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Music - Alternative Rock - The Best Heavy Metal CDs Of All Time (26-50) (in no order)

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    The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits (Bonus DVD)
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (23 September, 2003)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Explicit Lyrics
    • Original recording remastered
    Reviews (72)

    5-0 out of 5 stars PANTERA!Get me another beer!!
    GET THIS if only for the DVD. I had only seen part of the Mouth for War video, on Beavis and Butthead, you know where Beavis says, "PANTERA! Get me another beer!" but these guys make some of the best videos! Cemetery Gates, Cowboys From Hell, Psycho Holiday, Walk, all have the craziest mosh pits i have ever seen! The $10 you will spend on the cd/dvd was worth the money alone for the DVD. I already have every Pantera CD, so I have all of the songs on the Best of. Cat Scratch Fever was not in my collection, so there is something new on the CD. Stronger than all

    1-0 out of 5 stars Panterible had a greatest hits?
    I didn't even know this band even had enough material to make a greatest hits, seeing as they discontiued thier first 4 albums to hide the fact that they were a pop metal band once.Panterible is making a last effort $cash$ grab since thier career has ended, trying to milk people out of their money with their brand of inferior HaRdCorE music, just one more time before people realize they were being screwed all of these years and that Pantreible was just a fad. 15 bucks for music that isn't even original, but ripped off from a much superior band, Exhorder, and look at these song titles here: F**KING HOSTILE, 5 MINUTES ALONE, COWBOYS FROM HELL, CEMETART GATES, WALK, ect, god, these sound like they were ripped rigth of a 10th graders detention notebook. I know i will be ripped on for writting this, i bet the next guys entry will be some redneck with an IQ of 60 Panterible fan telling me that i'm some poser that likes Nu metal (i hate Nu metal) or listens to 50 Cent or Limp Bizkit and i don't know anything about 'REAL' metal or Panterible, and spout about how Dimebag was a genius on guitar and how Panterible is SO INTENSE AND HEAVY! let them say that if it will make their 14 year old mallcore angst minds feel any better. I for one feel that a band that has plaguirzed anothers sound and has made money off of it should burn in hell. These guys are no longer around, thank god! i was sick of seeing all of these dopes in Panterible t-shirts thinking that they were some force not to be screwed with if you got in thier way or insulted the immortal Panterible, no more having to listen to that mindnubming song Walk! Please, they were impostors!

    Save your 15 bucks and buy some much superior Exhorder instead of this mallcore metal act.

    Some REAL fallen guitar legends

    Jimi Hendrix (1970)
    Randy Rhoads (1982)
    Criss Oliva(1993)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good Compilation, But There's Some Tracks Missing
    In this compilation highlighting the career of one of the best thrash metal bands to explode during the early 90's, it has a bunch of hit singles that made Pantera who they are. However, this CD is missing some songs:

    Primal Concrete Sledge
    Psycho Holiday (we have the video, what about the song in general?)
    F**king Hostile
    2 more tracks off "The Great Southern Trendkill"

    At least I don't need this compilation, as I have already purchased a bunch of Pantera songs online. I don't recommend this for hardcore Pantera fans, but for beginners, it's a great start.

    Almost forgot:

    R.I.P. Dimebag
    1966-2004 :'( ... Read more

    Asin: B0000C3I4A
    Sales Rank: 12781
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock    5. Thrash   


    Self-Destructive Pattern
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (09 September, 2003)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $18.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Enhanced
    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (74)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Whats going to happen to the band now this Album rocks
    I wasnt really into Spineshank in 2000, only bands at that time I loved was Mudvayne,Disturbed and allways Rammstein but after hearing "Self-Destructive Pattern" this one made me a fan. To bad the lead singer Jonny is out of the band and in a new band name "Temper" I hope the new lead singer can create the good vocals like this one in there next album. This album is a must buy it's really hardcore with a little Nu-Metal vibe in it.

    oh and the Best Songs in this album are

    Falls Apart - very addicting song herd it over 50 times 10/10

    Violent Mood Swings - very fast and LOUD I cant get tired of it also 10/10

    Dead To Me - its an ok song it sounds like a ill Nino song 8/10

    Slavery - very good for Moshing
    except for some of the Chorus it sounds a bit soft but good lyrics 9/10

    For the rest of the songs there allright but for these are the best ones that stand out the most for me.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Hoobashank
    Staple a huge, hairy pair of nuts on Hoobastank's best disc and you have Self-Destructive Pattern.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Ever tried to Shank your Spine?!?
    Spineshank brings back their originality with even more RAGE!!
    Thats right they have picked up hints of Thrash/speed arranged well within this mess of Industrial/Nu Metal. I think the name it's self "Self-Destructive Pattern" is a wink at this new found rage heard from the quikening melody and growling vocals. To me the one thing Spineshank has never truely cared for is deep thought out lyrics, But instead straight to the point facts.
    In short Take Orgy's first CD toss it in a blender with Nothingface's "Violence" and maybe a pinch of Fear Factory and if you mix it right, you will get this CD!! Nu Metal fans go buy it, All you other Metalheads listen to the clips first then decide! ... Read more

    Asin: B00009VGQO
    Sales Rank: 12321
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock   


    Devil Without A Cause
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (18 August, 1998)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    It's fitting that the Kid Rock revival got started when the Beastie Boys featured him in their Grand Royal magazine--and not because the kid from Detroit shares their skin tone. Rock has often been compared with the early Beasties--the boys of "Fight for Your Right to Party" and "Brass Monkey," the boys no one ever thought would grow up. With lines like "I ain't straight outta Compton, I'm straight out the trailer" and "I started an escort service--for all the right reasons," it's obvious that Kid Rock doesn't aim to follow suit. But that's no hindrance to Devil--backed by the funky metal band Twisted Brown Trucker and special guests like blues vets Robert Bradley and Thronetta Davis, Rock is hosting one hell of an interesting party. Ultimately, Rock's party is great, schlocky fun, equal parts old Beasties and Sebastian Bach--making Devil a guilty pleasure, the Starship Troopers of hip-hop. --Randy Silver ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (439)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Cowboy? Hahahahaha!
    This is just another commecial piece of sh**! This is awful! "Cowboy" is a terrible song! This is awful! This guy makes me laugh!

    1-0 out of 5 stars You can't be thirteen forever, I suppose...
    Hello, my name is Eggplant, and I was once a Kid Rock fan. It has been four years, eleven months, and eleven days since I last listened to this "album", and it has been four years, seven months, and fourteen days since I sold it on ebay. I admit, when I first got the CD, I was so excited about the gesture on the CD itself! I loved Kid Rock's immature bleatings about his ego, until one day, something happened...

    I turned fourteen.

    Thankfully, I grew up and out of the Kid-Rock-and-Limp-Bizkit-in-the-CD-Walkman-baggy-jeans-and-wallet-chain-wearing-skater-wannabe phase, and discovered bands with talent, like Pantera, Slayer, Fear Factory, et cetera. I realized that this album is just damn stupid, and not worth having, listening to, or even being anywhere near. Okay, I admit "Only God Knows Why" is actually okay, and might justify the one star Amazon forces me to give it, but otherwise... geez, someone's got some insecurity issues! (And not just me!) Anyway, Kid Rock is thankfully pretty much done, and we can put this fad in the past and move on. But I sometimes shudder over what might be over the horizon...

    "Devil Without A Cause?" If a cause requires talent, than yeah, Kid Rock is indeed without a cause.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Take a chill pill
    This is not the beatles "white album" Its fun humor rock. Its a new category look for it a the record store. Anyways have a good time with it. Love it or leave it. But, take it for what its worth....sittin behind the garage smokin a blunt...If thats your deal you might enjoy this album. If you sit at a deskpushing pens all day....stick with the elevator music.. ... Read more

    Asin: B000009ED0
    Subjects:  1. Hard Rock    2. Hardcore Rap    3. Heavy Metal    4. Hip-Hop    5. Pop    6. Rap-Metal    7. Rap-Rock    8. Rock    9. Underground Rap   


    Revolution Revolución
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (18 September, 2001)
    list price: $17.98 -- our price: $17.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (113)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Confusion! Illusion! Revolution! Revolucion!
    By far one of my fave CD's, Ill Nino slams down the hardcore latino-ness in this CD! This CD is just another one of those CD's you can listen to all the way through without skipping a track!Its highly explosive, highly melodical, and highly... Loco! Actually, i heard "Confession" (NO, i dont mean Usher...Friggin' copier) before i heard this, and i defenantly like this better (Although "Confession" is awesome too)

    1. God Save Us -- What a terrific beginning to a terrific CD. God Save US puts the sense of "Warning" just when it begins... And then...BOOM! This song is highly explosive, and agressive! Great choice for a first single! - 4.5/5

    2. If You Still Hate Me -- Just about as (if not, more) explosive than God Save Us! The heavy playing combined with that "metal-bar hit" sound just puts a bunch of monkeys in my head! - 4.5/5

    3. Unreal -- Personally, i like the "No Screaming- Single Mix" better, since it displays the heavy music alot more. Nevertheless, this song builds you up for an explosion, just like "God Save Us" did (except theres less explosion in this one). Great third single - 4.5/5

    4. Nothings Clear -- "F this place up!" is all i can say for this track - 4.5/5

    5. What Comes Around -- When i heard this song, it instantly became my absolute favorite song for a month! Sounds like Linkin Park got heavier, and was Spanish instead of Korean. The chorus is the catchiest on the album, and the music is great (Bad part: Cristian cant sing this song very well live ;_;). Great second single - 4.5/5

    6. Liar -- My favorite song on the entire album (Along side with I Am Loco), Liar should have been track 13! From the beginning of the song, you might not tell whats coming, but it gets so explosive, and the chorus stresses so much emotion... This track is just amazing! (Even better live... This is the concert closing song) - 5/5

    7. Rumba -- The song sucks on the CD, but is great live. The song is heavy, and has a catchy tune, but the way it was mixed was terrible. Download a live version of it, somewhere... It also has extra lyrics - 3/5

    8. Predisposed -- Its all about the guitar in the chorus for me, this song. A great heavy packed song! Perfect kind of fighting song! - 4.5/5

    9. I AM LOCO! -- Just absorb the name for two seconds, and you see where its going. Its a fast-paced, some what rappish song during the verses, but it builds you up for the explosive chorus'. Along side Liar, this is a favorite track! - 5/5

    10. No Murder -- This song is pretty fast paced and heavy, but has some flaw in the verses. - 3.5/5

    11. Rip Out Your Eyes -- This song is probably just as energetic as "God Save Us", and "If You Still Hate Me"! Its friggin heavy, and very fast paced! - 4.5/5

    12. Revolution/Revolucion -- The track the album is named after... Why? The main theme of the album is rebellion, and this track serves alot of heaviness with that! If this song were at a faster pace, it would be perfect - 4.5/5

    13. With You -- I listen to this track, constantly think "Evanesence- My Immortal" when i listen to the lyrics... I just have to remember, -THIS CAME FIRST!- This follows there latin theme, and latins are very into love music. This probably shouldnt have been the closing track on the CD, but i see why the did it!- 3/5

    Overall, this CD packs a hard punch of Espanol Kick Your... Yeah!

    5-0 out of 5 stars This is the best CD that I own
    From the very first time I put this CD in my car, I knew it would be one of my favorites. The Latino flair is one of a kind and really sets this band apart. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who loves hard rock / heavy metal music. I still listen to it over and over again - it hasn't become stale for me at all.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Revolution-Revelation!!
    At first I said to myself, Ill Nino, they sound like a pussy ass rap/rock band, but that was not it at all.I listen to What comes around and I was blown away.I could not believe the sound that these guys could create (too bad Confession was not all that great).This band has a lot of built up angst, but delievers it in a way that you can relate.This CD took some getting use to, but when I finally sat down and force myself to like it, I really started to love it.This album is going in my favorites collection.

    God Save Us-This song is pretty good.The only thing lame about it is the saying "This new life has brought us this new knife"It made me laugh in how pathetic it sounded. 8/10

    If You Still Hate Me-This song was another aight song, offered great insight, while at the same time portraying a great message. 9/10

    Unreal-This was one of my favorite tracks of the CD.The chorus was unique "Planets will converge for you"? O.K.... Still loved it 100% 11/10

    Nothings Clear-Great song, the chorus was a little cheesy however, but still like it. Great song however 8/10

    What Comes Around-This song is awesome; this is the song that introduced me to this wonderful band.Great angst and hate, while the message was great. 11/10

    Liar-Great song, I could feel him on this one. This song took some time to get use to. 9/10

    Rumba-I believe this is one of the worse tracks on the CD.Maybe because it is too latin for me. 6/10

    Predisposed-I loved this song!!!!The whole song was just a masterpiece, would have not changed a thing about it, well, maybe I would have made it longer.13/10

    I Am Loco-Excellent track by Ill Nino.A great message could be gathered by this song.Took some getting use to as well. 10/10

    No Murder-This song is really good, and I could decide whether to give it a 8 or an 9.Alright I'll give it a 9.9/10

    Rip Out Your Eyes-Wow, this song was really intense.While the message is brutal, it is very true. 9/10

    Revolution/Revolucion-I loved this song right from the start, well not really.But when I actually understood the lyrics (especially the chorus) I instantly loved this song 12/10

    With You-Great song (If you are gay) in which i'm not.I'm not feeling you on this one 6/10

    121/130=93% aquired mastery
    ... Read more

    Asin: B000051TR0
    Sales Rank: 42894
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock   


    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (06 November, 2001)
    list price: $17.98 -- our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    The second album from brothers Simon and Edsel "Dope" and their ever- changing lineup is a breath of fresh air. While the New York-based sextet fitsloosely into the nu metal category, Dope take more from basic rock & rollstructures and less from faux-aggro rap-rock than many of their brethren. Infact, the catchy first single, "Now or Never," boasts an almost classic-rockvibe, and the entire record is more rock and less "shock" than their decentdebut, Felons andRevolutionaries. Though at times Edsel has a Marilyn Manson inflection to his voice, and on songs like "Stop" there are hints of White Zombie-influencedelectronic riff-rock, the melody lines and vocals make most of Life'ssongs timeless and accessible, while still maintaining a dark, angry and Gen-Y- leaning appeal. Many of Life's 13 cuts, including "What About" and"Slipping Away" are basic, dramatic, and cool, Dope proving themselves no slavesto rock/metal fashion while still existing within their modern musical milieu.--Katherine Turman ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (63)

    2-0 out of 5 stars Major letdown and Overrated
    I really don't get the hype behind this CD.I was a big fan of Dope's first CD but this falls on most levels.First off, Felons was heavy and had a mild punk atmosphere, you know real punk.But as some people have complained, most of the songs here have that Blink 182 punk atmosphere.They lost 2 members and replaced them with 3.Now by all logic, one would assume that they would create a heavier and more complex record.That's not true in this case.This CD is much weaker in comparison and it also really shows Dope's decline in lyric content.Edsel can't write lyrics.They've gotten worse with every record.On Felons it was acceptable and fun, here it's annoying and on Group Therapy it's stupid and pathetic, but it still has great music.And sure Life does have a few great songs, Take your best shot, Stop, Die MF Die sure do come to mind.However the album is plagued with some horrid tunes like Move It, a song that makes me want to rip off my ears and eat them (not really, but something like that).Move it is exactly the opposite of Felons, and it is agonizing.

    But one thing that really bugs me with Dope is that they really can't stay together.It's an ever changing lineup.Edsel's brother the keyboardist has left since recording this record as well as a guitarist.And since Group Therapy, the bass player left.I wouldn't say that Dope necessarily sold out, they still can create some enjoyable music and I don't know too many people who have heard of them.

    The major thing that confuses me about Life is the intro to take your best shot.People say it opens with Barney singing and then someone shoots him, etc.On my copy this is not the case.Mine simply starts out with Edsel saying "This is Life", and then the song starts.Sorry kids, no Dead Barney although the idea sounds cool.Maybe it was recalled or something, but don't be surprised if its not there.

    In conclusion, if you are skeptical, then get this in the used CD bin.If you love every song on this CD then I feel that's a shame.Life and new Dope are nothing more then a modern action movie of sorts.They contain really cool stuff and a nice thrill ride, but overall they leave no real impact, meanings, or message unlike their first record and are layered with clichéd and tiresome lyrics.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Dope..Take Your Best Shot
    This is not only one of my all-time fav bands but this particular track is so awesome. If you just understand that it's not all about conforming, but having the guts not to.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Dope is Dope\m/
    I wasn't really a fan of Dope until I heard this album.A friend of mine burned her copy of Life for me but I left it laying around and never listened to it.One day my sister was listening to With or With Out You.I said to her "This song is beautiful.Who are we listening to?". She gave me a one word answer, "Dope". From that moment I was hooked on the album.Edsel sings his heart out on With or Without you and Now or Never.Now unfortunately I've played that burned copy of this album so much that it doesn't play anymore so I'm having to order a new one.It's going to be absolutely worth it however.I have copies of Felons and the newer album, Group Therapy but this album is absolutely my favorite.Good work Edsel. ... Read more

    Asin: B00005R60Y
    Subjects:  1. Goth Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Industrial Metal    4. Pop    5. Rock   


    A Snow Capped Romance
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (16 March, 2004)
    list price: $14.98 -- our price: $14.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (39)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Epic Sophomore Release from Unique, Ever-Evolving Alaskans
    Alaskan born and bred 36 Crazyfists have a sort of bipolar sound led by the nearly incomparable vocals of lead singer, Brock Lindow.His manic-depressive range and tone in his ever-passionate vox span from brutalizing, rapid-fire hard-core screaming to beautifully elongated, raspy melodic crooning.His vocal stylings and sound are utterly mesmerizing, falling in a parallel dimension between System of a Down's Serj Tankian and From First to Last's Sonny Moore.

    Brock's vox are complimented brilliantly when coupled with Steve Holt's eerie, hard-hitting, and at times, surrealistic guitar runs and effects.The cohesiveness and compatibility of Brock's vocals and Holt's guitar are reminiscent of Cold's Scooter Ward vocals and guitarists, Kelly Hayes and Terry Balsamo in Cold's catalogue, including 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage, (Self-titled), and Year of the Spider.Simply put: they're the perfect blend.

    Track-by-track breakdown:

    "At the End of August" -
    This is the blistering first single off the disc.It's an up-tempo, mosh pit-instigating, fist-clencher, led by fierce Brock nuts-to-acid vox.He quickly transitions smoothly into a melodic hook and chorus, armed with passionate lyricism, backed with staccato riffage, and interjected with an ambient breakdown.

    "The Heart and the Shape" -
    This track has a punk feel to it.Quick-tempoed and quirky rhythms are carefully laced with Holt's brief high-pitched guitar shards.

    "Bloodwork" -
    A highly atmospheric, murky soundscape triggers this soaring track, held together with an intricate rhythm and quick disjointed guitar.Brock's vox are truly showcased as his range is shown in holding notes in the chorus.This track runs into a punk-sweetened hardcore offering.

    "Kenai" -
    Brutalizing, rapid-fire, nuts-in-acid vocals again merge with staccato guitar, and move into a highly melodic hook which is sure to please.

    "Skin and Atmosphere" -
    An epic track interwoven with memorable lyrics and personified in gripping vocals.Totes a build-up/break-down pace.Brock's soaring vox shine once again in the anthemic, sing-a-long chorus.Holt offers up eerie guitar effects during the punky verses, driven home by thumping drumming.

    "Song for the Fisherman" -
    Short spoken word track with introspective lyrics and a simple, repeating guitar part that is surprisingly catchy.

    "With Nothing Underneath" -
    Boasts Brock's best vocals on the disc, coupled with the perfect accompanying guitar.Brock holds notes so long and beautifully with the guitar breaking down behind him that it'll send chills down your spine.Most beautifully sounding lyrics from, "With weary hands and driven nails...the taste of the clean."Epic track.

    "Destroy the Map" -
    Which will be the released as a single 5.2.05, enlists the services of vocalist Raithon Clay.The vocal chemistry and interplay between Clay and Brock is unreal.This very punky track will be big if given the proper airplay it deserves because it appeals to hard-core, emo, screamo, and punk fans alike.

    "Installing the Catheter" -
    Quick-tempoed, punkish track, dressed with staccato guitars, fierce multi-faceted drumming, and a majestically eerie breakdown with spoken word guest female vox, provides a great contrast for Brock's screaming to transform seamlessly into passionate singing.

    "Cure Eclipse" -
    Brock's trademark spastically mad verse vocals run smoothly into melodic crooning.Once again, catchy staccato riffage.

    "Waterhaul" -
    This caboose track owns a haunting, water-laden intro until the deep bassline kicks in, and then the drumming and vocals lead into a chanting chorus.

    With more uplifting, positive lyricism, teamed with a more punk sound and quirkier Brock vox, Snow Capped Romance is a more manic album than the depressing 2002's Bitterness the Star.While brilliant in its own powerful, captivating and atmospheric right, Bitterness dwells on bad relationships while Romance focuses on getting past such.These two albums play antithesis to one another, and BOTH are well worth your ear.

    Grab Bitterness when you're at war with the world, but grab Romance when you want to grab the world by the short'n'curlies and make the most of it.

    36 Crazyfists' aural onslaught will beat you over the head and steal your Eskimo pie, but will always pick you up afterwards and serenade you back to recovery.

    A unique sound.A gripping release.A memorable and passionate offering.

    5-0 out of 5 stars greatest lyrics in the world
    Crawling from the floor,
    I've been there before.
    There I was staring
    back at the bottom.
    Let's just make this clear,
    it came from these tears.
    Carved across our chest, loyalty(2).
    And with the new light,
    there was young hope.
    To underline the meaning,
    and carve our names in.

    At the end of August, the end of...
    At the end of August, the end of... I'll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone?

    So I lit lanterns,
    to light up all these words,
    looking back I know
    it's what I'd die for.
    And through all of this life,
    smashed away all the strife,
    a friendship I paint, untouchable.
    And with the new light,
    there was young hope.
    To underline the meaning,
    and carve our names in.

    At the end of August, the end of...
    At the end of August, the end of... I'll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone?
    Crawling from the floor,
    I've been there before. Let's just make this clearLoyality
    And I want you to know
    how all of you made me,
    how all of you saved me and...

    I'll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone?

    At the end of August, the end of...
    At the end of August, the end of... I'll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone?

    Just went through your eyes,
    and the battle was fine.
    Couldn't stand to see you streaming.
    Now I realize that I might have been
    part of the reason for your frowning.

    And so I grey the heart and the shape,
    that look that you gave, staring.
    At empty help me back to awake.
    And so I grey the heart and the shape.

    Now the bottle plays a little factor.
    Not the way I used to be, thankfully.
    I was disguising a different matter,
    now I engage in everything, infinity...
    And so I grey the heart and the shape,
    that look that you gave, staring.
    At empty help me back to awake.
    And so I grey the heart and the shape.

    Help me back to awake.
    There were sentences with no direction,
    those are pieces that I put away.
    There is sadness in the reflection,
    one long look is all that it takes.

    Here is your broken character, the one left of heaven.
    Scissors cut him from the page, example,
    continue to read not to retrace the steps, touch me.
    The hemorrhaging has ceased, has ceased.

    And I swallow these capsules, to regain my grip.
    And I swallowed myself sick. And I inherited my health.

    Here is your wake and smile, that you seem to need.
    The safe and the touch, and the unweave.
    Right where you placed it the night before,
    Saint checks in to make sure,
    you're right where you say that you are,
    right where you are.
    And I swallow these capsules, to regain my grip.
    And I swallowed myself sick. And I inherited my health.

    They all seem so truthful,
    they all seem so true.
    Couldn't find a better way to lie.

    Over mountains I feel safe,
    sacred were those summers.
    And these memories I place in my heart for shelter.
    And I modify, just to smell the ocean.
    And I underline, visualizing motion.

    And I guess I miss my home,
    I could not stay.
    I'll return, it's alright, I'm ok.

    Reoccured daydream, tie up stern first.
    And these gifts I've learned, never leave me.
    And I redesign, family and growing.
    And I realign, forgetting nothing.

    And I guess I miss my home,
    I could not stay.
    I'll return, it's alright, I'm ok. Maybe in a few years it'll come back to you,
    Reflection becoming your virtue.
    So sort me out, lay me away.
    Over these mountains I feel safe.
    And bless the sound, return the day.
    Over these mountains I feel safe.
    And I guess I miss my home,
    I could not stay.
    I'll return, it's alright, I'm ok. Maybe in a few years it'll come back to you,
    Reflection becoming your virtue.

    Think I'll rename my heart, the calendar.
    'Cause it'll surely know just when to end.
    And I've been looking at you through the telephone,
    as the photograph whispers that she isn't even home.
    So alone, I bleed myself right in.
    Unusual,Here breathing, InvitingThe silence.

    But you're not here,
    you're nowhere near at all.
    Just skin and atmosphere.
    And if it's not what you wanted,
    better get out now.
    Alone it takes me,
    underneath it'll surely break me.
    Underneath these things.

    Twenty some years my parents let themselves leave.
    I always swore that would never, ever be me.
    And now you're looking at me through a new lens,
    your voice on the end doesn't understand anything, nor do I.
    Paper cuts for me.
    Unusual,Here breathing, InvitingThe silence.
    But you're not here,
    you're nowhere near at all.
    Just skin and atmosphere.
    And if it's not what you wanted,
    better get out now.
    Alone it takes me,
    underneath it'll surely break me.
    Prove me wrong, I want you to prove me wrong.
    But you're not here,
    you're nowhere near at all.
    Just skin and atmosphere.
    And if it's not what you wanted,
    better get out now.
    Alone it takes me,
    underneath it'll surely break me.

    There were thousands of days
    as we traveled down North Road,
    and I remember my uncle on his last day,
    and how I would kill to shake his hand again.
    And on goes the battle of years upon years.
    My Father's eyes bring me solace,
    and his look of focus I try to instill.
    As my Mother reads as an example
    of strength beyond strength,
    and with her I became me.
    There are two girls
    with whom I've known longer than anyone,
    and my debt to them is Lifetime.
    The gathering of boys I rely on,
    know exactly who they are
    and I will build their protection with bloody hands.
    Some were dealt knuckles and some delivered kisses,
    but initially my heart was in the right place.
    There are times when being engulfed by mountains
    are the only signs of safety I know.
    And I realize I think this way out of neglection
    and at the exact thought I reclaim those days of scenery.
    There are places like the bluffs in Kasilof
    and the gravel pits in Sand Lake,
    that most of us will never forget.
    Those are the things I wanted to speak of,
    those are the things that I dream about,
    those are the things that I will definitely die with,

    You should've called out,
    made amends, broken hearts breathe unison.
    I was trying to gather mine.
    All my tragedies are my enemies,
    All my enemies are mine.

    And we carry on, just to lighten the load.

    Never had I been such outsider,
    eyes of the blamed,
    while I was trying to reclaim.
    All my tragedies are my enemies,
    all my enemies are mine.

    And we carry on,
    just to lighten the load,
    and silently we sleep with nothing underneath.

    With weary hands and driven nails,
    I begin to rebuild myself.
    The bruises uncover the scene,
    the taste of the clean.

    And we carry on, outlasting,
    just to lighten the load,
    silently we sleep
    with nothingunderneath.

    With your voice I keep you.
    Never used like this gently.

    You couldn't hold your mouth to stop the sound,
    with all these riches on the tip of your tongue,
    and I was trying to dampen it all out.

    You were talking louder than I should here,
    producing nothing but all these mirrors,
    and I was trying to play it all down.

    With eyes of blood,
    these kisses won't rust.
    Where the baptized drown,
    we used to breathe.

    Underneath the red,
    come running back to me.

    Sad song, so wrong,
    your body shakes for so long,
    towing me down.
    Let's just stay late,
    a safe bet for second place.
    This time, our time, we have, we'll last.
    With eyes of blood,
    these kisses won't rust.
    Where the baptized drown,
    we used to breathe.

    Underneath the red,
    come running back to me.
    That evil, a brutal sickness brings,
    at times you can't let go
    it chases you from everything.
    To settle for almost anything,
    it's times like these
    when you should only choose just not to speak.

    And the clouds don't break when the sun is on empty

    Through the long sleep,
    darkness bleeds,
    through the silver and I,
    reminded the layout as the wings,
    they all died.
    And it all hates like you,
    destroys the message.

    Another open eye to secrets,
    with plans to scrape them clean.
    And I have stacked them
    higher then anyone believed.
    And it downplays the scene,
    it all comes crashing.

    Don't be removed,
    I got you where I said
    that I would always put you.
    And I'm heading for the bottom of you.

    Come and take me over,
    the lights have been removed,
    with pieces at ankles, we answered.
    And it all tastes like you,
    and all it captures.

    Take on me as long as you think
    that you can handle,
    and taking me to truth
    and tearing me from scandal.
    And it all saves like you,
    define disaster.

    And I don't die like you,
    tormented skies,
    treated to taste and outlast the sun.
    I design what ails.

    Coldest of the cold stay outside,
    bring on harm's way.

    The night breathes different,
    and the cold was named anew.
    She sits in the wordless space.
    The grin gave us away,
    and that was the end,
    that was everything dying,
    and that was the end,
    that was everything.

    Cut into the face and think straight.
    I was doing everything,
    to keep me from choking.
    With the weather heavy,
    heavy at the fireside,
    you'll say it so well, so well.

    Dreary can come out and move yourself away.
    I know you owe me, I know you owe me,
    this year, this year cure me.

    And I was barely here
    but I'd been there for years.
    Thought I'd leave it there
    so it couldn't follow me here.
    And I've been thinking of you
    as the days grew color.
    With the seconds turning hours,
    my end turned alive.

    The night breathes different,
    and the cold was named anew.
    I found so much more this way.

    Press skin into skin,
    just a fraction to gather the senses.
    Still locking in mine, design,
    just a scrape to uncover the evidence.
    You won't remove me, not anymore.

    So here we are, now it's obvious.
    Candle lit to divide all your areas.
    And inside all your barriers,
    I'm defending my lines to ignite...
    And I'll be this way forever.

    Inside the locks hide,
    so my faith can come outside and shine.
    Besides it's why all these miles of road won't divide.
    You won't remove me, not anymore.

    And now it's where the secret's pushed behind,
    with the lanterns to burn this inside.
    And up there A SNOW-CAPPED ROMANCE where,
    everything we build will come from our eyes...
    And I'll be this way forever.

    4-0 out of 5 stars this is thar second and it rocks
    this is 36 newist album ans it rock it is not as good as thar fus 1 but it rocks all the same wons agen the getaring will move you and if you are a fan biy this albnum it is not as good as the eriganl but it sth mack you wont to moush it kick ass ... Read more

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    Sales Rank: 17095
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    A Lethal Dose of American Hatred
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (22 July, 2003)
    list price: $19.98 -- our price: $19.98
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    Reviews (118)

    4-0 out of 5 stars What Is Your Problem, Guys?
    Of course it's not Pantera, but it's good. Well, the CD loses a star, because on most of the tracks, it has Phil saying (1,2,1234). However, the music isn't terrible either. "Sickness" is possibly the best track on this CD, as it reminds me the most of Pantera. When I saw the video for "Dress Like A Target" on the Headbangers Ball, it didn't interest me all that much. However, when I found out that the band had Phil as the throat, I though that I might check them out. I picked up the CD used, as I hate paying more than 10 bucks for a CD. "Dress Like A Target" got me hooked to this sweet stuff. "Waiting For The Turning Point" is only a minute and a half long, but it's definitely not a minute and a half wasted. What can I describe this CD as? It's a mix of Brutal Truth and Crowbar, with a dash of Pantera in it, and as I love all three bands, this is worth listening to.

    1-0 out of 5 stars more like a lethal dose of anteater piss.
    Just read the title of my review.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Is there a reason to start 8 of the 13 songs with a count?
    Eight of the thirteen tracks begin with a vocal countdown. There's no good reason for this and it only cheapens the quality of the album. Personally, I think this album is all right aside from the countdown, which I edited out... ... Read more

    Asin: B0000A0DTP
    Sales Rank: 56084
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    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (22 April, 2003)
    list price: $15.98 -- our price: $15.98
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    Reviews (61)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Bands Never Last, Do They?
    Not much has been said about the demise of Nothingface, yet another band that develops a new genre, and never gets enough credit.
    Put Tool, Government Issue, Bad Brains, and Slayer together, and you've got this D.C.-area band. Their musicianship is (should start saying was, they broke up after this album) at the level of a band like Tool: not many guitar solos and common strong structures, just great riffs, blazing syncopation, and thundering precision. G.I.'s early emo influence comes in when you hear the guitarist's and lead singer's melodies - songs like Beneath and Ether are completely captivating, and maybe even quite accessible. The band exhibits the energy of another D.C. band called Bad Brains, which just so happens to be the best hardcore band to ever grace this earth. And Slayer-quality thrash is thrown in for good measure.
    But the one thing that distinguishes Nothingface is this sing-nice-and-clean-and-pretty one minute, and then growl profanities the next. Some call it a schizophrenic way of playing music. Play Scission, and then play Murder is Masturbation - get the idea? What the hell is that all about? It just shows the range that was Nothingface. Only now are bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu making it extremely popular. No, it's not "Screamo" like Thursday. It's a pure assault that was known as Nothingface. Woe is music ... if the band is reading this, get your act together and put out another album.
    By the way, Violence is almost equally as good. I couldn't really get in to the earlier releases as much (Pacifier and Audio Guide), I guess some prefer them because Nothingface was rawer, and less polished in its early days.
    I guess good music is just like art - they never appreciate it enough, until the artist dies (or disbands). Quick question, though - did the band take its name from another great, landmark, groundbreaking metal/punk/hardcore/prog-rock album called "Nothingface" by Voivod? I'd like to know.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome!
    While running around for a day and a half going on an obssessive hunt for an elusive copy of An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity, I was forced to settle: Skeletons or Pacifier. I've never heard anything off of Pacifier, and Murder is Masturbation, one of my favorite songs from Nothingface (out of what I've heard, anyway). So, I chose Skeletons. This being my first Nothingface cd, I have to say, I am definitely gonna go out and buy ALL of their cd's as soon as I can, because this cd is AWESOME, and it's left me craving more Nothingface. This cd has an AWESOME combination of screaming, hardcore metal and soft, melodic singing. Nothingface is in no way the first band to use the heavy to melodic approach, but it sounds so good on them that it seems like they could stake claim as the first to ever do it and no one would claim otherwise. The intro song, Machination, is one of the most memorable on the cd (aside from Murder is Masturbation), because of the eerie portion of the song in which the singer uses melodic vocals (Now don't disappoint me, do what you're told...). Some of the songs use no screaming, and although some of them are really good (like Beneath and In Avernus), others are somewhat dull, and those are the weak point of the cd. However, the good points of the cd are strong enough that the few weak songs don't bring down the quality of the cd. This is an EXCELLENT cd if you're interested in Nothingface but don't want too much screaming (unfortunately for me, I was LOOKING for the one of the ones with more screaming. Oh well...the lead singer has a good singing voice though, so that's always good...) Go pick this one up, it's worth every penny. [...]

    5-0 out of 5 stars Murder is Masturbation
    Great album i bought this after hearing Ether, and i feel in love with the album everyone kick ass. This is a really good Metal cd, very hard and heavy. The singer has a very good voice and a very good screaming voice also.

    My personal fav songs that you shoudl check out are
    Murder is Masturbation (my all time fav)
    I Am Him
    & Incarnadine

    Also check out SlipKnoT & Chimaira ... Read more

    Asin: B00008OM5J
    Sales Rank: 49031
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    The Impossibility of Reason
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (13 May, 2003)
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    Reviews (115)

    5-0 out of 5 stars excellent sophmore album
    chimaira really take the cake with this cd. i bought this cd saw them live. they put on a great performance. this is metal. not hardcore. not emo. and something awesome at that. but the thing that baffles my mind is that people think this is nu-metal. now if these guys sounded like korn that would be the right thing to say, but thats way off. its really hard to say what these guys sound like. they are in a league of their own. their new cd is coming out sometime in the summer hopefully

    3-0 out of 5 stars SOLID EFFORT - DESERVES 3 1/2 STARS
    I had originally thought of Chimaira as a nu-metal band, but after seeing some reviews for this album, I decided to give it a try. Like other reviewers have said, this is way to heavy and thrash-based to be considered nu-metal anymore. They have a groove-metal based sound with some thrash elements thrown in.

    THE GOOD: This album is pretty relentless in its sonic assault, not really letting up once the first pounding riff kicks in on Cleansation. The drummer is incredible and he knocks the hell out of the double bass pedal consistently throughout the album. The guitar riffs are thick, with a catchy, groovy sound. There are some guitar solos and the songs are structured to resemble traditional heavy metal (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, chorus). Many of the songs make you want to bang your head and the clean vocals are solid and well placed. Tracks like Cleansation, Down Again, Power Trip, Overlooked, really make me want to bang my head.

    THE BAD: The vocals in general are terrible. The lead singer has no power behind his growl, and he sounds like the guy from Linkin Park when he tries to scream. Plus, his clean voice is merely an immitation of Layne Staley. The songs kind of blend together, and there wasn't one riff on the album that made me say "wow". The guitar solos are average especially when held up against other NWOAHM bands (Shadows Fall, Trivium). Plus, the lyrics are laughably bad..... malicious psycho???? LOL

    All in all, this album is worth buying and adding to your collection. These guys appear to be trying to head in the direction of Slayer on their latest albums, not quite there yet, but there is plenty of room to grow still. Just don't exepct top of the line heavy metal.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Big Improvement
    After hearing "Pass Out Of Existence", I wasnt overly impressed. I thought Chimaira had talent and potential, but POE just came across as flat and uninspired. Two years later, Chimaira released this album, and it is a step up in every way. The musicianship is alot better, and much more technical. With this album Chimaira has incorporated guitar solos into their sound, which is a rare commodity in modern american metal. The drumming is excellent as well; the double bass is in-humanly fast, but it isnt over used. The double bass is only used when its appropriate, but when it IS used, it really intensifies the music and just makes you want to put your head down and run into a wall. Mark Hunters vocal performance is impressive on this album too; his screaming sounds alot more aggressive. His clean voice isnt used in abundance, but when he does use it it sounds very eerie; his clean voice bears a passing resemblance to that of Layne Staleys or Jerry Cantrells. Overall if you didnt like POE, I would give this album a try, in my opinion this album runs circles around it. If youre just looking for some good metal to mosh to, then this is right up your alley. ... Read more

    Asin: B000093I3F
    Sales Rank: 37255
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    Life Is Killing Me
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (17 June, 2003)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $18.98
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    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Still proving that gothic metal need be mordant and humorless, New York's Type O returns with their sixth album of misanthropy, high drama and perversion with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Towering frontman Pete Steele is still the band’s focal point and his lyrics are more grotesquely hilarious than ever. Musically, Life is pretty accessible, eschewing much of the brutal, thrashy heaviness of Type O's early material. "(We Were) Electrocute" is a sleek, electro-pop homage to 1980s New Romanticism that showcases Josh Silver's funeral synth lines. The adrenaline-fuelled soft-rock rush of "I Like Goils" comes on like Andrew WK in a vampire cape. And "Less than Zero" finds Type O Negative revisiting one of their more surprising influences, the Beatles, as a sitar cuts through the eerie gloom. --Louis Pattison ... Read more


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    Reviews (140)

    3-0 out of 5 stars eh
    With 1999's World Coming Down, Type O Negative trimmed the humor from their sludgy goth-metal. The result was a deep, well-done record - the best of the catalog. It set the bar high for future releases.

    A bit too high, it turns out. Though Life is Killing Me is full of decent songs, the re-introduction of light-hearted material is a detriment to their dark, slow sound.

    The best tracks are the two singles, the depressing, World Coming Down-worthy "The Dream is Dead" and the new wave-influenced "I Don't Wanna Be Me."

    These songs capture the best elements of TON: smooth, deep-throated vocal melodies with dark-but-catchy backing music. Essentially, when the songwriting is in top form, Type O Negative is slow-motion death metal with keyboards and good singing.

    Another high point, though it brings out the band's overrated humorous side, is a cover of "Angry Inch." A song from a John Cameron Mitchell musical, it addresses a botched sex-changed operation in a punk/metal style.

    Some other songs fall short of the mark, however. For example, "I Like Goils" is a somewhat catchy but overly homophobic attempt at a joke: "I'm quite flattered that you think I'm cute / But I don't deal well with compacted poop."

    Throwing political correctness to the wind can be a great thing, but only when it's done right. To the band's credit, however, this line is kind of funny: "A sexist pig, I guess it's true / I hate all men including you."

    The rest of the CD is filled with catchy songs, so it can be recommended to current Type O Negative fans. In the end, though, Life is Killing Me cannot live up to the standards of World Coming Down.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best TON since Slow, Deep and Hard
    Almost gratifying to see the BK and OR fans winging that this isn't real type o negative. I loved Slow, Deep and Hard but Bloody Kisses and October Rust made me cringe. The shoe is now on the other foot eh? Life is killing me drew me in, albeit kicking and screaming, because the songs are so catchy. To me this is Type O Negative goes pop but without selling out. There's some great melodies often surrounded by heavy sabbath/cathedral type guitar and a great production. There's a wide range of aggressiveness on display too, from the very mellow Nettie and Electrocute to Angry Inch which shows Pete can still sound mean and angry when he wants to tho possibly popping a roid in the process. Other stand out songs for me were Anesthesia, Dream is Dead, Don't wanna be Me, A dish.. The instrumentals Thirteen and Drunk in Paris are really the only songs I skip.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Dark Humour and Catchy Lyrics
    To give this Album 1 Star is pretty stupid. If you're a fan of this band and respect them, then you'll understand and accept that most, if not all, bands can't stay the "same" throughout their whole career, however long that is. Type O Negative is one of these bands obviously, and they can't keep throwing out the same albums like "Bloody Kisses" or "October Rust". If they did, then you'd probably dislike them for staying the same..so it's a lose-lose situation.

    For open-minded fans of this band..this Album really isn't all that different to their previous albums. It still has the dark humour, the catchy lyrics, the fuzzy guitar riffs, and Pete Steele's distinctly deep voice. Like pretty much every Type O Negative album, there are a few songs that are "Filler", such as "Thir13Teen", "I Like Goils", "Angry Inch" and "Drunk in Paris". "Drunk in Paris" is actually kind of amusing the first time you hear it, but gets old fast. The other songs that i mentioned, except for "Thir13Teen", are all pretty fast, punky, type songs. In my opinion, i think they were at their best with the fast, punky, songs on "Slow, Deep and Hard".

    The rest of the album, in my opinion, is pretty flawless. Standout tracks would be "I Don't Wanna Be Me", "Less Than Zero", "Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things)", "Life Is Killing Me", "(We Were) Electrocute", "Anesthesia" and "The Dream is Dead". But the others are all just as catchy, and easy to listen to. I really don't think Type O Negative have changed much, in their sound. If they have at all, then it's definitely not a dramatic change.

    I doubt open-minded Type O Negative fans will have a problem with this Album. It's definitely Type O Negative. There is so many good songs on here, and even though it isn't quite their "best" Album, it deserves more than 1 Star. I think for new fans of this band, this is very highly recommended. ... Read more

    Asin: B00009PJPT
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    Advance and Vanquish
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (19 October, 2004)
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    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (33)

    2-0 out of 5 stars They Have To Be Kidding...
    Here is the thing - I honestly believe that these guys know that their band is a joke. They have to. With that in mind, the music is kind of comical. "Enemies of metal: Your death is our reward!" has to be one of the funniest metal lyrics of all time. Granted, it is also tied for most retarded. But the band is devoid of any musical talent, whatsoever. If you want a laugh, listen on. If not... odds are you're gonna hate this band.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I heard of this band before and like 2 hours ago I saw it at the music store. I hadn't bought any music in months so I said "Why not?". What a good decision. This is good old Heavy Metal at its best.In 2004. Not only that. It is a strange mixture of Black Metal (lyrics), Thrash (some of the percussion) and Power Metal (lyrics). So this is like Heavy/Thrash/Black/Power Metal.
    Oh and, don't worry what the bashers say. Who cares if this isn't serious? Music is about relaxing and having a good time. So the fools can look for something to "relate to". Heck, I'm listening to this and I'm having fun.
    Metal Rules.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Brutal, Balls to the Wall Metal at it's Finest!
    Three years ago I used to have a beef against Canada, especially Vancouver because I was in a relationship with a girl from there that ended up going sour. Anyway, over the three years I let go, and discovered there is great underground music from Canada. Now I don't care where the band is from, if they're great, I am promoting the crap out of them! Anyway, on to the main review.

    I discovered these guys three nights ago completely on accident. I had a hankering to download a song from a band called Woods of Ypres, I ended up looking for the MP3s because the downloads were not working on the official website. What happened next is history, I ended up finding a website devoted to Canadian metal bands, and found a review for a Vancouver-based band called 3 Inches of Blood. I was like "OK, interesting title, I'll have to check them out." Did a search, found the website, started hearing the track "Deadly Sinners", and I was blown away!

    Right then and there, I knew I had to find the CD. Unfortunately I couldn't find it for anything under 20, I finally managed to nail it for 17 bucks. When I put it in, I was amazed at how these guys managed to keep a fast pace throughout the whole 50 some-odd minutes of the CD. I do not know how anyone can call this band a joke, in my books they're one of the best metal bands I have heard in a long time.

    The rules these guys follow are something I'd definitely want in a band, just play metal, and no angst, on otherwards, no suck! The lyrics are awesome, talking a ton about pirates, mutiny, epic battles, and wow...it's pissed off metal at it's finest. Nice, balls to the wall, take no prisoners metal!

    To start off, the single "Deadly Singers" is absolutely fantastic. Fast paced everything in this song, and the lyrics are sung with a razor edge with Cam Pipes' high-pitched Tom Keifer-like vocals really coming together with Jamie Hooper's high-pitched screaming. I am usually not a fan of screaming, but these guys mange to merge it together in this song.

    I can also say that the rest of the album is just as brutal, sometimes I actually have to stop in between because my ears hurt from listening to it. My favorites are "Fear On the Bridge", "Deadly Sinners", "Dominion of Deceit", "Premonition of Fate", "Lord of the Storm", and "Wykydtron", even if that one is a bit out of place.

    I can safely say that these guys do what they've set out to do, and that's bring metal back from the KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, angsty bullcrap that plagues the metal scene today. If you're a metal fan, you owe it to yourself to check this album out. I can promise you that you won't be disappointed. It took me only 3 nights to fall in love, and immediately know I had to have the CD, imagine what they will do to you when you check them out.

    ... Read more

    Asin: B00061RYWA
    Sales Rank: 3691
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Pop    3. Rock   


    Through the Eyes
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (30 October, 2001)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
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    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


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    Reviews (133)

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Great Album By A Great Band
    Two years ago, I was recommended Flaw by a friend who liked the nu-metal genre, and I do not have any regrets. The best song on the record is the opener, "Only The Strong". It slays bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. "Payback", the first single, is a decent track, but it sounds like a radio anthem. "Whole" is another great track, as it tells about the passing of the lead singer's mom. It's really touching and brutal at the same time. The whole album is great. Great for fans of Korn, Disturbed and Slipknot. If you hate nu metal, you'll hate this.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Through The Eyes
    I wrote a review for this album almost a year ago. I gave it five stars. In the last year my tastes have expanded VERY much, Ive gotten out of the nu-metal scene and into mainly metalcore, thrash metal and death metal. But my opinion on this album remains the same. This is a highly emotional nu-metal album that is delivered more than competently when compared with the KoRns and Slipknots coming out every day today. They obviously put loads of emotion into what they do, and its apparent in every song. The musicianship wont blow your mind. Nothing too technical or innovative, but its actually sharper than alot of the other hard rock bands today. But the main attraction here is Chris Volz. Chriz Volz's vocals really steal the show on this album. He can sing very well- he has a singing voice that is quite similair to David Draimans, but is still very much his own. When he growls, every line overflows with emotion, and his singing voice and growl contrast eachother nicely. If Flaw has one problem, its the occasional clumsy lyric. Songs like My Letter and Whole have very good lyrics, but theres actually a line in the song Payback that goes "Guess what...you suck!". Okay, lets be serious. You can do better than that. But all in all, the lyrics are good. Simple, but good. If you listen to nu-metal and hard rock, I would say give this a shot. Or if you listen to metal and are bored with all of the watered down crap thats coming out on the radio these days, I would also give this album a try.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Through the Eyes
    This is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. This band, this album, is a pure gem. Chris Volz has one of the best singing voices in the world, only rivaled by Corey Taylor. This album is too good to describe. Unlike alot of bands, you can feel the emotion pouring out of the songs on Through the Eyes. I personally rank this album in my collection very high, up with Slipknot, Slayer, Pantera, Judas Priest, and Lamb of God. You can enjoy this band even if you don't like this genre of metal. Best songs are Only the Strong, Payback, My Letter, Whole, What I Have To Do (ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER CREATED), and Best I Am. If you don't own this, I strongly urge buying this album. ... Read more

    Asin: B00005R8G5
    Sales Rank: 34438
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Pop    3. Rock   


    The End of Heartache
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (11 May, 2004)
    list price: $12.98 -- our price: $11.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (238)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Almost a five....
    Killswitch Engage is a band you want to love, but they make it so hard.If it was not for all the emo crap this album would get a 5...the guitars, and drumming are fantastic but the melodies lose me. It sounds forced, as if the record company had something to do with it. I still listen occasionally but Lamb of God, BLS, Mastadon, and Shadows Fall are far better choices.Metal rules!!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Potatoe salad in Poopy flavored lollipops
    YO YO YO this is the review about the cd cause it's good. Star WaRs baby. SA-DA-TA on da panty sty with da na noe.giggle giggle lollipopsfdead

    5-0 out of 5 stars Heavy and Positive Metal
    Are you tired of every metal song being about the devil or just really a downer?I know I am.I personally don't care much for Satan so I really don't want to hear songs about him, and being bummed out just isn't as cool as it was when Kurt Cobain was around (being depressed was rockin back then).So if you share my sentiments and like a good metal album - including the necessary elements of blast beats, screamind, and beautiful guitar work - this album may be for you.WARNING:There is clear, talanted vocal work on this album in edition to the earnumbing bellows and screams, so if you don't like that kind of thing, this album will get on your nerves.Personally, I like that kind of thing, and the other stuff mentioned, so this album is high on my list of favorites and is spending serious amounts of time in my car's CD player.I'm not going to do a track-by-track breakdown, but the album has some thrash, one acoustic-style guitar number that whilst it isn't really rockin, it's still pretty nice, and is overall clean and positive, whilst still being VERY heavy.Take it from Funk Nuggets, because a guy named Funk Nuggets wouldn't lie to you:You're going to love "The End of Heartache"! ... Read more

    Asin: B0001Z2TJY
    Sales Rank: 3510
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock   


    Feedback [EP]
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (29 June, 2004)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $10.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


      Reviews (183)

      4-0 out of 5 stars CD's make lousy coasters!
      I used to save those annoying free AOL cd's thinking that one day I would spread them around my house to use as coasters.Well, simply put, they just don't work.The moisture just dribbles off them like water off a duck's back, leaving an even bigger ring on your table than the original glass would have left.My point is, this cd would NOT make a good coaster.

      The intro and outro on the first song, Summertime Blues, are undeniably Rushesque.After four listenings, the only other thing that to me sounds like pure Rush is Geddy Lee's voice.But that's not a bad thing.In several spots, the lyrics are now understandable where they weren't on the original version.On The Seeker Lee does a great job of hitting the high vocal notes and Lifeson plays a very convincing Pete Townshend.Crossroads and Mr. Soul instrumentals sound very close to the original.

      Overall, these three Canadians adeptly capture the sound of an early era of rock.It really brings you back, that is, if you happen to be old enough. The only disappointment to me is that there are just not enough songs on the cd.

      Listen not with a cynical mind.Open your mind and let it in.You'll enjoy it.

      Also try the Styx album Big Bang Theory, another album of cover songs, which satisfies even non-Styx fans like me.

      4-0 out of 5 stars A good EP
      Who is this reviewer below me? The one with the broken caps lock button. This isn't what I wanted from Rush but it's better than nothing. As far as I'm concerned they can roll out another triple disc live set and I would be happy. There are a few things missing here, Peart's lyrics and any sign of, "overplaying" that I love about Rush. It is funny when someone calls Rush, "Pompous" or "Pretentious" or whatever other word the word of the month club is promoting. It shows the people who call themselves fans but don't understand the lyrics, therefore it makes Rush, "Pompous". Nah, it just means you need to study more.

      The songs on this EP are enjoyable. My favorite being, "Mr. Soul". I like how Geddy's voice has matured through the years. Alex can still outplay the guys half his age. Then there is Neil Peart. I seen Rush on the 30th anniversary tour, he still plays exactly the way he did 15 years ago. This is for the fans only. Any newcomer would be better off buying every studio album before this one. Remember, "it's not bragging if you can do it". Rush has been doing it for 31 years now. That alone says enough for me.

      Maybe if Neil reads this he can dummy down the lyrics on the next cd so everyone can understand what the songs mean on first listen but then again he would be called, "pompous" for that because it would seen as looking down on the, "fans". Rush is the best band in music history.

      1-0 out of 5 stars TALENT SHOW LOSERS

      Asin: B00028HBIY
      Sales Rank: 6232
      Subjects:  1. Album Rock    2. Arena Rock    3. Canada    4. Guitar Virtuoso    5. Hard Rock    6. Pop    7. Prog-Rock/Art Rock    8. Psychedelic    9. Rock    10. Rock & Roll   


      Queen - Greatest Hits
      Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
      Audio CD (15 September, 1992)
      list price: $13.98 -- our price: $9.99
      (price subject to change: see help)
      US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
      Reviews (85)

      4-0 out of 5 stars Still Great Even Without"Bohemian Rhapsody"
      How do I review what isn't here? Strong Queen fans will know all 17 songs. Most of their biggest hits are here. Most. Not all. Not even one of the biggest songs they've ever had.

      Even an American Idol contestant knows "Bohemian Rhapsody" is part of the rock-n-roll canon. What was Hollywood Records thinking to leave out such a great hit?

      What is here is mostly good. Freddie Mercury's range and dramatic intonations, paired with guitar maestro Brian May's capacity to ignite a note, and songs like "Killer Queen" go from being interesting to incredible.

      Part of the problem was Queen. They had too many good hits gracing more than one genre. Most bands wish they had the difficulty of choosing greatest hits choices.

      Questionable choices are obvious: "Seven Seas of Rhye" and "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy."

      "Seven Seas" has a hard rock, guitar-driven sound but does not meet the usual Queen level of quality.

      "Good Old" is a nice demonstration of Freddie Mercury's great voice, but lyrically is weak.

      The closest economical solution is to buy instead "Queen - Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2" Get all the songs below except "Keep Yourself Alive." 34 songs in all.

      Missing from the play list:
      * Bohemian Rhapsody
      * Under Pressure
      * Tie Your Mother Down
      * Keep Yourself Alive
      * Radio Ga Ga

      The play list:
      * We Will Rock You
      * We Are the Champions
      * Another One Bites the Dust
      * Killer Queen
      * Somebody to Love
      * Fat Bottomed Girls
      * Bicycle Race
      * You're My Best Friend
      * Crazy Little Thing Called Love
      * Now I'm Here
      * Play the Game
      * Seven Seas of Rhye
      * Body Language
      * Save Me
      * Don't Stop Me Now
      * Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
      * I Want to Break Free

      Why four stars after criticizing what is missing? These are still great tunes, every one of them. The weakest song is still better than much of the radio fodder today.

      Anthony Trendl

      5-0 out of 5 stars Intersting Package of Hits
      Queen was a talented band, and there's just no questioning that. I have a hard time writing a review for this album, because I pretty much bleed Queen. I become greatly annoyed when someone thinks Freddie Mercury was the only real talent in Queen. This album doesn't help to promote my cause. But, if you are a casual Queen fan, as I once was, this will satisfy your needs. It has most of the hits, put together in an odd way none the less, but good. I give it five stars just as an overall. It might be missing some hits, it might have a few songs that really shouldn't be on there, but who are we to decide anyway?

      5-0 out of 5 stars not complete
      I was thinking of taking a star off for incompleteness, but then I realized that everything on this cd is good."Another one bites the dust" is one of my top ten favorite songs, so obviously I had to have this.The cd should only be bought in conjunction with Classic Queen, which has their well loved "Bohemian Rhapsody," unlike this.Or you could go for their greatest hits 2cd gold set instead of this.Or the 3cd set.Whatever you choose, your music collection will be the better for it. ... Read more

      Asin: B000000OBP
      Sales Rank: 475
      Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


      Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
      Audio CD (22 March, 2005)
      list price: $14.98 -- our price: $14.98
      (price subject to change: see help)
      US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
      Reviews (13)

      4-0 out of 5 stars Great CD..
      As soon as I put this CD in my player in my car.. wow!what can I say?The first track, Decomposition of the Human Race, begins with a slow, almost tribal beat, then the bass kicks in.Then begins a very crunchy intro riff that got me so pumped.Then the 2nd track kicked in, Somewhere in the Darkness and I was totally amazed.Then there is the single, Shadow of the Reaper, which totally steals the entire cd.Overall its a great cd.. their best?No, that seat still belongs to Maximum Violence.

      5-0 out of 5 stars Return 2 form.
      This effort is definitly a cut above their previous effort, Bringer of Blood. This cd is more in line with Maximum Violence, which regardless of what all the death metal "elitist" say, is definitly one of the better death metal albums out there. While I don't think this cd is as good as Mximum Violence, its close. If u like groovy death metal, get this cd man!!

      4-0 out of 5 stars SOLID DEATH METAL
      This album came much to a surprise when I sampled it. I already had Maximum Violence which I liked and to be honest I just payed no attention to the following releases. Then I picked up the latest issue of BWBK metal magazine and it had a sample from 13 in it which was so catchy and impressive. Sampled the rest of the album at a local record store and now I'm hooked on this release and so glad I bought it. It's solid, consistant, and as another reviewer stated, "more mature sounding" than previous releases. The beats are so good. They are slow to mid paced which provide a change of the typical death double bass syndrome. Chris' vocals are even more evil sounding as well. If you're looking for a comparison combine the guitar distortions of Slayer's Reign in Blood and the solid release of Decapitated's The Negation. ... Read more

      Asin: B0007OP0UE
      Sales Rank: 59941
      Subjects:  1. Death Metal/Black Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock   


      New Found Power
      Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
      Audio CD (10 February, 2004)
      list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
      (price subject to change: see help)
      US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


      • Enhanced
      • Explicit Lyrics
      Reviews (155)

      5-0 out of 5 stars RIP DIME!!!
      Dime, may your music live on forever as well as your soul!!! Buy this Album, do yourself a favor, flawless record, not Pantera, but the next best thing, BUY IT!!! RIP DIME!!

      5-0 out of 5 stars P.HAUKAS IS A PUNK

      3-0 out of 5 stars Dime Will be Missed Here On Earth
      There is a man named Dave Williams that is having a bittersweet moment. He looks down from Heaven to watch his good buddy Dimebag play a gig, as he does most nights when Damageplan plays.

      But this night is not like the others. Dave sees Death jump up on stage and take his good buddy, much like Death took Dave almost 3 years ago.

      Dave can do nothing to stop it. He can only watch helplessly as the massacre unfolds.

      Dave cries because he is one of the most caring, beautiful people that ever lived.

      Then a smile comes to Dave's face. Dave springs from his perch and heads to the The Gate. He didn't have to wait long.

      A confused Dimebag is waiting at the open Gate, and Dave is there to great him and explain the tragedy that just occurred. It was clear to Dimebag when he saw Dave that there was not much explanation needed. He knew where he was.

      And a smile came to Dimebag's face. Dave smiled back. And simultaneously they said: "The Heavans will rock." And indeed Dave and Dimebag are, no doubt, jamming together as you read this.

      I posted this under my Drumkroozer psuedonym on most of the relevant bands' web-boards back when the tradgedy occurred. Just wanted to put here...well...'cause I wanted to.

      RIP, Dime and Dave. ... Read more

      Asin: B00015VVNE
      Sales Rank: 6574
      Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Post-Grunge    3. Rock    4. Thrash   


      The Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest Hits
      Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
      Audio CD (20 November, 2001)
      list price: $18.98 -- our price: $13.99
      (price subject to change: see help)
      US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

      Editorial Review

      The Smashing Pumpkins' greatest-hits album, Rotten Apples, tracesthe band's evolution (or devolution, depending on your feelings about the band'sradical sonic shift in the mid-'90s) from its early days to its status among thekings of alt rock. For fans of the Pumpkins' beginnings as a tripped-outindie/art rock act, Apples opens with some of the band's strongestmaterial. "Siva" and "Rhinoceros" (from Gish, the Pumpkin's first--andarguably best--album) seamlessly mixed dream pop with noisy goth-rock as primeexamples of the Pumpkins' early '90s sound. Apples also showcases threestellar tracks ("Cherub Rock," "Today," and "Disarm") from Siamese Dream, the Pumpkins'breakout album. This disc makes the band's mid-'90s directional swing obvious,though, starting with "Bullet with Butterfly Wings," the aggressive alt rock/altmetal concoction released on Mellon Collie and the InfiniteSadness. Fans of songs like "Zero," "Tonight, Tonight," and "TheEverlasting Gaze" will be happy to know that pretty much every cage-rattling hitmade it to this disc, along with the previously unreleased dream pop track "RealLove" and an untitled new track (that sounds a lot like the SiameseDream-era Pumpkins) to round out the mix.--Jennifer Maerz ... Read more

      Reviews (83)

      3-0 out of 5 stars Best band of the 90s (and pretty good in the late 80s too)
      My advice to those with a casual interest in this band: get Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie. For whatever reason, their sound and style changed on every release. Therefore, the songs on this comp, while excellent, work better in the context of their original albums. That said, the diversity of their work is one of their greatest strengths. What binds it all is romance, virtuosity, and if you look close enough, honesty and integrity.

      Four tracks on this cd are non-album tracks. Eye (from the Lost Highway sndtrk), Drown (from the Singles sndtrk where it is unedited, longer), Real Love (from the internet release "Machina II/the friends and enemies of modern music". better sound quality here as M2 is only available as vinyl-to-mp3), and Untitled which was the final single released by the band (a great song which radio ignored *sigh*. perhaps it should've been given a title)

      I feel I should add that the song "Glynis" (from the No Alternative comp) is one of Billy Corgan's best songs and should've been a hit, and on this cd. The song has an effect on me unlike anything else. Absolutely beautiful.

      If you become a fan of the albums, there are many, many unreleased/demo/b-side/otherwise non-album tracks to be found. The songlist/bootlist/discography on spfc.org will point you to them (you can choose to view only unreleased songs if you want). As far as obtaining this stuff, check out starla.org for the various message boards/trading community and good luck to ya.
      I'm behind on this Bit Torrent thing and that may also be a good way of obtaining this stuff. There is a torrent site/tracker whatever on the same site as a message board i frequent (the-zomb.com...called zomb b/c it was formerly the zwan online message board/zwanonline.com, but now is not, lol :shrug:)

      2-0 out of 5 stars ko..//
      Another pointless compilation. I like the Pumpkins early stuff like "Gish" or "Siamese Dream", but after "Mellon Collie.." they didnt make anything special. "Adore" wasnt a bad album but it wasnt a very good album either, and "Machina..." I wish they had never released. This compilation only includes two songs from Gish, which is a shame. The songs "Rhinoceros" and "Drown" has been shortened which I dont like. "Disarm" which is, in my opinion, the most aweful song on "Siamese Dream" is included while other great songs from that album are absent. There are no songs from "Pisces Iscariot" either. I dont see what "Eye" and that "previously unreleased" song are doing on a best of compilation, none of them is exactly "best of" material.

      1-0 out of 5 stars Get the bonus disk
      This CD is nothing compared to the bonus cd that came with it, called "Judas O". They are like A sides and B sides. It features a shorter version of Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right) which doesn't include the high pitched noise ending. I don't think of it as a greatest hits album because it doesn't have "Ugly" or "Mouths Of Babes" from "The Aeroplane Flies High" Boxed set, or tracks like "The End Is The Beginning Is The End". You may want to get this one just to update the sound quality of the tracks you already have. For instance, this set was produced in 2001 and the track called "Eye" was produced back in 1996. ... Read more

      Asin: B00005RGFU
      Subjects:  1. Alternative Pop/Rock    2. Indie Rock    3. Pop    4. Post-Grunge    5. Rock    6. United States of America   


      This Is Love, This Is Murderous
      Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
      Audio CD (23 September, 2003)
      list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
      (price subject to change: see help)
      US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
      Reviews (100)

      1-0 out of 5 stars Awesome!
      There is about one good thing about with this band, and that is... the snare. It's like instead of writing a lot of good songs or killer riffs or bad ass solos, they sat in the studio for 8 hours tweaking the snare until it sounds the way it does. Man I wish I had this guy's snare...

      Oh, and about the album... it sucks... besides the snare.

      2-0 out of 5 stars Scenesters, UNITE!
      So, it's been said before and I'll say it again: this is some of the most generic stuff you'll ever hear.I downloaded it a long time ago, mainly because of all the hype around this band.I should've known better.I mean c'mon, they're on Trustkill.How much more scene can you get?But yeah, they have slightly above average instruments paired with horrible overdone vocals.I've heard them be called "Blackmetalhardcore" before (in Revolver Magazine).That made me laugh.Wow, they've got a keyboard,so that makes them part Black Metal?They sound nothing like Black Metal at all.While this slightly better than all the mallcore bands out now, it offers nothing new or different than all the other metalcore bands.It's better than Atreyu and 18 Visions, but that's not saying much,now is it?

      3-0 out of 5 stars Basic Generic Metalcore
      Metalcore is becoming a fad now as bands try to emulate metal music but throw in hardcore.But really, the music sounds all the same.

      Bleeding Through try to sound as hardcore as they can with lyrics that curse like a sailor in order to get the point across.The break down in Revenge I Seek is awesome, but that's about it.Just a bunch of screaming without direction and the vocals are not that varied.As I Lay Dying and All That Remains run circles around BT.

      Mostly, this CD only appeals to people that want to act hardcore.Cool name, bad music.They need to work on doing something different.I'll see them on Warped and maybe my mind will change but I doubt it. ... Read more

      Asin: B0000C7PRN
      Sales Rank: 5054
      Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Grindcore    3. Metal    4. Pop    5. Rock   


      Past, Present & Future [w/ Bonus DVD]
      Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
      Audio CD (23 September, 2003)
      list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
      (price subject to change: see help)
      US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


      • Explicit Lyrics
      Reviews (99)

      5-0 out of 5 stars Gary M. O'neal is an idiot
      It's obvious that the only metal he's ever really listened to is the sound of him beating his head on the jail cell door.

      This is one of the best metal compilations ever made!

      1-0 out of 5 stars Why would anyone like this hack?
      Why do you people like this crap?This man isn't creative, nor is he original. All of his stuff sounds the same, it is beyond me how he got zero bad reviews on here.Are you people listening to the same thing I'm listening to?you can always tell one of his songs by that annoying sound he likes to make "eghghghghghghg". Like that's a cool sound or something.But anyway, if you're into stuff that MTV likes to play and are completely into the same crap then be my guest, but don't say you weren't warned.Oh and by the way.........his movie sucked!!!

      5-0 out of 5 stars I am your ripper man
      "More Human Than The Humans" is an exceptional single that is worthy of playtime and should have been on the top 10 charts because it appeals not only to metal heads, rather, it appeals to the popular music listeners as well.I haven't listened to the entire album, but I do recommend "More Human Than The Humans" to all, especially metal heads. ... Read more

      Asin: B0000AVBDS
      Sales Rank: 7724
      Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Alternative Pop/Rock    3. Industrial Metal    4. Pop    5. Rock   


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