic edge than that other guy he's always been unfairly compared to...seems the critics can never get past the mention of that BS on any forthcoming review. Mellencamp's advantages have always been his ability to move the masses with his voice and intensely moving interpretations of mostly self composed lyrics more folks can relate to that have always been more easily accessable even by the casual innocent listener who falls prey to John's music while scanning the radio dial. Mellencamp unintentionally makes you FEEL his music. Though his first outing["JOHN MELLENCAMP"-1998]-this album - on his then new label, Columbia Records, is a strong lyrical effort, the diverse "sounds of the current era" Mellencamp incorporates into his unique brand of rock and roll just don't have the bite and impact he's built his reputation on and become best loved for. This man is a sincere no frills ROCKER from deep within his soul, blood, element - all the way down to his appearance and way of talking, singing...MELLENCAMP is THE MAN! Waiting 7 years to purchase this album has not changed my initial gut wrenching feeling that John had made a huge mistake by signing with Columbia...it's almost like the label just acquired him as a display jewel for their roster and totally ignored his immense talent altogether. Mellencamp was on a decade and a half prosperous and fruitful roll when his albums began appearing on Columbia. Promotion erroneously lacked intelligence and force from the mother label...the artist has acknowledged their indifference to his finest works. Sadly, his "King of Top 40" Multi-Platinum/Gold hit reign was interrupted at this point in time...The fruit of his labors at Columbia were not realized till his 2003 album, "TROUBLE NO MORE", which, for all the attention and impact it made, was too much, too little, too late. Columbia Records screwed up by not promoting such an incredibly talented artist as JOHN MELLENCAMP from the outset - they basically derailed his career. Too bad for the label! There are enough "hit worthy" tracks on this debut[as well as the two brilliant subsequent albums] to have continued his hot radio play-top 40 chart winning streak. Dunno why Mellencamp left Mercury, where he apparently was the priority artist - Kim Richey also left at a pivotal point in her career and was likewise subsequently derailed. Mellencamp is moving on and his career has been revitalized and reinvented with his new double disc "WORDS & MUSIC - GREATEST HITS"(2004) which has reestablished and revitalized him as a much loved and admired multi-platinum status artist and voice of America - that collection inspired me to seek out and purchase the three albums on this morose label I'd passed up initially...I bought them to support John. Can't wait to hear what he'll be cookin' up after his 2005 tour on his next album!

    2-0 out of 5 stars At best mediocre
    John Cougar Mellencamp have been very uneven throughout his long career with the exceptions of the brilliant "Lonesome jubilee" and "Scarecrow". On this album it seems that Mellencamp is trying to start fresh and the self title is sort of evidence of that. The music have more of a modern approach but I don't think it work at all. It's very hard to find any song that immediately catches your attention, and "Your life is now" is the closest Mellencamp get in that department. Even straight after listening to this album, from the beginning to the end, it's hard to remember any of the songs, since they are at best mediocre.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Love Johnny!
    can't go
    wrong with any
    of his music! ... Read more

    Asin: B00000D9W1
    Subjects:  1. Album Rock    2. Heartland Rock    3. Pop    4. Pop/Rock    5. Rock    6. Roots Rock   


    Bryter Layter
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (08 May, 1992)
    list price: $16.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    The second album from Nick Drake came in 1970, and while not quite as melancholy as his debut, Five Leaves Left, there are certain brooding qualities that continued to propagate the Nick Drake mystique. Horns, flute, and strings arrangements lift such songs as "At the Chime of a City Clock" and "Hazy Jane I" and "II" out of the realm of sad, folk-guitar music into something jazzier and lighter, while the beautiful piano and simple guitar of "One of These Things First" laments what could have been without sounding like a song of despair. But two tracks featuring John Cale on various instruments (such as viola and harpsichord) have the dark fragility of "Pink Moon": the lovely "Fly" is a fragile apparition, and "Northern Sky" is a dreamy, brooding plea for long-lasting love. Definitely not the same mood music as his starker work, but still a fine showcase for Nick Drake.--Lorry Fleming ... Read more

    Reviews (58)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Flawed Genius
    After hearing (and adoring) Nick's two other albums I was eager to get a copy of Bryter Layter. When I finally did, I can't say I was too pleased. The opening Introduction seemed the perfect way to begin an album; Nick's gentle picking over a bed of moody strings and tympani. At that point I had high hopes for the album. Sadly, any thought of another collection of serene minimalist folksongs was shattered when the boisterous horns of Hazey Jane II started. The first time I heard the track I almost fell out of my chair in horror. This wasn't right...Nick was being drowned out by the band, he sounds stifled, etc. I proclaimed the track anathema and was tempted to shut the CD off right then, but reason took over and I decided to keep listening. Since then I've come to enjoy Hazey Jane II, but I still consider it the nadir of his discography. Luckily, no other song is as overproduced as HJII, but the LP is still a terribly uneven affair: At the Chime of a City Clock and One of These Things First are two of his best jazzy songs, but the two instrumentals veer much too close to the world of elevator music. Pitchforkmedia once described the album as "perhaps the classiest easy-listening ever" and that seems a fair, if somewhat disturbing, assessment. The sweeping, majestic Hazey Jane I washes clean the sins of its sequel/predecessor, but Poor Boy is impaired by the third-rate piano noodling of some McCoy Tyner-wannabe named Chris McGregor on the bridge. Still, the album does deliver two fragile gems worthy of inclusion on Five Leaves Left in the form of the John Cale-produced Fly and Northern Sky (Who would have thought there would only be one degree of separation between the Velvets and Nick Drake?) Even with these sensational highlights Bryter Layter feels like a slight disappointment: the peripheral instruments (especially the saxophone and percussion) detract from the musical purity and fragility that are Drake hallmarks, but fail to give the music any edge or bite. However, even these flaws can't hide the fact that Drake was a true musical genius and that genius still shines through.

    5-0 out of 5 stars sophmore album, but probably his greatest achievment
    the soft fingerpicked guitar at the beginning of introduction just gets you into this masterwork of an album. nick draakes second album is considered to be his masterpiece, and rightfully so. it is definetly his most up beat album, but thats to nick drakes standards. the album is full of beautiful poetry, nicks humble fingerpicked guitar playing, lush instrumentation, and even horns. northern sky, fly, and hazey jane 1 are probably 3 of the greatest songs ever written by anyone. if you are new to nick, this should be the second album you pick up, after pink moon. but all three of his albums should be in everyones colection

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pulls one along with a gentle tension
    "Bryter Layter" superbly pulls one along with a gentle tension: the music is arranged in a largely upbeat manner. Yet Nick Drake often sings about detachment as though it offersstability. It's as though he is the catalyst, melding jazzy riffs and structures with his lyrics that conjure up images of what was, what should have been, what could have been.

    Even the instrumental tracks evoke a longing, a need for completion, a yin-yang that does not quite fit.

    How anyone could quibble about the significance of this session escapes me: pairing Nick Drake with peers such as Thompson, Dave Pegg and Dave Mattacks from Fairport Convention; John Cale; and Chris McGregor who contributes some excellent piano on Poor Boy is like a folk-rock dream team.

    Mr. Drake's delicate vocals and the deft arrangements are the gossamer that binds this session, and "Bryter Layter" should ultimately be remembered for its myriad strengths instead of a foil for the rest of Mr. Drake's work or as a prescient-laden testimony to Mr. Drake's subsequent depression and death. ... Read more

    Asin: B00000064F
    Subjects:  1. Baroque Pop    2. British Folk    3. British Folk-Rock    4. Folk & Traditional    5. Folk-Rock    6. Pop    7. Progressive Folk    8. Singer/Songwriter   

    Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (25 October, 1990)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $10.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Live
    Reviews (34)

    5-0 out of 5 stars one of the greatest live albums
    performance at the fillmore is one of the best live albums.humble pie boasted of two of the greatest guitarists in Steve Marriot and Peter frampton.this live album features superb live versions of pie classics like STONE COLD FEVER,ROLLING STONE,FOUR DAY CREEP and the excellent I DONT NEED NO DOCTOR.get this with FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE.very highly recommended.

    5-0 out of 5 stars "PERFORMANCE..EXTRAORDINAIRE !!!"
    My poor and feeble written abilities can do little to add to the already prodigious acclamations described previously herein! Suffice it to say, I was there at the "Fillmore," at the tender and impressionable age of 17, and can attest to the fact that it really did sound that good! I consider this particular recording a "PROMETHEAN" effort by an all but forgotten SUPER group!! Like fine wine or an incrdebile woman;
    this album will only get better with time, and most certainly accrue in value! Acquire it post haste and fear not, the currency spent, will most certainly not go to waste !!

    5-0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT
    Look....what can I say about HUMBLE PIE that really hasn't been said before???? They are a primo band....Peter Frampton at his finest....Steve Marriot in his prime.....these 2 guitarists were explosive together...is a real shame they had such a power struggle to see who would control the band....because the pie never achieved the power they had when Peter was on board.

    This album captures all the raw power and creative drive this band was famous for....long extended versions of songs that never gets boring or redundant..if you wanted a testament of this bands crowning achievement....THIS IS IT...

    BUY THIS ALBUM... ... Read more

    Asin: B000002GKT
    Sales Rank: 4631
    Subjects:  1. Album Rock    2. Blues-Rock    3. Hard Rock    4. Pop    5. Rock   


    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (05 August, 1997)
    list price: $17.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    With Sublime and Sugar Ray having made whitewashed reggae a hot commodity on the pop charts, it makes sense that the prime movers of the genre are making a headlong comeback into the fray. With Transistor, 311 goes for the jugular, cramming the disc with over 20 songs, and just as many angles on its melange of rock, hip-hop and Caribbean musical styles. There are hyper rap-metal rehashes of the hit "Down" ("Tune In," "Starshines," and "Borders"), chunky guitar tracks ("Beautiful Disaster"), and lots of frivolous reggae-lite songs ("Light Years," "Stealing Happy Hours"). --Aidin Vaziri ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (143)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Depending on my Mood, 311's Best..........
    Give this album and Grassroots and I am set for my island. This is 311's most experimental album by far and it showcases the wide ranges of talent they posess musically. Released in 1997 on the heel of the Blue Album, 311 were the princes of rock and this album was a curveball for many. It did still sell 4 million copies on the strengths of the previous albums residuals and the hit "Beautiful Disaster", but overall to mainstream critics it was a dissapointment. To many 311 fans however this album is a gem.

    The first 7 tracks are good (especially Prisoner and Inner Light Spectrum), but the album really gets moving with Jupiter and takes off with Use of Time, probably one of the top 5 songs 311 has ever done, with Nick Hexum lamenting about writers block and creating music. The 2nd half of the album (which is 21 tracks and takes up most the cd time allowed) showcases 311's dub influences (Strangers, Rub a Dub)and their ability for laid back stoner grooves (Stealing Happy Hours, Running). There is also a few rockers (Tune In, Starshines) and a track that reminds me of the opening theme from Adam's Family (Light Years). My only complaint is that there sems to be a rushed feeling to many tracks on the 2nd part of the album. 311 has stated they were pressed to get a massive concept like this finished on time. Maybe more time and an expansion of some of the song ideas into a double disc could alleviate this problem.

    311 has a lot to be proud of. Still together after 13 years and putting out records that still are relevant (everyone of their proper studio releases has charted in the top 10 since The Blue Album). They also have continued their tradition as a strong live act. This album is the peak of 311 as their subsequent work never again reached the work of the first four albums. Enjoy It!

    5-0 out of 5 stars I AGREE BEST 311

    5-0 out of 5 stars THE ABSOLUTE BEST 311!
    1. Transistor - catchy lyrics and some good guitar parts; the end is nice :) ***

    2. Prisoner - Spacey feel, great song. *****

    3. Galaxy - Building intro., then Tim and Nick trade guitars while S.A. crushes the mic in 2 killer raps. ****

    4. Beautiful Disaster - First single, classic sound, rocking end, overall quite nice. ****

    5. Inner Light Spectrum - Absolutely amazing use of instruments and vocals here. Very trippy and spacey. One of S.A.'s best slow vocals. *****

    6. Electricity - This song was originally titled, "F%$k the KKK." Good guitars and positive, unifying lyrics. ****

    7. What Was I Thinking - P-Nut owns this song. Original slap-bass intro. leading into slammin' guitar. Nick's voice is really distorted on this one, but not too hard to decipher. *****

    8. Jupiter - Another spacey intro., Nick and S.A. trade positivity, ends w/ great guitar. ***

    9. Use Of Time - Cream of the Transistor crop. Absolutely amazing. Great value, amazing soloing. Must hear. *****

    10. The Continuous Life - Dreary feeling intro. leading into S.A. rapping slowly. Guitars and vocals pick up and lead into sweet chorus. ****

    11. No Control - Odd sounding beginning w/ Nick describing how a person w/ so much can still be depressed. S.A. flies in w/ a new guitar sound, nice chorus. Original. ****

    12. Running - Tim and Nick trade guitars again while S.A. sings about not regretting anything. Catchy chorus. Great guitars. ****

    13. Color - Instrumental. ***

    14. Light Years - Creepy guitars and odd lyrics. Interesting though. ***

    15. Creature Feature - I hardly listen to this one. It's probably the worst on Transistor. Kinda bland. *

    16. Tune In - Good harmonizing and nice guitar breakdown. Energizing. ***

    17. Rub A Dub - A really nice island vibe song. Makes you wanna dance. ****

    18. Starshines - Guitars are mediocre and lyrics are weird. Takes a while to get into. Outro leads into next song's intro. ***

    19. Strangers - Bubbly guitar sound, nice flow, cool lyrics, just chill. ****

    20. Borders - Rockin' guitars throughout. S.A. and Nick trade raps w/ good lyrics. Chorus is alright. ****

    21. Stealing Happy Hours - Another one of those really relaxing, trippy songs. Great CD ender. Guitars are traded well in this mellow piece of art. *****

    -All of these songs sound real nice on headphones too.
    -My favorite CD of all time.
    -Go purchase it NOW.
    ... Read more

    Asin: B00005ABI6
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Pop/Rock    2. Pop    3. Rap-Metal    4. Rap-Rock    5. Rock   

    The Royal Scam
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (23 November, 1999)
    list price: $9.98 -- our price: $9.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Ever the primary conceit of mainstays Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, 1976's The Royal Scam marks the first time the Steely Dan duo actually owned up to the fact. Musically, it's their edgiest, most guitar-driven record (thanks to Becker and a murderer's row of session greats that includes Larry Carlton, Elliot Randall, Dean Parks, and Denny Dias). Lyrically, the songs cut an ever-sardonic, presciently discomforting slice of modern life that was a couple decades ahead of the game (who else was extolling the virtues of condom-couture, à la "The Fez," mid-Me Decade?). Though it didn't garner the radio attention of Aja, its more jazz-suffused, multiplatinum follow-up, Scam boasts a diverse, occasionally muscular musical rhetoric and some of the Dan's most telling portraits (the deranged, yet all-too-familiar killer of "Don't Take Me Alive," "Kid Charlemagne"'s drug-culture celebrity, the tropical convenience of a "Haitian Divorce"). Small wonder many Dan fans consider it their best. --Jerry McCulley ... Read more


    • Original recording remastered
    Reviews (68)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Companion CD to Decade!!
    Doesn't have any of the well-known Steely Dan "hits", but every song is a gem.Becker and Fagen have never shown more wit than on this CD.Haitian Divorce, Don't Take Me Alive, The Fez, Everything You Did, and the title track are as good as the dual ever did.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Impressive
    From the first note I could tell the remastering done on this classic album was top-notch.The incredible drums are so crisp and clear that it sounds like you are standing in the booth with them.This is the one that sort of flew under the radar because it lacked that "monster" hit song that was so important to the record promotion guys but it is one of their best ever.The songs are quirky, as usual, but the guitar, keyboard and horn performances are awe-inspiring.I've had this album since it came out on vinyl but listening to this new, upgraded version makes it seem like a whole new collection of songs.Wow.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Steely Dan's Guitar Album
    Edgy, paranoid, and cynical, lyrics that to this day bring a sardonic grin to my face (Semi-mojo?Who's this kinky so-and-so?).A sense of humor and a sense of what makes a catchy song - this is what rock and roll was supposed to be about.The songs are just complex enough to hang masterful jazz and blues constructions on them, with generally stunning results.Compared to the almost Beatleish experimentation of Katy Lied, the opening funk of 'Kid Charlemagne' (with a strangely contrasting happy ending) sets the pace, this is a new, re-energized Steely Dan.The straightforward rock and roll of 'Don't Take Me Alive' is matched by the sophisticated piano jazz feel of 'Sign In Stranger'.'The Fez' is excellent 70s funk, and the guitar solo in 'Haitain Divorce' is one of the strangest talk-box solos ever heard.The title track is very moody and impressive, though its simple piano / horn figure is not enough to prevent it from dragging on just a bit too long at the end.Even where it lags a bit, the playing is of such calibre to save pretty well any song (check out the solos in 'Green Earrings').

    ... Read more

    Asin: B00003002D
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (25 April, 2000)
    list price: $17.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Although not in the same vein as the deliciously hallucinogenic earlier Floyd works such as Ummagumma and Dark Side of the Moon, Animals is innovative and musically diverse in its own right. Inspired in part by George Orwell's political fable Animal Farm, Roger Waters condemns the avarice and inequalities of capitalism, metaphorically and musically grouping humans as pigs, dogs, and sheep. The pigs are self-righteous hypocrites inflicting their beliefs on everyone else, the dogs greedy money-grabbers, and the sheep witless followers. Dark, cynical, and brilliantly composed, Animals is an ingenious and under-acknowledged album. --Naomi Gesinger ... Read more


    • Original recording remastered
    Reviews (415)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Floydian Manifesto
    Animals still remains the bleakest, strangest, and most misunderstood entry in the discography of the one and only premier experimental space rock band Pink Floyd.This album is much different than its lush, sparkling, and ethereal predecessors, such as its popular masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon or its impressionistic song cycle concerning founder and frontman Syd Barrett and the music industry.It was also unlike the epic, theatrical, (and yet accessible) rock passion play The Wall.

    Still, though, Animals is an unfairly overlooked and underrated masterpiece in the band's canon, and it ends up being the most revolutionary and cynical of their works, a dark, difficult concept album in the vein of George Orwell's Animal Farm in which bassist/lead vocalist Roger Waters (who had by this time begun to take increasing control of everything in the band) divides the human race into three classes of animals:dogs, who are taken to represent what Waters sees as the worst instinct in capitalism:a pursuance of self-interest at the exclusion and cost of everyone else, scrambling for their own piece of "meat" but that Waters also bitterly identifies himself with (the middle class, Bourgeois); pigs, who are the people whom Waters scorchingly criticizes the most, the ruling superiors of society (the rich, Aristocrats); and the sheep, who are the majority of the masses and often dumbly or meekly follow the orders of those above them (the working class, Proletariat).

    Animals is the Floyd's most sparsely recorded work, rarely if ever focusing Richard Wright's trademark organ, and instead channeling the aggressive, dejected, and ultimately despairing tone of Waters' bitingly incisive lyrics and cutting observationsinto the equally ominous and poignant fabric of David Gilmour's guitar solos.Whether it's the haunting, ghostly chords that open "Dogs", the longest, most memorable and heavy song on the album, the soaring, complex rhythms that close the especially gloomy and brooding "Pigs", or the overpowering, rousing, and sinister spiraling that permeates the entire structure of the bizarre, eerie, and dramatic "Sheep".

    There is much much more going on in this oddball album of Pink Floyd, and it is encouraged that everyone should give it a spin if they have never heard it, and give it another spin if they have.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Sitting on the fence between "Wish" and "Wall"
    "Animals" is perhaps Floyd's strangest album. Mostly guitar based, and lacking any real keyboard hooks, this work comes between the beautiful epic "Wish You Were Here" and the 1979 magnum opus, "The Wall. Seeming completely removed from the trippiness of the rest of the Pink Floyd catalog, "Animals" stands as an independant triumph.

    Most notable moments in the album include the charming acoustic pieces acting as bookshelves for the epics, the middle section of Dogs and the guitar work on Sheep. The lyrics of Pigs (3 Different Ones) are also to be commended.

    While "Animals" lacks the distinction of being my top Floyd record, it indeed holds its place in their legacy, and remains one of the lost gems in their catalog after the big 3 (Dark Side, Wish and The Wall).

    1-0 out of 5 stars can anyone subpoena these guys?
    HeyHo, never in my life haves I herd such a bad BAD BAD album.
    animal wellfair organisations may contradicked me but this animal shoot be poot too sleep.

    bad bad bad this is a bad CD.

    A cat a cat, a dog a dog
    horses are horses, f7 gfewbu ... Read more

    Asin: B000024D4R
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock    3. Rock/Pop   


    Peter Frampton [Relativity]
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (12 December, 2000)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $11.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Extra tracks
    Reviews (7)

    5-0 out of 5 stars This one is the exception!
    Peter Frampton's studio albums have typically been a step or two down in performance, energy and intensity from his live albums.I don't know why this is, but it has been noted not only by this reviewer but many others.This album, as well as his 2004 release, "Now", is the odd exception.

    From the screamin' opener, "Day In The Sun" to the sweet closing ballad, "Changing All The Time" this album is superb. In fact, it just might be Peter Frampton's best studio album ever. Other songs that first appeared on this album that have since become staples of his live repertoire are: "It All Comes Down To You"; "You"; "Can't Take That Away"; and "Off The Hook".If you have enjoyed his live performances of these songs you will not be disappointed here.

    Sweetening the pot are four bonus tracks which were originally released in Japan as an EP. For devoted Peter Frampton fan these four songs can be considered his small contribution to the short lived "Unplugged" fad of the 1990's.They're nothing to get too terribly excited about but, yo dude, they're free!

    Finally, the liner notes by Peter Frampton add some interesting insight into how he works on his projects in general and this project in particular. It's interesting stuff that, to me, explains in part why his albums tend to be so "hit or miss".None-the-less, it worked on this one!

    This is one of my favorite Peter Frampton albums. I suspect that it may be (or become) one of yours too!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good Stuff....
    I agree with one reviewer whom said, "I'm glad to see this album back in print".I also bought it years ago on cassette and wanted to get the CD version.This album is consistent stuff...everything you would expect from Peter.Every song is great/catchy.Probably one of the best albums I own.

    4-0 out of 5 stars You can be sure...
    Lovely selection whether or not you even had heard of 'Frampton Comes Alive.' This album is consistent throughout and is nice as either background music during friendly dinner parties or full-blasting latenight headphone listening.
    There's a little something missing in the production and editing that I can't seem to pin down in words - but there is a sincerity and an artist's loss of ego that is rare and welcome.
    I think it got buried by the crap that's marketed onto kids with their sought after stash of disposable income which media pimps are so fond of; but kids, you'll get a little closer to Mom and Pop if you share this one with them before they die...it'd be the same as telling them 'you loved them.' ... Read more

    Asin: B000054A5N
    Sales Rank: 73369
    Subjects:  1. Album Rock    2. Pop    3. Pop/Rock    4. Rock   


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