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    Three Dollar Bill, Y'All
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (01 July, 1997)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $14.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Rap metal has been around ever since 1986 when Run-DMC and Aerosmith joined forces for a remake of "Walk This Way," but it took nearly a decade for Rage Against the Machine to bust the floodgates wide open. Soon after, a stream of percussive hellraisers including Korn, Downset, and Deftones infiltrated the metal market, and they, in turn, sired a new breed fronted by acts like Snot and Limp Bizkit. Three Dollar Bill Y'All, Limp Bizkit's debut album, is a tempestuous collection of divergent styles. Unlike metal acts that try to get "dope," but lack the hip-hop background to legitimately fuse the two genres, Limp Bizkit--which features Wes Borland and House of Pain member DJ Lethal--have the know-how to groove and grind. And instead of launching a one-dimensional Blitzkrieg, Limp Bizkit mixes up its rhythms and tempos to keep its listeners guessing. --Jon Wiederhorn ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (615)

    5-0 out of 5 stars I feel like I need to say something here
    I refuse to let the average of this album drop as low as their new releases because of stupid reviewers who just hate LB in GENERAL, but know nothing about this album.Giving every LB album 1 star due to their later embarrassments might seem like a good idea, but anyone who actually gives this a listen will realize they had a lot of musical potential, and not even Fred could ruin the music on this album.Even if you hate his vocals, the lyrics on this album aren't quite as mind-numbingly stupid as later CDs.In fact, I think he only says the name "Limp Bizkit" once on the whole album, they weren't famous yet, so he couldn't talk about them being so.This album has nostalgic value for me, as I used to listen to it all the time, I still find it enjoyable today.

    In conclusion, I very much agree with the Wickerman's "they had potential" review.LB has a very unique melodic style.The only difference between our opinions is I find the album more tolerable.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Pure sh**!
    This is garbage! There's good songs!!! THere isn't even average songs! I hate this band!

    4-0 out of 5 stars the best bizkit album
    this album has agreat sound to it.
    Has a right mix of punk/hip hop i've ever heard.
    It showed the band had a future.
    Then Fred had to go and screw it up.
    Fred just had to take the rap thing a little to far.
    I can see what korn seen in the band at first.
    But fred ran off wes whitch was a big part of why the band was so good.
    This album will always be one of my favorites. ... Read more

    Asin: B000001Y42
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (11 October, 1994)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Combining the stop-start rhythms of Helmet, the hip-hop assault of Rage Against the Machine and the brooding vocals of Faith No More, Bakersfield, California band Korn concocted a golden formula that would reanimate the dormant corpse of heavy metal. The band's self-titled debut is a teenage-fantasy-endorphin-rush--a subversive noisefest as angry and hostile as Slayer but with a propulsive groove perfect for skateboarding, vandalism, or jumping up and down until you're nauseous. Songs like "Blind," "Clown," and "Shoots and Ladders" blend dark, bleak riffs with head-spinning guitar effects and scream-and-response choruses. But even at their most vitriolic, Korn imbue their blustery music with a cathartic element of fun.--Jon Wiederhorn ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (642)

    5-0 out of 5 stars This Album Rocks!
    This has to be KoRn's best album.You'd have to be stupid not to buy it.

    1-0 out of 5 stars here's an accurate review
    1. Blind: 0/5 a bad song period
    2. Ball Tongue: 0/5 an even worse song
    3. Need To: 0/5 awful but accurate as in korn needs to give up
    4. Clown: 0/5 one of the most annoying tracks on this album but yes korn is a clown of a band but i'm still not laughing
    5. Divine: 0/5 proved that members of korn are retards especially the beginning
    6. Faget: 0/5 well said
    7. Shoots and Ladders: 0/5 even the board game sucks
    8. Predictable: 0/5 yeah korn's music is predictable considering it all sounds the same
    9. Fake: 0/5 as in korn has fake talent and skills. yeah i agree
    10. Lies: 0/5 yep other reviewers lie when they say korn is good
    11. Helmet: 0/5 i could use a helmet because i'd rather bash my head against the wall than listen to this or anything by korn.
    12. Daddy: 0/5 one of the worst endings of any album.

    in conclusion: rap metal sucks, nu metal sucks, and rap rock sucks. forget these posers and listen to real metal.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Part of the birth of Nu-Metal
    Now I can't say that this album was the true birth of new metal because there are many bands that contributed to that, but this album is a major milestone.

    I broke this album down as follows:
    1. Blind: 7/5 - classic song, in your face, excellent single
    2. Ball Tongue: 5/5 - nice fell to the song, another in your face song.
    3. Need to: 5/5 - I love the guitars in this song
    4. Clown: 4/5 - I liked this song at first but it's not a fav
    5. Divine: 4/5
    6. Faget: 99999/5 - excellent song, should've made it on greatest hits, made absolute favorite song.
    7. Shoots and Ladders: 3/5 - Even tho I'm a huge Korn fan I hate this song, the feel of the song is good but honestly, anyone can sing lullabies.
    8. Predictable: 4/5 - love the feel of the song, and guitars
    9. Fake: 5/5 - Another personal favorite
    10. Lies: 3/5 - Never grew on me
    11. Helmet in the Bush: 6/5 - Great song (if you could ever find out the true meaning), awesome live.

    Hands down, this album is truly a classic. It was orginal in it's time. Of course it has been copied horribly since then, and Korn has experimented with different sounds, but this is by far their best work. ... Read more

    Asin: B000002AUU
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    Battle of Los Angeles
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (02 November, 1999)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Having successfully fused music and politics from their start, inspiring both moshing and young minds in the process, Rage Against the Machine emerges in peak form with merely their third album in seven years. Guitarist Tom Morello is one of the most distinctive and innovative players of his era, and his foil, vocalist/lyricist Zack De La Rocha, is as unrelenting and inspiring as ever on The Battle of Los Angeles. Rage, whose past antics include performing naked with duct tape over their mouths to protest censorship, released Battle on Election Day, but the politics of the group can be separated from the sounds. Indeed, the 45 minutes of mayhem heard here can be enjoyed solely as rousing aggro hip-hop rock. There's more variety found on Battle than on its predecessors, however. "Sleep Now in the Fire" is one of their most straight-ahead rock tunes. The trippy guitar on "Calm Like a Bomb" is out there even for the adventurous Morello. And "Born a Broken Man" serves up lovely musical interludes. Overall, the more finely honed Rage heard on Battle may not inspire a generation of young revolutionaries, but they still stir up more mutinous spirit than the rest of the current rock pack. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

    Reviews (586)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not their best work, but still worth it
    "The Battle of Los Angeles" was the last album that RATM made with original songs. Although it's not as strong as "Evil Empire" and the unforgetable debut (self-titled) way back from 1992, it's still got that catchy groove, aggressive bite, and angry poetry from Zack's notebook. Not the best album to start on if you're looking into getting to know Rage (start with Evil Empire), but once you get what they're all about, you'll find yourself getting this one soon.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Possibly the last real epic rock album
    Rage Against the Machine had a hell of a career, if a bit too brief.Their debut was brilliant, but I find Battle of LA to be the band's most distinct and impressive work.Nearly every song on this album is memorable and stands out in its own way, and the songs have a larger-than-life quality and sense of authority that most heavy music lacks today.

    The sounds and dynamics of 'Battle' are crunchy and in-your-face, and give the album that epic feel.Even with the shorter tracks, the band never slacks off; the sounds on this album are creative and original and never fail to entertain.RATM was always a band with a political message, but they knew how to have fun with it and make it entertaining and energetic.Born of a Broken man, my favorite song on the album and one of my personal all-time favorite songs in general, is especially heavy and driving, not to mention atmospheric and beautiful.

    Fans of metal love to bash RATM mainly because of Tom Morello and his refusal to sound like every other guitarist out there.To you people: get lost (to put it lightly).A virtuoso guitarist is not one who shreds the fastest, he is one who knows his own music well and creates a dynamic sound that makes the songs work.For example, Dave Mustaine is one of my favorite guitarists out there, and he's fast and very technical, but he still could not replicate Morello's sound, riffs, or solos.Only Morello can.

    As for the people bashing RATM for their political stance: politics and music go hand-in-hand.Always have, always will.And I'm sure Morello has more of a right to talk politics than most politicians do.

    Overall Battle of Los Angeles is nothing short a masterpiece.As the title says, I consider this to be one of the last true epics of rock.And for the rock/metal elitists who whine about this not being "real rock" or "real metal" for its rap and techno influences, think again.This is creative metal set to groove and rhythm, and it rules.

    5-0 out of 5 stars their most darkly powerful release
    I think that this is RATM's strongest effort based on their message.it is not quite as funky or mindbending as their previous two cd's, but the message they are trying to bring across is extremely clear and poignant.this one is extremely dark, and zach d has a more focused perspective in his lyrics, instead of just the same old ranting from Evil Empire.they have really branched out their artistry on this one, and if their career hadn't been cut short, this proves that they would have continued to inspire and amaze.Many fans only like the first two cd's, and refuse to acknowledge the importance of this one or Renegades.Battle of LA is a little more rough around the edges and experimental then the first two, but songs like "Calm Like a Bomb" and "New Millenium Homes" show that Rage still had the power.

    This was my introduction to the group, and I was blown away by the intensity of the music.I have never heard another group that was so focused on social and political issues, and it had never before occured to me that you could do that in music.This cd has stood up to years of repeat listening, and is definitely deserving of a place in your collection if you like Rage.You shouldn't worry about getting it if you are a new fan; in my view the band hasn't released a single mediocre cd.But most people recommend beginning with the self titled cd of theirs, and I am going to recommend getting that one before you get this.On all accounts don't overlook this cd. ... Read more

    Asin: B00002MZ2C
    Subjects:  1. Pop    2. Rock   


    White Pony
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (20 June, 2000)
    list price: $17.98
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Sensual and mellow haven't been adjectives associated with aggro band Deftones--until now. The quintet's third outing finds their aural punch softened and deepened, lending songs such as "Digital Bath" a sultry, layered edge. More Tool than Pantera in its sonics, White Pony, in fact, includes a collaboration with Tool/A Perfect Circle singer Maynard James Keenan in the haunting "Passenger." Fans of the band's earlier, harder albums will still find some satisfaction in these developments. "Elite" boasts chunky riffing and metal/rap leanings, while "Korea" is anguished and edgy. More striking, however, are songs like the quirky, futuristic, fervent "RX Queen" and the gentle "Teenager." If you're in the mood to mosh, 1995's Adrenaline and '97's Around the Fur are better choices. For a different Deftones journey, however, delve into this diverse, dynamic, and heady album sans preconceived notions and let White Pony take you on a wondrous ride. --Katherine Turman ... Read more


    • Enhanced
    Reviews (410)

    4-0 out of 5 stars My first Deftones album...
    I'm a big fan of Chevelle, Slipknot, and Linkin Park. Yes Linkin Park, and from the reviews I've read about Deftones' albums it doesn't seem like many of their fans like Linkin Park. But oh well, I like Linkin Park and Deftones. This is my first Deftones album and overall I have to say its pretty good. It has some good songs and some alright songs but you have to listen to most of them several times to get to really like them. Anyway, here are my ratings on the songs:

    1. Feiticeira 2/5 - Not a great song to start the album off with but its an alright song.
    2. Digital Bath 3/5 - I like this song. Its got a nice beat to it.
    3. Elite 1/5 - Too much screaming. Not a very good song at all.
    4. Rx Queen 4/5 -Love the song. Great beat. Well done.
    5. Street Carp 2/5 - Lame lyrics.
    6. Teenager 2/5 - An ok slow beated song. Kinda boring.
    7. Knife Prty 4/5 - Don't like the lyrics. Love how he mixes the guitar with his voice.
    8. Korea 3/5 - In my opinion the heaviest song on the album.
    9. Passenger 5/5 - My favorite song on the album. Love the lyrics. Love the beat. Just wish the 1st chorus could have been repeated a few more times. The 2nd one just isn't as great.
    10. Change(In the House of Flies) 4/5 - Good song.
    11. Pink Maggit 1/5 - Worst song on the album.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Go Deftones!!!
    Hell yes! This album finally sees Deftones reaching damn near sonic perfection! I liked Adrenaline, I VERY much enjoyed Around the Fur, and I LOVE this album. This album is filled to the brim with everything I love about this band! "Feiticiera" is brilliant...did you notice how the song has no chorus, but it flows so well, you don't even realize it at first?? This is a very easy album to get totally lost in. Chino's voice sounds better than it ever sounded before, the guitars grind, blister and blugeon the ears, while trippy synth washes and strange soundscapes interweave themselves into the songs, the bass is deep and rich and the whole album has a very subtle and hypnotic intensity to it. Although it's considerably less in-your-face than Adrenaline and Around the Fur, I think White Pony is in some ways, even heavier than those albums. The guitars here are about as sludgey and razor-sharp as they always were, but in terms of mood and atmosphere, this is one hell of a heavy, heavy album. I remember when I bought this album...it was at the beach one summer. I went out and bought this and came back to relax in the sun and listen to it. It was a GREAT experience...This is perfect blasting VERY loud on lazy hot summer days. Just let it play and don't worry about skipping any tracks...they're all good. Actually "Elite" is the only track I get a bit tired of sometimes, but it's still a good song. If you get one Deftones album, get this one. It's filled with more great, smart musical ideas than most alternative metal bands have EVER thought of in their entire careers.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Party, Party!
    Deftones is just another nu metal band. The album is alright but it feels like they had not nothing special to give. I personally like this Deftones album more than any other album...well I have only listened to "Around the Fur" album and this, so I cannot much to say...but at least this album seems to have many fans and critics popularity. The music is like some kind of between Tool And Korn. I think this band has had influences from them...if not straightly then other way. Also Machine Head and Venom can be very close. The riffs are just like Korn's at least "Korea" sounds like some riff in Korn's Issues..."Falling Away from Me" or Korn's "Here to Stay". The peaceful one "Teenager" is so bad that I have to say I hate that song...I don't think nu metal bands should make peaceful songs because they (most often) sound terrible. The album's opening is great...the songs "Digital Bath", "Elite", and "RX Queen" are quite OK...but then two next ones are horrible...they have that kind of sound that they sound like they would have been sung by death people...quite creepy. I also hate the song "Change (in the House of Flies)"...it sounds like some sick p*rv*rt would be harassing me. "Pink Maggit" is also horrible...and it is too long too...and too peaceful. It is a good thing that there's some good song in the middle of the album...like "Knife Party" and "Korea"...also "Passanger" is quite OK...after some listening times...it sounds like Tool's "Schism" in "Lateralus" album...the only Tool track I like.
    Stars: Elite, Korea, RX Queen ... Read more

    Asin: B00004TL21
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Alternative Pop/Rock    3. Heavy Metal    4. Pop    5. Post-Grunge    6. Rap-Metal    7. Rock   

    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (13 April, 1999)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $13.98
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst fell in love with Staind so hard that he coproduced their major-label debut. This fact should be endorsement enough for the Massachusetts-based quartet's target audience. Although not as heavy on hip-hop influences, singer Aaron Lewis's guttural, dragged-through-the-mud vocals dig into the meaty guitar wall and thrash around the speakers like Durst's band. Dysfunction's all-you-can-eat buffet of decibels grows a bit wearisome by the end of the album, but a couple of numbers stand up and demand to be noticed. "Just Go" boasts a classically sludgy Mudhoney-like groove before settling into an uncoiling murmur à la Judas Priest. The well-executed moshpit-ready "Mudshovel" gleefully cops from Alice in Chains' psychedelic leanings. Staind's hard-rock epistles are certain to gather the band a devoted following. --Jason Josephes ... Read more

    Reviews (433)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Ah, Staind, where have ye gone?
    I don't really dislike staind's new music, it's just (and if they don't admit this, they're full of it) not the same as their old stuff.This is easily one of the most depressing records I have ever listened to.Now, you might ask yourself, "why would I listen to something that's just going to depress me?".My answer to that, because it's truly heartfelt stuff, and the music is killer.If you're a fan of heavy music, regardless of what you think of the boys in staind these days, you owe it to yourself to give this b**ch a listen.Favorites: raw, suffocate, just go, mudshovel,

    3-0 out of 5 stars Back in the day...
    I just listened to this cd for the first time in a long, long time.What can I say, it's alright.Too damn mopey, and it's really pretty goddamn embarassing that I really identified with this album like 4 1/2 years ago.Still, this is some pretty decent stuff, though it probably wouldn't be worth owning if it weren't for 'Mudshovel', but that song still does friggin rule.There are some very distinct limits to Nu-Metal songwriting, but that song is definitely about as good as it gets.'Suffocate' is pretty good too, a pretty decent main riff and some good basslines.That and it's a bit more angry and morbid rather than jsut mopey, which I like.'Home' is still a pretty good ballad, though , once again, it's a bit more self-pitying than I'd like.As a general rule, the more aggressive tracks hold up better, particularly 'Raw' 'A Flat' and 'Spleen', whereas 'Me' and 'Just Go' don't really do anything for me anymore.

    Yeah, this album's alright.Get it for 'Mudshovel'.But, for the love of God, don't get either or their next 2 albums!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Staind's unofficial debut...and breakthrough
    Staind's official debut was "Tormented" in 1996, but it was just too, well, tormented to last in stores (actually manager Fred Durst didn't like the cover art and had the album recalled). I found it on Ebay, and I must say it's for Staind diehards, only. It is just too crazy and freaky. Plus, much of what I love about Staind (mainly melody) isn't on that album.
    So, "Dysfunction" is their official, yet unofficial, debut. It is still heavy, aggressive, and emotional (like "Tormented"), but for the most part, frontman Aaron Lewis hit the breaks for this album.
    Lewis is as sad as ever here, singing lines like: "(I) forced myself through another day", "Look at me, I'm so pathetic", and "I hate myself...and I hate my world". Some of Staind's melody remains in tact on this album, as shown by Lewis' melodic singing and the ballads "Home" and (the hidden track) "Excess Baggage", but melancholia doesn't lead to too much melody on this album. "Dysfunction" is more raw than either of Staind's two follow-up albums, and this album doesn't have a single acoustic strum.

    Highlights include:

    "Suffocate": This song starts the album with a bang. It has catchy, crunchy, slowly churning riffs.
    "Raw" has a fast, mosh-worthy beginning and chorus with vibrating, pulsating riffs, pounding drums, and a mechanical-sounding voice. The verses are melodic, with Lewis singing clearly and extending the syllables of his words.
    "Mudshovel" is a fan favorite, and dare I say the best song Staind have ever written. It's indescribably catchy, with great vocals, big choruses and bobbing riffs.
    "Flat" has an almost grunge flavor to it. The guitarist (Mike Mushok) still churns out hard riffs, but the vocals manage to stay mainly melodic (except when he explodes in the bridge.) I've always admired that about Aaron Lewis: how he can sing, and doesn't have to yell, over hard rock.
    "Crawl" begins with low, pounding riffs which change to high notes to make a "wah-wah" sound. Lewis sings in between these splashes of guitar attack, and, at the end he goes from a whisper to a yell when he sings "Everything falls apart".
    This album was also Staind's breakthrough. (Partly due to a lot of touring to promote this album, but) most hard rock fans took notice of Staind with this album, because the band's next album, "Break the Cycle" sold 700,000 copies in it's first week. The only problem I have with this C.D. is (at ten tracks), it's too dang short. But, that's nothing to deter you from buying it if you're a fan of hard/heavy rock, nu-metal, and depressing music. Plus, I guarantee if you like "Break the Cycle", you'll love this album (and vise versa). Check it out, you will not be disappointed. ... Read more

    Asin: B00000IFX4
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Heavy Metal    3. Pop    4. Rock   


    Hybrid Theory
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (24 October, 2000)
    list price: $18.98 -- our price: $13.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    It may be too cynical to assume Hybrid Theory changed its name to Linkin Park in order to appear right next to Limp Bizkit in your local record bin. But rock-rap workouts like "One Step Closer" and "Papercut" do make Linkin Park a comfortable fit with Fred Durst and his ilk. Producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Lit, Eve 6) and twin vocal threats Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda serve up industrial-strength rap and rock melodicism with equal aplomb on this woulda-been-self-titled debut effort. "Points of Authority" aims to sound like Trent Reznor wanking it up with Lars and company, whereas guitarist Brad Delson's Edge-y harmonics help "In the End" and "Pushing Me Away" evoke a dark romanticism akin to A Perfect Circle. Curiously, the band gets by with no bass player, while sample-happy DJ Joseph Hahn's step into the spotlight on the instrumental "Cure for the Itch" suggests a potential for eclecticism that could help Linkin Park outlive its seemingly transient genre. --Bill Forman ... Read more

    Reviews (1625)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Crappy modern rock band
    This stuff SUCKS...it's really funny to laugh at how all you people can only say that it's "emotional" or "there is good rapping"....how about if there is actually "a good guitar solo" or mabye "NO rappin"
    Go get some REAL rock

    yo wats up dogg I'm a albino rapper

    This album is(in my humble opinion) a classic the likes of Metallica's BLACK or Guns 'n Roses APETITE FOR DESTRUCTION!Linkin Park debuted with an eclectic but still distinct hard rocking sound that took everything everyone else was doing at the time and stepping it up to the next level.Chester Bennington can sing soft melodies and scream with the best.Mike Shinoda is a capable MC with heartfelt lyrics unlike most rap-metal bands around the turn of the century.Joseph Hahn's use of turntables and samples adds enough depth to the music that there is truly something for everyone.This is truly one of the incredible debuts that come around very rarely.I'm hoping once Fair To Midland(WWW.FTMBAND.COM) are signed they might have such an impact.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Not as good as Limp Bizkit or Korn, but very good metal.
    Like most people these days, I find myself having a hard time finding a talented metal band. After realizing that the underground metal scence was full of greedy untalented crap like Morbid Angel, Testament, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Nile, Suffocation, Death, Judas Priest, 3 Inches of Blood, Children of Bodom, and Cryptopsy. This Linkin Park band shows you that melody and heaviness can be combined in a brutal way.

    ... Read more

    Asin: B00004Z459
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Pop    3. Post-Grunge    4. Rap-Metal    5. Rock   


    Wisconsin Death Trip
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (23 March, 1999)
    list price: $11.98 -- our price: $10.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    A genre-bending sonic onslaught, this disc is not for the faint-hearted. Static-X skillfully blend angry staccato guitar, dark metallic noise, and mutating synthesizer washes to construct an ominous (though occasionally humorous) wall of sound. Lead vocalist Wayne Static's high-energy delivery alternates from whisper to roar on tracks such as "Bled for Days" and "I Am," and he often uses his voice as a potent rhythmic sound effect, as on "Push It" and "Sweat of the Bud." Tony Campos's distorted bass riffs and drummer Ken Jay's confident beats add a human feel to the mechanical rhythms, adroitly creating the tight grooves of "Otsegolation" and "Fix," as well as the rigid swing in "Stem." Wayne Static and Koichi Fukuda skillfully combine guitars and keyboards on "The Trance Is the Motion" to produce crashing waves of sound, while their programming on "December" results in a more subdued piece to close the album. --Mark McCleerey ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (281)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The best Static-X album ever! 5 stars man
    Consisting of Wayne Static (lead vocals, guitars, programming), Ken Jay (drums), Tony Campos (bass, backing vocals), and Koichi Fukuda (guitars, keyboards, programming), Static-X's debut album Wisconsin Death Trip is without a doubt the band's best album ever. I've had this album for almost 5 years now, and it's still one of my all time favorite albums. This album is very heavy and addictive from beginning to end. The opening track Push It is my favorite song on here. Other songs I really love on here include I'm With Stupid, Bled For Days, Love Dump, Fix, I'Am, Otsegolation, and the title cut. Wayne Static's vocals can range from a mad scream to a seething growl. Koichi Fukuda and Wayne of course both lay down some real addictive guitar riffs that will stay stuck in your head for days. Tony Campos his great pulse pounding bass lines that are just beaten to a bloody pulp. Ken Jay's drumming on here is pretty damn good as well. Anyways, if you're new to Static-X, Wisconsin Death Trip is the one album to start out with. I guarantee you'll be addicted to it, like I'am. ROCK ON!
    1. Push It: 5/5 (Best song)
    2. I'm With Stupid: 5/5
    3. Bled For Days: 5/5
    4. Love Dump: 5/5
    5. I'Am: 5/5
    6. Otsegolation: 5/5
    7. Stem: 5/5
    8. Sweat Of The Bud: 5/5
    9. Fix: 5/5
    10. Wisconsin Death Trip: 5/5
    11. The Trance Is The Motion: 5/5
    12. December: 5/5

    Other bands I recommend: Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Helmet, Prong, Fear Factory, Dope, White Zombie/Rob Zombie.

    5-0 out of 5 stars static x wisconson death trip songs
    this is not a kids review i am almost 15.
    1. push it5/5 best song on the cd
    2. im w/ stupid4/5 relly liked it but now its old 2 me
    3. bled 4 days5/5 sweet song it is sweet
    4. love dump4.5/5 kool song
    5. i am5/5 sweet song
    6. otsegolation1/5 what is this?
    7. stem3.5/5 good guitars
    8. sweat of the bud5/5 props
    9. fix2/5 its ok
    10. wisconson death trip4/5 relly good
    11. trance is the motion5/5 sweet guitars
    12. december4/5 sweet random song from static 4 ya

    5-0 out of 5 stars A hardcore industrial experience for the masses
    Wisconsin Death Trip is the first full-length album released by Static-X, an LA-based industrial metal band. Formed in 1994 by Wayne Static (Guitar/Vocals) and Ken Jay (Drums), after they were introduced by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. They travelled from Chicago to LA. There they met Koichi Fukuda (Guitar) and Tony Campos (Bass/Backing Vocal).

    From the time you put in the album to the time you stop, it is a non-stop metal experience, only slowing down on the cosmic track December. Push It, the opening track hit single for WDT, is aquick, addicting song. I'm With Stupid, A.K.A. Loser, is a fast-paced song featuring the shovel lady. The headbanging "Bled For Days" is next, as track #3. Love Dump, a strange track about frontman Wayne Static's ex-wife. I Am is a wah-pedal induced, fast track. Otsegolation is a song to listen to while driving down the road. Stem is a majorly sythesized track that blends perfectly with Sweat of the Bud, the fastest track. The repetetive yet addicting Fix, and possibly the heaviest track on the album, Wisconsin Death Trip. The NIN-esque Trance is the Motion, and finally, the previously mentioned December.

    Overall, this is a must-buy for metalheads, as one of the best albums of 1999. 5/5 ... Read more

    Asin: B00000I8U0
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Alternative Pop/Rock    3. Pop    4. Rock   


    Make Yourself
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (26 October, 1999)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Young, aggro, and from Los Angeles--it's tempting to put Incubus in the already crowded category populated by Korn, System of a Down, and their other loud and heavy brethren. But that would sell Incubus short, because Make Yourself, the quintet's sophomore album, is a strong progression beyond their 1997 debut, S.C.I.E.N.C.E.. More like Faith No More than Limp Bizkit, Incubus still have that teen-mosh appeal, though the songwriting and instrumentation on Make Yourself is diverse and thoughtful, both lyrically and musically. "Drive" is an easygoing, slightly trippy acoustic-based outing, while oddball scratching (courtesy of DJ Chris Kilmore) and trip-hop funkiness make "Battlestar Scralatchtica" aptly titled. "Nowhere Fast" is vaguely 311-ish with a reggae tinge and lovely melodic interludes, in contrast to the furious intensity of "Out from Under," which gives Make Yourself a surprisingly cohesive diversity that's hard to categorize. Ultimately, singer Brandon Boyd is not a vocal genius, but lyrically and in performance, he's sensitive, charismatic, and unique. Ditto for the 13 cuts that make up Make Yourself. --Katherine Turman ... Read more

    Reviews (545)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Just another great g*y band!
    I have heard this album....like Red Hot Chilli Peppers??? Yeah, right---Red Hot Chili Peppers laugh when they heard these kind of sc***! "Drive" is an awful song!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Punchy, Soft, Loud, Smooth, and Everything Under the Sun...
    Incubus take their busy, maniacle, user-friendly sound (S.C.I.E.N.C.E), and strip it down to something more plausible for the basic ear.

    Make Yourself is truely a higher-point in the, "incubus-is-holier-than-thou" parade.

    Winding down off of their 1997 release, 'Science' incubus takes there busy-bodied nu-metal album to a softer extreme. Make Yourself takes off with an instantly single worthy track and ends just the same. Every song on the album is easily comprehendable and every bit as radioworthy as the actual released tracks.

    The incubus quintet really hit the ball out of the park with this album. Make Yourself could arguably be perfect in every way.

    Definitely a starting point for any incubus enthusiast.

    -Tim Cox

    5-0 out of 5 stars make yourself review
    Make yourself

    Incubus really surprised me with their album Make Yourself. I first heard their hit single "Drive" while I was in my car and it really gave me a calming mellow feeling. Their first album S.C.I.E.N.C.E was really kind of offbeat, and was more of a rap mixed with Goth. This album is very different. Their music isn't pop but not quite alternative, I would place it somewhere in the vicinity of rock. Their genre can't really be classified very well; it's a mix of Southern Californian rock with a bit of scratching and obviously doesn't ignore the good old electric guitar. I am positive that Incubus' music has grown since their first two albums, and I definitely like their new sound. They have shown lots of growth through each of their albums and Make Yourself is a great result of that growth. This album is great, not to mention Brandon Boyd's vocals are a treat in their own right. The rhythm, range, and delivery of his vocals are unlike anyone else on the radio today. The rest of the band is composed of three other musical geniuses, Michael Einziger, Alex Katunich, and Jose Pasillas.The album contains 13 songs, but I think only 12 are worth listening to. Songs 8 and 11 are slow ones, and really calm, and the others are fast paced, but not so fast that you want to stop listening. My favorite song on the CD is "Pardon Me" its just one of those songs you want to listen to when you're pissed, it starts off with a slow tempo and then all of a sudden just busts into head banging glory, its just amazing how fast Boyd can sing, and his range in the song is tremendous.The song I avoid is the tenth on the CD, it is considered instrumental but I would more appropriately classify it as boring, but maybe that's just me because I am not really into instrumental all by itself without vocals, so if you like instrumental then go for it.As Boyd says in "Consequence"... "Blink and you miss a beat keep one of your eyes open at all times". So take charge and seriously think about buying Make Yourself, I guarantee that you will love it.
    ... Read more

    Asin: B0000296JB
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Funk Metal    3. Heavy Metal    4. Pop    5. Rap-Metal    6. Rap-Rock    7. Rock   


    Rage Against the Machine
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Audio CD (10 November, 1992)
    list price: $13.98 -- our price: $9.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Not since the days of the Clash and the MC5 has rock seen such political force as in the uncompromising debut from this L.A. quartet. Expanding the hip-hop/metal style of bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage tap the spirits of vintage Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, coupled with hardcore punk intensity and Public Enemy-style grooves. "Bombtrack" opens the LP with a shot of adrenaline and singer Zack de la Rocha's infuriated chorus of "Burn, burn, yes, you're gonna burn!" The intensity doesn't let up an inch on the militant "Killing in the Name" (with the inspiring chant, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!"), the ultrafunky "Bullet in the Head," and the engrossing "Fistful of Steel." Tom Morello combines time-honored metal guitar riffs with sounds that suggest a hip-hop scratcher over a rhythm section that simply takes no prisoners. Intelligent and aggressive, this is unimpeachably one of the best hard-rock records ever made. --James Rotondi ... Read more


    • Explicit Lyrics
    Reviews (494)

    5-0 out of 5 stars The Definitive Rock Album of the 1990s
    Rage Against the Machine's self-titled, debut album was the definitive rock album of the 1990s and, more than any other album from its time, has influenced the mainstream rock genre as it flows through the airwaves today. Although Rage's influence on the evolution of rock music has generally been overlooked and understated by critics, if one were to analyze the current state of rock music, he/she would be hard pressed to argue that it could still be what it is today without Rage.

    Rage spawned the rap/rock revolution (for better or worse), infused rock music with intelligent social and political commentary at a time when the genre was severely lacking it, and helped rock music evolve to its current state. Listen to the entire album once, all the way through, and you will see why. An amazing band, with amazing musicianship, lyricism, and insight, Rage should go down in history as one of the most influential rock bands of its generation, although it seems as though the scope of its influence may always be overshadowed by other deserving bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Regardless, what's most important is that the music will always be there for us to enjoy, and the music can never lie.

    Trust me and the others who have taken the time to express their opinions on this album -- if you are a true fan of rock music, you owe it to yourself to own this album.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Liberal Propaganda
    This has got to be the worst type of music ever created. I am appalled at the amount of liberal garbage spewing out of the singer's mouth. Or should I say "Liberal Loonie". As a good conservative American, I go to church and abide by the law. I read a review by the "God Fearin Conservative Bill", and I agreed with every word he said. He did act a bit "exaggerative" though.

    Liberals will destroy this world that we conservatives worked so hard to build. With their crazy idea of "Social Programs" and "More Government", they will pollute the minds of the young ones.

    Also as a devout Mormon, I believe that men are superior to women. Women should serve their husband at all costs and be faithful, or else they will get a slap with my leather belt.

    Considering my side of the story, you can see how I view this album. Horrid and toxic to the ears. DO NOT BELIEVE ONE WORD THIS MAN SAYS!!! He is a demon and will not get to the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven.


    The album should be torched by all who own this album. Burn it and go to your local Mormon Ward for the real truth in this world.

    5-0 out of 5 stars a must have.
    Ok first of all, I'm very cautious on throwing 5 stars out. But this album, Rage's first album from 1992, deserves each bit of these 5 shiney stars for their debut album.

    First off, this is the best Rage album out there. It's obvious everything by Rage is good (even "Renegades" and they didn't even write those songs) but the self-titled debut stands out as the funkiest, most aggressive and most meaningful Rage album out of their catalogue. The songs are complex and well timed, each song is brilliant, each song is just as angry as the next(especially the closer, "Freedom" where Zach is absolutely screaming "freedom" from the bottom of his heart) and Tom's guitar playing is superb. This album probably shows Tom at his best, crazy unique solo's, great riffs, he's all over the place on this album. Tim's bass playing is excellent as well, funky, and aggressive, sticking tight with the drums (as the way it should be). The cover of this album means serious business as well, remember, this was Rage Against the Machine's first album, and looking at this cover added drama and suspense to who these guys were. You take a look at the cover and your first impression of this masterpiece is anger and (obviously) politics. What you hear, is what you get, violent, pissed off, meaningful, and straight from the heart. Especially with some lyrics, like Zach's veiw on "Fistful of Steel", "Silence, something about silence makes me sick, 'cause silence can bring violence sorta like a slit wrist."

    This is an excellent album, one of the best in alternative rock music. If you settle for this album now, you'll settle for it later. ... Read more

    Asin: B0000028RR
    Subjects:  1. Alternative Metal    2. Alternative Pop/Rock    3. Heavy Metal    4. Pop    5. Rap-Metal    6. Rock   


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